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The Overthrow of Zeus: Specifics?

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    Originally posted by Nervaqus987 View Post
    As mentioned, Zeus personally doesn't have a prophecy about one of his kids overthrowing him. He's mostly concerned about people who are supposed to have children greater than their father.

    That said, he's probably still concerned about such things because well......Zeus overthrew his father who overthrew his father.

    It's a bit like heart disease in that it's something his family has history with, he's not guaranteed to have it happen to him but he needs to keep an eye on the situation. Only with more divine usurpation.

    It's always been my headcanon that Zeus is the most isolated among the Olympians.

    He's distant from the younger ones as a result of being their father and king and also keeping an eye on them just in case anyone is thinking about overthrowing him.

    He's distant from the elder Olympians because, even though they fought side by side to overthrow Kronos there's a part of them that looks at him and just goes "Why were you the one that mother saved? Why not me?" along with the fact that they have the shared trauma/history of growing up together in Kronos's stomach, which is something Zeus doesn't.

    Not to mention some of the brothers, sisters and childer have ideas of their own at times, as shown by the almost successful attempt by Athena, Hera & Poseidon to depose Zeus mentioned in the Illiad. Among other things - Aphrodite, unintentional child of Ouranos or daughter of Zeus with an obscure consort, which version is true and what function might the false tale serve for? The matter of Eros' true identity is twice as sketchy, might be said.
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