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How big is your covenant?

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  • How big is your covenant?

    For those who are using the Covenant birthright from the 2E companion, do you do anything to account for the number of people included in the covenant or how likely the players are to encounter them?

    As I read the rules, a character could have a covenant with a small group of people, like a neighborhood, or a whole city, or a large nation. So one player might have a covenant with all of New York City, and another player would have the same point cost if they wanted to be more specific, like say just Harlem, or broader, like the whole United States. Has anyone found a way that they like of adjusting the point costs for different sizes of covenanted people? Or perhaps tied the number of people involved to the Scion's legend? What about people from a place that is of similar size, but that PCs are much less likely to encounter directly, say having a covenant with the city of Moscow for a game set in New York?

    Thanks for your thoughts.