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Polyhedron Ep. 124 - "What masks do you wear?" w/ Danielle and Neall

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  • Polyhedron Ep. 124 - "What masks do you wear?" w/ Danielle and Neall

    We rip the Masks off of our two guest and see what really lies behind the newest Kickstarter from Onyx Path!

    Episode Link

    Dragons & Mythos Kickstarter
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    What we know from the podcast about Scion: Masks of the Mythos (MotM for short) ...
    MotM is the Scion horror expansion bookthat expands the setting with a cosmic horror.
    MotM assumes that the Great Old Ones and other Cthulhu Mythos exist in the World with normal Gods - but actually operate outside of reality, outside of normal rules. Divinity is their metaphor for existence, but they actually exist outside of these principles. There are no Mythos Titans - they are all Titans-like to other deities.
    • There are 13 Great Old Ones Patrons in MotM.
    • The heirs of the Myths have a dark, twisted Fate - and they infect the world around with it. Most are Chosen (by the Stars) or Created - only a few are Born.
    • Most of the game is about finding a balance between your human half - and the cosmic terror you bring to the world. 'Dark Hero' to say that. A bit like the Scions of the Titans. Only you corrupt the World by your presence.
    • The Scions of Mythos do not have a Legend - they have an Awareness instead - although they generally do the same. Besides, they receive a different version of Purviews and Callings.
    MotM, following the tradition of the normal Call of Cthulhu RPG, extends the Procedurals rules to turn Heirs into investigators and researchers of the Lovecraft canon and others. ❤

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