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    Note: this isn't necessarily the sword Excalibur which King Arthur used. It might be. But there's nothing saying that it inarguably is.

    Excalibur: at first glance, a fairly ordinary sword in good condition. However, when wielded by someone Virtuous it's magic awakens. Researching its history will invariably produce contradicting results. There are also rumors of dark rituals that dedicate the sword to Titanic powers, changing the Calling from Leader to Tyrant.
    Calling: Leader
    Purview: War


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      Rig, an Incarnation of Heimdallr has this Relic sword in my game. My player wanted to travel the bifrost and have control over it, we tinkered with a few different ways to make this work but settled on it being a Relic, and I was inspired seeing a version of Hofud (Heimdall's sword) from a MMO that was made out pieces of the bifrost. In play Rig received the sword as part of his visitation by Odin when he travelled the roots of the world tree and they burned the body of Heimdall who had been felled by an arrow by an unknown assassin before falling from Asgard.

      Hǫfuð (Hofud)
      Heimdall's sword
      Relic 2
      Motif: Sharp edge of the rainbow bridge

      A large two-handed sword, with a rainbow sheen to the blade, and a hilt with golden embellishments. Hofud is wickedly sharp, splitting light into rainbows like a prism, and slicing through armor and flesh like it wasn't there. Forged by dwarves with pieces of the fragile bifrost, the blade can bend space, striking enemies from across a room, or disappearing in a flash of rainbow light and reappearing in Rig's hand.

      Tied as it is to the bifrost, while he has the blade Rig can access the powers of the bifrost, travelling to anywhere in Midgard a rainbow can reach, or travelling the bridge back up to Asgard.

      Rig can banish Hofud to the bifrost, or summon it back with a simple action.

      Flaw (2): Any of the Aesir can use and travel the Trembling Way, but anyone using Hofud can summon the bifrost and is protected from the flames on it. Once per Season a dangerous opponent will try and steal Hofud for their own nefarious purposes.

      Enhancement 1 as a blade, and 1 Enhancement vs. Jötnar
      Tags: Lethal (0), Melee (0), Unconcealable (-1), Two-handed (-1), Brutal (1), Piercing (2), Reach (1), Pushing (1)

      Purview: Bifrost (Journeys) (This is a specialized version of the Journeys Purview, it can only be used to perform Marvels or grant Boons tied to the bifrost, and the Marvels can only reach places where a rainbow can. In exchange for this limitation Rig gains the Summon the Bifrost Boon)

      Relic Dot Breakdown
      (•• Purview) Grants access to Bifrost Purview. This is a specialized version of the Journeys Purview, and grants an extra Boon. Summon the Bifrost is a reskinned version of the Stars Purview, Starry Path)

      (• Knack) Rig can banish Hofud to the bifrost, or summon it back with a simple action.

      (• Enhancement) 1 Enhancement vs. Jötnar.

      (-•• Flaw) Various forces want to steal the sword because it will give them access to the bifrost. Once per seasons (basically once between your Legend increases) someone will try and take it, with the forces trying to take it getting more dangerous each season.


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        Another player in my game, Christopher Baal, is the reincarnation of Gilgamesh and a Chosen of Inanna. While visiting the midrealm of Eridu (the legendary first city of the Anunna) he faced a Spawn of Tiamat in ritual combat for the fate of Eridu, and claimed this Relic as his prize.

        (The player designed this Relic, the Antagonist just had the Mystic Arsenal Quality and I had the ideas around it was made of snakes and granted the Chaos purview.)

        Churning, the Serpent's Tongue
        Trident of Tiamat
        Relic: 4
        Purviews: Chaos, Fertility
        Motif: The center of the maelstrom

        A powerful sliver of Tiamat herself granted to her child, Churning is a collection of writhing serpents that form a trident on command or slither into the skin of her chosen as writhing snake tattoos. When the chosen throws Churning the end is held by a snake's jaw and the snake's tail is anchored in the snake tattoos. Whipping your arm back pulls the trident toward you. The trident leaves behind unnatural snake bites, splashes of salt water, and droplets of burning blood.

        While wielding Churning, Chris can use the following Knacks. All Fall Down (Heroic Destroyed Knack), At Home in the Hurricane (Heroic Primeval Knack), Whispering Weald Verse (Heroic Primeval Knack)

        Flaw: Flashy (2) - Churning is a violent weapon from the birth of the World, when used the skies turn ominous and stormy and waters turn dark and churn as if some great beast is roiling beneath them. These ominous omens add 2c to any roll to use Churning, which if not bought off announce the presence of Tiamat and draws lots of unwanted attention.
        Enhancement 2 as a weapon
        Tags: Melee (0), Thrown (0), Lethal (0), Reach (1) Concealable (1), Returning (1), Messy (-1)

        Relic Dot Breakdown
        •• - Purview, Chaos
        •• - Purview: Fertility
        • - Knack, Destroyer, All Fall Down when using the trident. (It's creating a maelstrom effect from itself)
        • - Knack, Primeval, At Home in the Hurricane (You are more at home in chaos and disorder)
        • - Knack, Primeval, Whispering Weald Verse (Tiamat was used to make the world, therefore, you can talk to her and ask questions)
        •• - General Enhancement 1
        -••• - Add 1 Tension when used. This thing is of Tiamat and brings her influence to the world.
        -•• - Flashy (rank 2 Complication): Whenever you use this weapon to attack or channel a Purview, the effects are obvious and attention-catching in some way appropriate to the action. You must buy this off you want to maintain stealth.
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          Cora, one of the characters in my game, is a daughter of Hyperion (adopted by Athena). She took Selene, her older half-sister, as a Guide during her Visitation. Selene has helped her navigate her very complicated family ties and ask Cora for favors.

          (I went with a version of Selene who loves to watch and get involved with mortals, but in a passing way that rarely lasts longer than one night. When a mortal makes a lasting impression and holds her attention it rarely ends well for them)

          Selene, Goddess of the Moon

          Embodiment of the moon, Selene is somewhere between Titan and God, but she's firmly one of the Theoi. Obsessive, mercurial, selfish, and a little rude in a careless sort of way, Selene loves humans in the way only someone who doesn't understand them can. When mortals get caught up in the lives of the Theoi it often ends in tragedy because the Theoi tend to be selfish, with Selene it's because she sometimes forgets that humans are people too. Her incarnations are short lived, and exist so she can have a good time, or get involved in juicy situations she notices while she crosses the sky.
          Selene's incarnations are usually beautiful young women with dark hair (though she's loving the trend of dying your hair grey or white), dressed for a night out (which varies depending on the situation she's decided to get herself involved in), and dark eyes. Her face tends to change from incarnation to incarnation, but if you know her, you'll always be able to recognize her.
          Her cell number is the moon emoji that matches her current phase.
          Selene was never human, but she's always been part of the Theoi and she's older than many members of the Pantheon. Selene may not give great life advice, but she knows the family inside and out and can help Cora navigate the rivalries, unwritten rules, feuds, and friendships that make the family so dangerous.

          As a Guide, Selene can be invoked like a Path; offering bonus dice, connections, and twists of fate.
          Little Sister of the Moon (Guide): 2
          Guide Stunt
          Things look different in the moonlight.
          Asset Skills: Occult, Subterfuge
          Guide Stunt (1 success): The Storyguide reveals a clue or mystery in the current scene you've overlooked.


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            Cora, an adopted daughter of Athena, in my game was tricked into stealing this Relic from her mother before her Visitation. Her mother insisted she keep the Relic, after telling her the story behind it.

            Spear(head) of Athena
            Purview: Epic Dexterity
            Motif: Perfection requires absolute control

            When Athena was a girl she was raised by Triton, who had a daughter named Pallas. Pallas and Athena were great friends, and both trained to become great warriors. While competing it looked as if Pallas would best Athena, so Zeus distracted the daughter of Triton and what should have been a glancing blow from Athena become a death blow. Athena mourned her friend, and has kept the speartip as a reminder of her slip in control and being less than perfect and what it cost her.

            The haft of the spear has long since rotted away, but Cora uses the spear head as a knife. When thrown it tends to fly in graceful arcs that always end up returning back to Cora's hand while leaving long slashes in her foes.

            1 Enhancement when used as a knife
            Tags: Lethal (0), Melee (0), Thrown (0), Returning (1), Piercing (2)

            Relic Breakdown
            •• Purview - Epic Dexterity


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              1st Bolt of Tinia: An ancient Etruscan relic in the form of a spear, bearing power over the skies. There is rumored to be two more spears of similar nature, respectively referred to as the 2nd Bolt of Tinia & the 3rd Bolt of Tinia.
              Motif: the sky is so peaceful
              Purview: Sky