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Lands of the Gods - Terra Incognita of Pantheons

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  • Lands of the Gods - Terra Incognita of Pantheons

    I'm running the Scion 2E game and starting to involve the gods in setting. When thinking about how Origin PCs can meet the gods, I come to idea the dream visions. But then came to me that Hero PCs will have more direct connection - they should, probably, meet the gods in their own lands. So I thought what Terra Incognita could be good for it. As we are at least months ( if not years ) before Realms of Magic and Mystery ( Terra Incognita book ), I ask you one the idea for each one good 'meet with Heroes' location per Pantheon. Here are my propositions:

    Aesir - Asgard, with fields of everlasting battles
    Theoi - Golden Isles, home of Theoi heros of old

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    Asgard is a bit too exclusive to be a place to meet mortals, much like the Olympus, even the chosen of Odin stay in Valhalla, that is another realm. My suggestion for Aesir would be one of the underworlds (they have a few), one of the realms on Yggdrasil or Yggdrasil itself, maybe by the place where it grows in Midgard (a big tree that once touched by the gods show it’s real size and reach all the other realms).

    The Golden Isles are also a very exclusive country club where only the most awesome souls can go, not Olympus, but pretty exclusive. I suggest somewhere more mortal, the Greeks had hundreds of tales of weird islands with monsters and treasures, but you could go to the base of Olympus Mons in Greece, the Omphalos stone, the island where Zeus were raised, or a more Roman traditional place, like the Capitoline Hill in Rome (Jupiter could open a door and they find themselves entering the Jupiter Optimus Maximus temple in its former glory, with a view of the Forum downhill).

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      Some of it would probably depend on which god you were meeting. If you were going to have a character meet Hera, for example, it might happen at the Kanathos spring in Naupilo/Nafplio, Greece, where she was supposed to ritually bathe to restore her virginity.
      But for the Greek gods in general, the ruins of Olympia on the Peloponnese peninsula, which likely has some sort of Terra Incognita reflection in which it is still in its past glory, would probably be suitable.

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        The town below Mount Olympus is filled with both serious museums and crackpot special shows, archeologists and new agers, high culture and gross weirdness. Real denizens could walk around their unknown simply because the locals and tourists are so much stranger.

        It a great place to link to Terra Incognitas. And a fun place to meet the gods