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    Ok, so this thread is pretty self-explanatory. The majority of the Birthrights that I've come up with are relics, though there's also a creature & a guide. Anyone else who has fanmade scion Birthrights they want to post, you are free to do so here should you decide you want to. These are not sorted by pantheon.


    The Flames of Hestia: A bundle of ten sticks. Using one of these sticks to start a fire, or adding one to a ready-made fire imbues the fire with the quality of safety.
    No violence can be done in the fire's light.
    Effect lasts until fire goes out. Fire must be & remain stationary.

    Minor Gleipnir: Bonds that suppress mystical powers. Don't work on anyone of above Hero level.

    Sleipnir Steed: One of Sleipnir's descendants. Can carry its owner to any Terra Incognita they've (the scion, not the steed) been before.

    Boon Shackles: A set of shackles that suppress one's ability to use boons when worn.

    Leviathan Axe: A skeggox that grants access to the Frost Purview. Also can be recalled to the hand of the one that wields it.

    Phaedra the Eternal: A woman who appears to be in her twenties. She was born in Ancient Greece & it is suspected that one of her parents was a god, but this second part has yet to be confirmed. She offsets any boredom she might experience by offering to tutor any scions that approach her in a wide variety of subjects.


    I plan to post more Birthrights in the future as I still have a number that are unfinished & thus have not turned up in this first post.

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    Name Tablet: a tablet with hieroglyphs on it, spelling out your name. Possessing one of these renders you immune to mind control stuff. Understandably, these are exclusively handed out by the Netjer.

    Hooked Staff: a staff with a hooked head. Possessing this relic allows you to share the Innate power of any Purview you possess with a single ally.
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      Birthrights I've developed for my Scion Fantasy game:

      The Books of The Righteous & The Wicked (Guide •••+)

      There are two books written about every mortal who comes before Terak for judgement: their Book of the Righteous (which contains all their good deeds) and their Book of the Wicked (which contains all their sins). It's important for Terak to read both, because each provides context and nuance to the deeds a person has performed in life, but once a book's duty is finished, its taken to the appropriate library and archived, and usually remains there. But The Gods will often lend Books to their Scions, especially Books of those Scions who reached Demigod Tier -- and they don't usually lend out the whole pair. The Books can guide new Heroes on their chosen Hero Path, but having one or the other means their advice can be...slanted, shall we say.

      Like a Cult's Light and Shadow points, Contacts and Access provided by a Book depends on whether it's a Book of the Righteous or a Book of the Wicked. If you want your Scion's Guide to openly aid her divine work through established mortal organizations, pick a Book of the Righteous. If you want your Scion's Guide to aid her in secret or illicit activities, hide their identities or faith from others, or operate like a spy network, pick a Book of the Wicked.

      Asset Skills: Based on Hero's Path of the Demigod in life -- Athletics, Close Combat (Warrior), Empathy, Leadership (Saint), Persuasion, Subterfuge (Rogue), Academics, Occult (Wizard)
      Guide Stunt (1-3 Successes): Pick one of your Virtues when you create this Guide. Gain an Enhancement equal to the successes spent on the next roll you make in the current session while taking an action that slides you towards that Virtue.
      Purview, Calling, or Legendary Title: When you create the Guide, pick one facet of the Demigod per dot above 2.

      Caïphon, The Dream Whisperer (Guide): Clever Caïphon, a flickering purple star, usually waits on the horizon. It has the guise of a helpful guide star, but sometimes betrays those who rely upon it. The Dream Whisperer pays more attention to the world than any other of its ilk except Ulban. It might have a plan and a part to play in the world's final destiny.

      Nyarael, The Speaker In Dreams (Guide): The Nyarael are heralds of the end times, once-angels warped by close contact with The Stars of Ill-Omen, who seek out the lost and the broken. They sing to these poor souls in their dreams, promising them an end to their pain, if only they help help prepare the way for a great conjunction, or seek out fragments of the Nameless One's name, or perform terrible rituals in honor of the stars. They're the most common Guide (especially for those not tied to The Stars of Ill-Omen already), and some might serve as Creatures or Followers -- the Nyarael differ vastly in power.

      Ulban, The Racing Fire (Guide): Streaking across the night sky in a radiant flash, the comet Ulban has appeared throughout the centuries at times of great distress. With each passing, those sensitive to the power of the stars receive an opportunity to commune with the sentience bound within it. It reveals truths by opening one's eyes to the greater reality and limitless scope of the universe, and potentially one's pivotal place in it. Such listeners learn that Ulban is no mere comet; the Messenger exists outside space and time, and it is the last survivor of the universe's final undoing. It searches for one it believes can alter its past, ensuring the survival of the cosmos. It claims that you, more than any other individual at any time, can direct the fate of the universe, saving everything that will ever exist from the atrophy of the Star Spawn.

      Aboleths (Guide): Older than most gods, this race of aquatic, mind-controlling horrors were some of the first life in Creation, dwelling on one of the five worlds stolen by Tharziduun before the creation of the Crystal Sphere. The Crawling Chaos experimented with them, twisting and dissecting them to understand The Nameless One's newest innovation, before it moved to experimenting with creating its own forms of aberrations, the beings that eventually became demons. The homeworld of the aboleth was used to smash into the Crystal Sphere and create the Abyss, and the aboleths were freed as the demons rose to fight The Dawn War. Uninterested in such petty squabbles, the aboleths instead spread, colonizing The Rivers of Time and Life, which allowed them to spread everywhere they wanted. Aboleths focus on creating their own kingdoms beneath the waves of distant seas, but can be convinced to join a Scion -- so long as the Scion can keep them supplied with slaves.

      Illithids (Mind Flayers) (Guide): The foul beings known as Illithids are monsters who fled back through time to escape universal collapse, following the light of Ulban, and now seek to colonize the Astral Sea to ensure their own eventual evolution. They subsist on eating the brains of sentient beings, and require their bodies to reproduce, so much of their activity focuses on securing those resources. When not doing that, they plot and scheme, attempting to build mighty empires across Creation. They're willing to aid Scions in furtherance of those goals. An Ilithid might deign to be a follower, if it is assured of a constant supply of succulent brains.

      Bottle of the Waters of Life (Relic •• [Cursed] or ••••• [Gifted])
      Purview: Health, Fertility
      Motif: Life in a bottle

      Rumor has it that one can stave off the ravages of old age, disease, and toxins by drinking from the River of Life. This is true, which causes The Lady of Life no end of hassle from idiots looking for a panacea -- The Waters of Life are supposed to nourish all of Creation, not be guzzled by the greedy and selfish. She's come up with a solution, though -- the Waters of Life are cursed to bring misfortune to thieves. If she's granted you permission to take a waterskin, you aren't a thief, and there are several legends of Scions who got the coveted Waters of Life after performing some sort of ridiculously hard quest for her. The misfortunes of those who steal The Waters of Life are likewise epic -- never exactly lethal, but oh Gods will you wish you were dead.

      Knack: When desperate, the Scion can call upon a true miracle to heal the sick or bring fertility to the land. Once per arc, the character can call on a deus ex machina; for the rest of the scene, they act in all ways as if they were one Tier higher than they are (gain an effective +4 Legend, 4 Legend points, +2 Scale, and Dominion over Purviews, allowing them to use Casual Miracles at will and Imbue instead of Spend Legend to create Marvels), gains the legendary Title Healer of All Ills, and may use one Boon in the Health or Fertility Purviews they don't already know. In exchange, at the end of the scene they gain the Tempted Fate Condition. In addition, the bottle is emptied of The Waters of Life and must be refilled, requiring a trip to The River of Life and a new bargain with Jyaliia; gain the Paying Tribute condition as well.

      Drawbacks: If the Water of Life was stolen from the River instead of being gifted with Jyaliia's blessing, trouble follows the Scion and their bandmates; whenever this Relic is used, the Storyguide adds one point to the Tension Pool and the user gains the Trouble Magnet Condition, as per the Hollow. This Condition isn't Persistent, however, and is Resolved when you gain Momentum from being Fate's Buttmonkey.

      Astral Galleon (Relic ••••)
      Purview: Journey
      Motif: Come aboard. We'll search for tomorrow on every shore.

      The Elemental Titans once wandered across the Astral Sea with The First Child, exploring the Ten Thousand Wonders. But then they were chained to the Elemental Chaos for an age, imprisoned by The Seven for the crime of trying to stop their slide into evil. But The Nine discovered them, and took a risk to free them -- they had no idea if the Titans were dangerous or not, all knowledge of them had been purged by The Seven. In this case, the gamble paid off, and The Elemental Titans decided to reward The Nine Heroes and all mortalkind with knowledge, to help them rebuild the Three Worlds and learn arts that had been long-lost. The plans for Astral Galleons were one of these arts. These ships are capable of sailing wind just as well as water, and can even take those who are brave enough into the Astral Sea, to sail among the Ten Thousand Wonders as easily as one might sail across the world (which is to say, possible, but fraught with hazards that must be navigated). Astral Galleons allow those with courage and will to reach the stars.

      Knack: It's a ship that can fly, and it can grant the power of flight to a Scion who has made a link with it. The Scion may choose the Sky Boon Flight as a Journey Boon.

      Knack: The Astral Galleon can fly high enough into the sky to reach the Astral Sea, and can then sail fast enough that a trip through the Astral takes only days or weeks instead of literal lifetimes, as long as the ship is properly provisioned and crewed

      Panoply of Bestial Grandeur (Relic ••, ••••, or •••••)
      Purview: Any one, two, or three Epic Attribute Purviews (depending on points spent)
      Motif: The [Adjective] of the [Animal]; Each item worn adds its particular Motif to the Panoply.

      The priesthood of Mynora created a series of wonderous items designed to share the magnificence of nature with those who wore them. Each item of the Panoply imbues the wearer with the traits best associated with a specific animal, though these are mythic associations, not strictly literal enhancements. Wearing a few of these items does, indeed, make the wearer look rather splendid and majestic, but the priests were not experts in fashion design, and wearing too many items of the Panoply makes you start to look rather ridiculous. Also, wearing more than three is counter-productive, as the enchantments start canceling each other out.
      The full Panoply consists of the following items (and their associated Purviews):
      • Amulet of Bear's Endurance (Epic Stamina)
      • Belt of Bull's Strength (Epic Strength)
      • Gloves of Cat's Grace (Epic Dexterity)
      • Cloak of Eagle's Splendor (Epic Charisma)
      • Headband of Fox's Cunning (Epic Intelligence)
      • Goggles of Owl's Alertness (Epic Perception)
      • Boots of Rabbit's Reflexes (Epic Wits)
      Two others, the Mask of Dragon's Majesty and the Codpiece of Weasel's Influence, were crafted but have since been destroyed.

      Flaw: Wearing one or two Panoply items won't draw more attention than wearing any other fine garb, but wearing three items of the Panoply and you start to look rather gaudy, imposing a Rank 2 Complication on rolls to impress others or be taken seriously. The Complication doesn't apply to rolls where you want to look like a furry clown.
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        Barbary Spirit: this is basically a fairly typical Netjer spirit animal, just it's a lion that's one metre in height at the shoulder & up to three & a half metres in length. The sheer awesomeness of this imagery is basically why I decided that it needed to be separate from other the spirit animals.

        Ancile: a divine shield sent from the Heavens by Mars. There were 11 copies made, without the divine power. The true Ancile causes projectile attacks targeting at the bearer of this shield, to curve towards the shield's face. Mars is reputed to regularly shuffles the true Ancile & its copies around whenever the true Ancile is currently unclaimed.

        The Book of Signatures: can help one learn PSP boons. Has concealed in its pages, information on PSPs of dead pantheons, or otherwise no longer used. There is instructions on how to learn one of these long forgotten purviews for yourself.


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          The McGuire Preserve: a nature preserve specializing in mystical creatures. The preserve focuses its energies mainly on the ones that are wild/domesticated animals, but it has been reported that a small centaur herd also calls the preserve home. This place acts mainly as a guide in the form of the staff working here, though you can also adopt one of creatures living here if you can prove that you know how to look after it.

          Addendum: The McGuire Preserve is not the only one of its kind. If multiple preserves turn up in your game then each one should feel unique in some way. An easy way to present this uniqueness could be to have each preserve extol & embody the virtues of a different, specific pantheon. Though there could be other ways that I can't think of.
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            Puarata's Wooden Head: A relic from Maori myth. Can capture souls of the dead to later unleash under the control of whomever wields the relic.

            Coin of Passage: allows you to travel to, from, & through the Theoi Underworld freely.

            Mirror Shield: any attack that strikes the shield's mirrored face gets reflected back at the attacker, though the shield is not immune to getting damaged from one of these reflected attacks.

            Rope of Truth: anyone touching the rope cannot tell an outright lie. If someone is tied up in the rope they are forced to truthfully answer any questions posed to them.

            The Fire of Hades: the Fire of Hades is a small medallion with a skull on one side & fire on the other. When hung around your neck it turns your hair into blue fire. This relic grants access to the purviews of Fire & Death, unless your hair fire gets put out. Reigniting your hair requires a round of concentration & a couple of points of Legend. Hades gets less than happy if this relic is being used by someone that isn't one of his scions, & will probably work to impede the offending individual.


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              Samurai: potential Guides for Kami scions. Teach combat & etiquette but require their students to be loyal to a declared "lord".

              Alexiares & Anicetus: these guides are twin sons of Herakles, & a pair of minor deities who preside over the defense of fortified towns & citadels.

              Bearskin Cloak: this is at first, exactly what it sounds like, a cloak made of bear skin. It provides access to the Purview Beasts (bear) & the Shieldmaiden's custom knack, Berserk.
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                This relic is inspired by something from the blurb on Hecate, Lady of the Crossroads in Scion Companion: Mysteries of the World.


                The Torches of Hecate: a pair of torches that Hecate used to be seen with. As it turns out, part of the reason behind this was because the torches became broken somehow (how do you break this kind of torch? It's just a piece of wood engulfed in fire at one end), losing their worth to Hecate in the process.
                After a bit of quick & quiet fixing they were still not of any real use to the Lady of the Crossroads, but could be very handy for her scions. The torches now appear as a number of earrings & finger rings, & two are required to make use the relic. The torches potentially provide access to any Purview wielded by Hekate, but you must meditate upon the torches & in doing so choose precisely which of the Purviews you wish to wield through them.
                It is possible to change what Purview you access by meditating upon the torches again, but be warned you will not have any Boons in this new Purview for obvious reasons.
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                  This is the first relic I came up with, just got it to the point where it feels complete. Note: use of this relic is likely to impact a scions ability to gain trusting/trusted friends.


                  The Stone of Thieves: An object which can allow a scion to steal one use of a Purview Boon from someone else for themselves. The scion with the stone must defeat the one they are stealing from.
                  It is possible to steal a use of a Signature Purview Boon, but you must spend an additional 2 legend.
                  Gods, Titans & Primordials feel distaste for this relic, which turns into outright hate if it's used to steal a use of one of their Pantheon's Signature Purview Boons.


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                    The Ring of Arcane Defense: protects against attacks of a mystical nature.

                    The Hunters of Artemis: a cult dedicated to Artemis. They are dedicated to using every part of whatever they kill. There is a faction among them who specialize in hunting monsters. The Hunters can work under Cult, Follower, or Guide Birthright categories.
                    Their namesake (the hunters of Artemis from ancient myth) have reputed to be disappeared from the public eye.


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                      Inspired by Masks of the Mythos and Venom, I present to you The Seeker in Shadows, a Relic of The Stars of Ill-Omen (the Lovecraft-Lite Eldritch Horror Pantheon of my Scion Fantasy game). Also, a version of the Shen's Constellation Relic.

                      The Seeker in Shadows (••••)

                      Motif: We are one. We have each other. Forever.

                      The Seeker in Shadows is a symbiote, an actual living creature that bonds with its host, entwining its Fate with the Scions'. Its natural form is that of a fleshy, dark purple starfish with a single red, tri-lobed eye in the center, but it is a master shapeshifter; once bonded to a host, it forms a fleshy gauntlet, but can shift to function as any sort of hand-held weapon (though it takes the shape of claws, spines, ridges, tentacles, and so on) or armor (bubbly, fleshy armor, but still effective), and it can even be dismissed, in which case it slithers up through the skin of the arm, taking the form of an elaborate tattoo. The most striking thing about it, though, is how it bonds to the host's Fate; when it bonds, it bonds for the life of the host and beyond; Seekers have been known to actually raise their hosts from the dead, puppetting them like grotesque mannequins until they're able to heal from whatever mortal wound felled them. More than few mortals have become Hollow thanks to a Seeker's bond.

                      Tags: The default tags of Seeker are Bashing, Concealable, Melee, and Worn

                      Knack: Seeker can transform all its physical attributes for the scene, as a simple action; this transformation can replace any number of tags with others of equal or lesser value, other than Aggravated, Melee, or Ranged. This includes transforming from a weapon into armor. Seeker can be transformed to and from its tattoo form as a simple action.

                      Knack: Seeker as a consciousness and personality, and can be Fatebound using mortal character Conditions. While Fatebound, if the character is Taken Out they can resolve the Fatebinding; if they do, they immediately remove the Taken Out condition (even if they were killed) and gain the Persistent Condition Under Seeker's Control (once per Arc, Seeker may seize control of the character as if it were using the Possession Flair on them -- if the character succumbs, they gain Momentum).

                      Flaws: Even if Seeker isn't in control of the character, it attempts to influence them into taking actions to benefit its inscrutable agenda; each time it's used, it takes an influence action against the character using their own traits to urge a certain behavior or change their Attitude about someone (Seeker tends to be intensely curious about everything, to the point of being nosy or prying -- Seeker doesn't really have a good grasp of the concept of personal space or privacy). If the character succumbs to the urge, they earn a point of Momentum.

                      Fatebound Elder Constellation, as described by The Revelations of Melech (••••)

                      Purview: Fortune, Stars
                      Motif: All Fates are reflected in the stars.

                      The scroll called The Revelations of Melech is wound inside a narrow obsidian cylinder whose exterior is scribed with strange star constellations, and contains one of the most complete records of the Stars of Ill-Omen. Melech was a diviner and star-gazer of profound fame, perhaps one of the greatest diviners and sages of his time -- however, eventually his gifts and visions became an obsession that consumed him. Melech began scribbling endless notes and ramblings about "The Stars That Watch," "The One Who Waits Behind The Wall," "The Elder Constellation At The End Of Time," and other mad horrors that lurk beyond the night sky. The scroll detailed strange entities and newly-discovered stars which Melech went on to name, many of his ramblings describing them as being "alive" and "hungry." Dismissed as mad, and sometimes sought out and purged as heretical, new copies of the work always seem to surface after the last one is thought burned. Finding an unexpurgated copy of the work is a challenge, but a worthwhile one; expurgated copies don't contain the ritual for tying one's own Fate to the Stars of Ill-Omen. There are over a dozen constellations that a Scion might tie themselves to, each holding one or more of The Stars of Ill-Omen. A Scion can't hold a constellation in their hand, of course, but they can manipulate its glittering bounty through the threads of their Fate as long as it hangs overhead.

                      Knack: You can learn the Eldritch Harmony Boon Horrible Revelation as a Stars Boon. (This is a power from one of the custom purviews of the game)
                      Knack: You can spend a point of Legend to make your constellation impart a specific message to anyone in the world who divines or navigates by the stars. The message must be brief, no more than a sentence or two, and lasts until you changes it to a new message.
                      Knack: The Elder Constellation is sentient, with a consciousness and personality, and can be Fatebound using mortal character Conditions. In addition to the usual resolution options, the relic's Condition could result in losing it somehow; this is not necessarily permanent, but if the Scion reclaims it, the Strength of the Fatebinding resets to zero.
                      Flaws: This Relic's abilities, and all Boons and marvels channeled through it, may only be used when the constellation itself is visible in the sky. Also, the Elder Constellation is cursed; each time it's used, it takes an influence action against you using your own traits to urge a certain behavior or take a particular action. If you succumb to the urge, you earn a point of Momentum.
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                        And another one, inspired by the Orne Manuscripts but altered to fit the setting:

                        The Diamond-Heart Fragments (••)

                        Purview: Death
                        Motif: Do not call up that which you cannot put down.

                        These curiously large shards of diamond are said to come from the slow-chilling heart of Zhuduun, The Pale Death. Each contains a strange psychic resonance -- by meditating in the presence of the fragments one can induce a lucid dream that connects the user to the fragment, which contains an intense, painful burst of raw emotion and thought, forcing the dreamer to experience a few seconds of the existential terror of a slowly-extinguishing star that will be dying for longer than the mortal races will exist. This glimpse into eternity often blasts the user out of their meditative state in a jolt of agony that leaves them keening for hours on end. Most do not survive the experience, dying of a stroke or heart attack as they writhe on the ground, and even those who do survive are not keen to repeat it. But those who survive the psychic blast and have a keen, analytical mind can sift through the information that was imprinted into their brain.

                        Zhuduun has had eons to contemplate death as it slowly cools in the eternity of the Astral Sea, as well as to experiment with the forces of Time and Life in an effort to hasten its own nonexistence and the sweet release of oblivion. These musings on the nature of Time, Life, and how they might be manipulated grant those who hold the shards a great deal of power. To Zhuduun, the endless life/death/rebirth cycle of the mortal races is a puzzle, and through its Scions it has been able to conduct certain experiments. The information encoded into The Diamond-Heart Fragments contain secrets of the necromantic arts, particularly the art of raising people from the dead using their "essential salts," the ashes and remains of a particular corpse, returning them back to life. This sort of experimentation usually results in the creation of an undead creature or a Hollow, but even this allows the dead person to be questioned, allowing the necromancer to learn secrets many would think lost forever.

                        It's said that the death god Myrkul used The Diamond-Heart Fragments to fuel his rise to divinity, first by learning how to raise the dead, then by learning how to become a lich, then by learning how to become a God by slaying another God, and that he encoded these revelations in his dread tome, the Necronomicon. As Myrkul never lets the book out of his sight, the truth of this rumor may never be known.

                        (it has the same Knack and Flaw that the Orne Manuscripts do, but I'm leaving that out of this description out of respect for the unreleased-to-the-public material in the backer preview).

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                          The Bones of the Warrior: a set of nunchucks made from the bones of a deceased scion skilled with the War Purview. Provides access to the War Purview.


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                            So I recently came upon an idea that sounds really fun to play.
                            Having PC scions act as Guides to NPC scions.


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                              Orpheus' Lyre: allows use of the Artistry (music) Purview. Bestows Enhancement 1 when performing marvels using the Artistry (music) Purview that emulate the Passion Purview.