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[2E] Scions and Languages

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  • [2E] Scions and Languages

    Some languages related questions that come up in my games.
    1. Is there some power or Knack that let Scions comprehend Languages they do not understand, normally? Is there one for Origin and another for Hero tier?
    2. How, mechanically, would you represent decoding of dead language? Like Minoan Linear A writing, from my game.

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    Decoding a dead language is, one would assume, an extended Intelligence + Academics roll with a really high difficulty level. Unless you specifically want to make it into a minigame or whatever. Like requiring the player characters to find more inscriptions in order to make more rolls, unless you enhance it with whatever divine powers you have on hand.

    Not too sure about the Knacks, except that if there isn't a Knack like that, just make one. Learning new languages on the fly is a very useful skill, but it's hardly game breaking.


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      The Omniglot Translation Knack from the Sage Calling enables a Scion to understand and speak any and all languages they hear. The Experienced Traveler Knack from Liminal also makes you understand the language of a place. At GM discretion the character might need to do a Culture + Cunning roll to pretend being a native speaker when using these Knacks.

      If you do not have that I am sure there are more than a handful of ways you could simulate instant language skills through Marvels. Journeys could probably do it. Beasts makes you understand animals. More specific and extremely symbolic cases could possibly work with GM fiat, for example understanding ancient Avestan through the Fire Purview because the ancient Zoroastrian religions have fire as a strong symbolic element... I would not allow that personally though because it is way too vague for me
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        Apart from the knack already mentionned. I have language work mostly under Paths.
        Essentially if it make sense for the path you either speak/read/write the langage or can draw up a contact that does.
        I also go very far on what langages are allowed under paths.
        In my last game had a player do a scion of Ioskeha that was a lynx turned human.
        Since the Origin Path was "Used to be a Lynx" then i had lynx and other cats as "langages" the scion could speak.

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          As far as rules for learning a language, I found a Scion campaign site with some homebrew rules.
          The rules are for 1e, but you could probably adapt it to 2e with a little effort.
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            Much like Maitrecorbo, I go with Paths. I also give some leeway. If they are, for example, someone who lives in a primarily Hispanic part of town, then I will easily let them speak Spanish without even batting an eye as it makes sense they could pick it up.