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Thinking about Mithras...Again

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  • Thinking about Mithras...Again

    I was thinking about and doing some looking on Mithras again and I got to thinking about fleshing him out.

    My first thought is that he is a scion who managed to apotheose, but didn't stick the landing right. So the first thought is who is his divine parent? I was thinking either Ares or Zeus. Ares because of Mithras' association with soldiers, but I also like the idea that Zeus was Zeusing it up with a woman and when she got pregnant he turned her into a stone, since turning baby mammas into animals is a known trick, and that is why Mithras was born from a stone.

    As for the game mechanic stuff:

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    My assumption has been that the Persian god had an incarnation Scion somewhere in the eastern ends of the early Roman empire for reasons and managed to reach godhood but as part of the Roman pantheon, resulting in two separate gods. But that's just one option.

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      Why not: Mithras was a Persian god, the Romans got in touch with him during the time and start worshiping him. Like happened to the Theoi, Mithras created a Mantle linked to the Roman worshipers. It happened to many other gods, for example many of the Nemetondevos and some of the Netjer, the “more senior Theoi” possibly helped them to do that, but shared their mantels. Mithras maybe didn’t share the Mantle or shared so little that end up removing the Theoi linked to it (Mars probably).

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        From what I have found out the connection to Mithra is tenuous at best so I was trying to construct him based on what we do know and what can fit into the Greco-Roman paradigm.