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[Sc] How to run a Heist?

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  • [Sc] How to run a Heist?

    Wanted it to post to general Storypath subforum - but there is non.

    How mechanically to run a Heist session? You know, story like Ocean's Eleven or other 'we will rob a bank/museum/other locked security' movie. Bonus points for pointing Origin tier powers to use on this.

    ( Yes, I prepare plot for my game about it. )
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    Apparently OPP are going to give us that kind information in Dragon. So, I find the timing amusing.

    Heists feel like a series of challenges over multiple scenes to me; covering recon/research, planning, countermeasures and acquisition. What these look like can vary and those...scene roles(?) aren't necessarily in order and can repeat. I would also make frequent use of Complications, maybe turning unsolved into skill challenges later on. Don't deal with guard patrols when dealing with motion sensors, then you'll have to solve that problem later on.

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      For what we have so far:

      Look up the rules for Complex Actions in Origin (Page 69), where the Challenge is achieved through a series of Milestones across a number of Intervals. So the Hacker needs to make a Technology roll in order to disable the security system, the Thief needs to roll Subterfuge to squeeze through the air ducts, while the Face is at the front desk making Persuasion rolls to keep the receptionist distracted. Every member will have a Milestone they need to achieve.

      For a ticking clock scenario, put in a finite amount of Intervals. "Okay, the security is down, but now that the cameras are off you have 2 Intervals until security arrives. Work on that safe"

      Also, a staple in Heist genres would be the context establishing flashbacks. Watch any given episode of Leverage (also watch Leverage, it's delightful) and by the end there's usually scenes flashing back to go "Actually we swapped uniforms". Scion actually has a mechanic for this: The Twists of Fate. If you use your Path for extra dice, you can spend Threshold successes to establish narrative details. So you can go "Oh since my character is a master thief, she's super prepared and would have brought tools for this laser security grid"

      Edit: I am less familiar with how Trinity does Complex Actions but I wager they're pretty similar.

      Edit 2: And this is a general game rule I run, with Scion I don't come up with like one precise solution in mind for the challenges. Just like... List the obstacles and challenges and let your players come up with ways to get around them. Let them take a shot at their silly ideas, because sometimes they work.

      Now like, yes, you should probably keep some more likely things in mind (such as having the owner of the vault have the security code in their pocket because their memory is crap) but if your players don't pickpocket the code from the owner and instead go "Wait, I have the fire Purview, I'll just melt the door off its hinges" then it's probably for the best to go "Okay we're doing this now, spend the Legend"
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        While not dealing with Storypath mechanics or settings, Seth Skorkosky's How to Run a Heist video has a lot of good advice.
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          Where are those Heist rules we were promised for Dragon preview? I seem to missed them...
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            I do not see RULES for heists in Scion: Dragon preview - only story ideas in last chapter...
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              I’d use Twists of Fate flexibly to cover retroactive reveals of what your character did off screen and how this seeming problem is according to plan, or at least prepared for.

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                Okay, so here is analysis for my Heist plot for Scion Origin game I run, based on the Seth Skorkowsky advises on running this genere.

                The Artifact: Eye of Heavens orb – natural crystal that is rumoured to fall from the sky thousands years ago and opens ‘Gate to Gods’ of Atlantis.

                Stage: Heist takes place in Louvre, Paris, France. In ‘Palace of Kings’ there is new exhibition called ‘Signs of Gods’ that is collection of old religious artifacts ( Relics ) collected by the museum. Putted on the display for one more week, because of 100th anniversary of giving Eye of Heavens by mysterious donor. ( Arsène Lupin, Scion of Hermes, to be told – yes, book character. )

                Fortress: I.E. Security measures. After watch dozens of TV episodes about heists on Blood & Treasure ( 2019 ) and Lupin (2021) series – I’m still not sure if I got a good measure of Fortress strengths. For now I have those measures:
                • Tourists ( between 8 AM – 8 PM )
                • Security guards
                • CCTV cameras
                • Glass Cabinets connected to laser sensors
                I would be glad for any ideas how to strength the Fortress part in Louvre.

                Dragon: Intimidating, special threat for the Heist. Obvious Dragon is Paris Police – in 7 minutes after alarm, police cars and officers are swarming greatest museum of France, surrounding it tightly. However, here is also a twist: there is Secret Dragon in Scion – the ACTUAL Dragon! Louvre is treated as Hoard for some mid-ancient Ladon, Greek Dragon charged firstly with protecting the golden apples of the Hesperides, that came here after Theoi Relics in collection. Our Scions can finally run from Police – but Ladon will hunt them down, if Police will not get them. ( Ladon NPC I prepare in this topc. )

                So, what are your thoughts and advises on this plan? I remind you it’s planned for the Origin tier Scions challenge.
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                My stuff for Realms of Pugmire, Scion 2E, CoD Contagion, Dark Eras, VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E, MtC 2E & BtP
                LGBT+ through Ages
                LGBT+ in CoD games