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    In my next story, I want to use Amazons as guardians of the sacred place for Theoi. But I then thought, that maybe, there are others ideas to utilize Warrior Womens of Ares in stories?

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      One of the players in my game took a group of Amazons as followers.

      The Hudson River Amazons (Followers 3)
      A tribe of amazons that live in a tenement in Chelsea. When not working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center on W35 Street or posing for pictures at Times Square, they patrol Mid-Town Manhattan like a vigilante gang, much to the frustration of the NYPD. They are led by Princess Polydora, but they will begrudgingly follow the bearer of Hippolyta’s girdle when needed.

      Archetype: Heavy
      Tags: Group, Helpful, Unruly