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[Companion] What to do with Teros of Atlantis?

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    To be honest I have been playing at writing up the Deros (Atlantean Titans) and the Dragons/Mythos Kickstarter is full of fertile ideas for that. As an example the Arcane Calculus purview and the Corrupter Calling sound like they might fit the version of Hasatatar the Fool* I have been working on.

    Other ideas inspired from that include some Naga Heirs/Lesser Wyrms mistake the Atlantean Terra Incognita for the/one of the locations their 'ancestors' retreated too. Bonus points if there is something to it, though it is likely any Dragons in Atlantis have some kind of truce going with the Pantheon.

    *I am unlikely to use the similarities between Hasatatar's and the Mythos's Hastur's name forge a connection between the two as the later was vaguely defined and has been linked to the King in Yellow...although the KiY does create obsession via memes, so that could work as a shared mantle, or perhaps a 'sibling' one (Mercury to Hermes relationship, before one ate the other).

    Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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      I'm going to be using them as something indirect in the campaign I am starting in the North American Midwest. I'm introducing my players to the system (Origin level) and it's about Bronze level starting as they get their feet. While dealing with Cryptids, I'm going ot have them come across something occasionally they will not be able to identify even with some of their purviews and knowledge they have access to. Once they get around to hero and develop the proper contacts, they will definitely start getting the idea something is out there. I'm using it as a long running mystery