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Trickster knack Doppelganger question.

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  • Trickster knack Doppelganger question.

    Doppelganger text suggest when it is attacked it vanishs, but the attacks needs lands? or if the player uses perfect defense or some other trick to avoid damage, clone will persists? or it is intended to vanish when someone declares the attack? the knack text Doppelganger: Make a Knack Skill roll and with any successes, make an exact copy of yourself. The copy has all your Attributes and Skills, Knacks and Boons, and is controlled by you. This doppelganger may be sent to perform any social or investigative task independently of you, though you are aware of the outcome (and the player is free to roleplay her character in two places at once). It cannot benefit from teamwork actions and dissipates into dust if attacked. Otherwise, the copy lasts for a number of days equal to your Trickster Calling. Thanks to help me to clarify this guys.