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  • Perfect Camouflage Hunter Knack

    How do you guys read the Perfect Camouflage Hunter Knack?

    It's clear that the user is unnoticed by the person she is pursuing, if it is a person, but what about everyone else. If the Scion is "hunting" (more like searching) for a lost Relic through a military complex, is she unseen by everyone in the building, cameras and censor equipment or only the ones researching the Relic?

    The overall knack text says:
    Hunter Knacks are driven by the concepts of pursuit and perception against a single target, called the quarry.
    Like Creator Knacks, Hunter Knacks do not need a literal stalked target. Figurative stalking — be it chasing down a malevolent kami hidden in construction blueprints or pursuing a black hat hacker through a mainframe. So long as there is opposition, it’s sufficient for Hunters to pursue.

    The Perfect Camouflage says:
    You blend in seamlessly with your surroundings, granting +3 Enhancement to avoid notice by the person you are pursuing, which applies before you roll. Targets of a lower Tier simply cannot spot you.

    It seems either realy usefull or very specific

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    It's an Immortal Knack. I'd say if you're pursuing the Relic, anyone tasked with keeping you from it would qualify as a target. So, a protestor outside the military complex might notice you, but you'd get +3 enhancement against the guards.


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      I would handle other people being present or other sensors which could cause problems for the Scion in the course of her pursuit as Complications or an increase in Difficulty on the roll to avoid notice by the target, so the Enhancement would get to "apply" in that sense.

      If the Scion has a quarry, and is also just... sneaking through some random place for a completely different reason, however, then it wouldn't apply.


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        Thanks a lot, that makes a lot of sense.