Topic for posting your own Relics for other fans to read or help with. For start, I want to point we have already collection of ready Relics on Storypath Nexus – called Divine Reliquary – I highly advise for you to see. Author makes great suggestions and examples on item creation.

Here is my Relic…

Liebling (●●●●)

Liebling (‘Favorite’) is legendary runic sword of Loki. It is said they stole it from Giants, eons ago, as the most precious tool of war. Being half-Giant theyself, Loki used it to his ‘sneak-and-disappear’ attacks across time. When they started to take more interest in long term conspiracies and manipulation, Loki gifted it to their most loyal Scions. Or children just stole it from parent… It is said that Giants still look for the Liebling blade. Sword is covered with runes that glow icy blue when Purview is activated.

Motif: Blade that Cuts through Steel
Purview: Epic Strength
Enhancements: +2e general, or +3e when cutting objects not worn or carried
Tags: Piercing (2)
Flaw: Giants are still looking for Liebling. For each first use of Epic Strength Purview, it adds 1 Tension in scene. SG is encouraged to point that Giants are on the trail of the character.