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Storypath System & Combat: Scion 2e vs. Trinity 2e

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  • Storypath System & Combat: Scion 2e vs. Trinity 2e

    Should the rules differences in Trinity 2e from Scion 2e be considered "errata" in some sense? Reading through both Origins and Trinity Core (both Storypath games), they are very similar, though with some notable differences. I guess a corollary question would be are Scion and Trinity's core rule bits (outside of the setting specific stuff) tailored for the specific games? Ex. In Origins, there exists a rule for Ambush (p118) and Surprise Attacks (p120) that have very different mechanics for very similar activities, where Trinity simply has Ambush (p105). There are a number of other examples throughout the texts.

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    While some people prefer one versions implementations to another, the default answer is going to be no. Trinity and Scion do things differently, and intentionally so.


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      I expected as much. I know the stock answer is "it's your game, do what you want", but I like having an idea of what the authors had in mind when they write things. Thank you for the quick reply.


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        Each flavor of Storypath gets its own tweaks intentionally. Compare the They Came From..! books to Trinity and Scion for even more fun.