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[2E] Trouble understanding Walk Unnoticed

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  • [2E] Trouble understanding Walk Unnoticed

    As reminder here is the power I'm talking about, you can find it page 246 of Scion Hero
    Cost: Imbue 1 Legend
    Duration: One scene
    Subject: Self
    Clash: Manipulation + Legend vs. Cunning + Legend.
    Action: Reflexive

    You slough off your identity and vanish. You do not become literally invisible — instead, people’s minds simply fail to process any distinguishing information about you. A non-trivial character that wins the Clash of Wills can see through this, but still cannot distinguish your identity or any identifying features, and face a +3 Complication on rolls to notice you.

    Okay so, from what I understand, this power change you into a "nobody". People will fail to see your hair, skin color, or "any distinguishing information about you". However you are *not* invisible.

    If, for example, you have non trivial guards in front of a door. They have for instruction to disallow anyone from entering and succeed in the clash of will against PCs. What happens ? Can a PC still go unnoticed through the door ? If not, what do the guard do ?

    Now same question but when the guards fail the Clash of Will.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    English is not my native language, please forgive my mistakes

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    If they guards win the Clash, you could still attempt to sneak past them, and they would face a +3 complication to notice you doing so. If they fail the Clash, you could probably walk by them as long as you didn't bump them or draw attention to yourself. If you're familiar with The Wheel of Time series, you're basically a Gray Man.


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      It's a Someone Else's Problem field, effectively. You become so utterly unworthy of comment or concern that trivial characters who see you think "Nope, not my problem, someone else can deal with this" and ignore you. Nontrivial characters think "well, this might be my problem" if they win the Clash, but still have to fight the inertia of the magic that's telling them to ignore you.

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