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  • Scion 2e: Deipedia

    Scion: Deipedia

    An index of where to find all of the gods (and titans) of Scion Second Edition, including Nexus and non-Nexus homebrew, sorted by pantheon and source.

    • Ganesh and Vata-Vayu are featured in both the Deva and the Yazata, as they have mantles in each.
    • The Dei, the gods of Rome, most of whom are mantles of the Theoi, are in a separate column. If you'd prefer one with just the Theoi, ask and I'll try to make a new one.
    • Gods that have their stats separately to the supplement their pantheon is in, such as Lasyren, are listed in the row of the supplement in which their stats appear. If you'd like a version with such gods appearing in the column their main description, rather than stats, is in instead, once again just ask and I'll make an alteration.
    • The pantheons of Demigod (the Anunna, Apu, Atua, Bogovi, and Tengri) are not listed here, as they have not yet been released to anyone but backers. Once they have been, I'll update it.
    Suggestions for anything I've missed or some other way to improve are very welcome. Additionally, if your homebrew is on here and you feel I've given too much information in the sheet, just let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

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