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[2E] Understanding Callings

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  • [2E] Understanding Callings

    I dwell more into 2E mechanics and concepts - and find some problematic things in Callings. So questions are in order. Here is one to start:

    1. Liminal Calling is about both travel and death, by the way I read Origin and Hero books. It's also in all Death Gods write-ups as their Callings. However, all Heroic and Immortal Knacks of Liminal are not about death-related things. I wanted to make more Death related Scions, but seems to not found Knacks for it, like for other Callings. Am I missing something in Liminal?

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    Liminal is a Calling, which is a role. Liminals are those who travel. The gods of Death travel between the World and their respective Underworlds frequently, which is why they get the Liminal Calling.

    But Death itself isn't a role. It's a Purview, an aspect of reality that a god is specifically the god of. If you have the Death purview, you get to create Marvels and take Boons related to Death.

    The sort of Knacks you're thinking of would probably be more akin to someone who had the Titanic Calling Destroyer (found in the Titanomachy book), which has a bunch of knacks related to breaking things down and putting the hurt on things. Depending on how much you want to muddy the waters between Titans and Gods, you could certainly change a few of the death gods to have the Destroyer Calling as well as (or in place of) the Liminal Calling.

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      Tho it is not expressed very well in the knacks Liminal also encompass all role dealing with being in-between of states, the transition between states and being outside from the ... mainstream(?) social structure.

      Dealing with Death (officiating last rites but also helping a shade reach the underworld) is a good example of "dealing with the transitionning of one state to the next". But it wouldnt be the only one. Marriage was also considered moving from one state to another same with coming of age and tons of little other examples.

      Travelling is a good example of being the outsider aspect. But being the weird hermit living outside society would also be a good example.

      All in all Liminal is one of the Calling id love to see expanded the most.

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        Yeah, what Maitrecorbo and Stray have said regarding Liminal. It's helpful to look at things this way: a Calling is what a god does, a Purview is what a god has control over. Hel has the Liminal calling because she lives, and exists, apart from the mainstream structure of her pantheon; she has the Death Purview because she's a goddess of death. Consider instead Osiris, who has dominion over Death but not the Liminal calling, because he exists within the structure of his own pantheon.

        It is true that certain callings tend towards certain purviews. It's hard to be an Healer with no dominion over Health, for example, although some fans have worked and are working on a variant that helps one be an healer of minds and spirits, as well as bodies.


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          The Liminal is also about time. Gods of the equinox or the solstice are Liminal. Gods of dawn and sunset are Liminal. Deities of the seasons of the year, the hours of the day, the stations of the sun or moon, or life transitions, are all Liminal. Journeys, borders, boundaries, in time or space are Liminal. Certain festivals are Liminal because they are social borders.