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  • Custom Pantheon: The Ekang

    I sow the wind!
    I shoot the elephant!
    Let the ears listen!
    Let them hear the Mvet!


    The Ekang are the immortal heroes of the Fang and related peoples in West-Central Africa. Brave, proud, and ferocious the Ekang inspire strength & courage in the hearts of those who hear songs of their deeds. As they are forbidden to marry each other, the Ekang gladly sire scions with mortals to increase the size of their clans.


    When the world was young, a demigod named Ekang Nna had many wives. His first wife Aloume Ndong Minko bore him a son he named Evine. His newest wife Nkene Ndong Minkouna bore a son named Ngame. Aloume had a dispute with Ekang, and in anger he transferred his powers to his last born son Ngame. The family was divided as Ekang had denied Evine his birthright. Ngame and his followers set out for the southern countries to begin anew, founding a village called Meko'o on the banks of the mighty Melole river. Nearby there was a chief named Zok Memveme who refused to tolerate the newcomers, declaring war on them not long after. Evine reconciled with his brothers (Ngame, Osse, Nguema, Nkomo, Ango, and Mengono) and began to fight back against Zok Memveme. Despite their titanic renewed efforts, the combined Ekang were not powerful enough to vanquish Zok Memvene. And so, Evine's brothers all abandoned him to his hopeless war, founding a village called Obe further south. Evine made a final stand against Zok himself and was decapitated.

    Bereaved, Evine's son Mba set out for vengeance. After years of bitter fighting, Mba had defeated his father's killer once and for all. In spite of this, he refused to kill Zok Memvene. Returning to his uncles in Obe, Mba was happy to know peace again. Wanderlust would take Mba and he journeyed even further south across the Melole to a lush country where he saw a massive tree sitting on a hilltop from many miles away. It was around this tree that Mba would christen his new village Engong Zok Mebegue, the rest of the country being named Engong after it. Thirteen great villages grew up in Engong established by the kinfolk of Evini Ekang. Meanwhile in the country of the Esangom pygmies, a girl named Bela Mindzi carried on an affair with her brother Nlo Dzop. This abomination angered all the higher powers. The product of the trysts was a child of ill omen named Mborzok who born after 150 years. Bullied incessantly by the tribe for his disgusting origin, Mborzok snapped and became as terrible as everyone called him. Despite being the son of two pygmies, Mborzok became a towering and powerfully built youth even by the standards of the average person. Mborzok was given two magic spears called Bindeng by his grandfather Ndong. With these he became an absolute terror, causing the entire village to cower at his approach. None of his former tormenters were shown any mercy. Mba had heard of the beautiful but capricious Bela Mindzi, and her fearsome son. So he met with her father Mindzi and agreed to take them off his hands. The Esangom rejoiced to be rid of Mborzok. Mborzok quickly became the most respected man in Engong and his valor in battle knew no equal. He even became more famous than his stepfather Mba, leading some to think he had sired him. Because of this, Mborzok abandoned his name and became Akoma Mba.

    Akoma Mba had many adventures battling various enemies and increasing his power, Mba naming him successor to leadership of Engong before his death. Time passed and chief Bissiga Ndong of the Beku pygmies held a great magic ritual on the moon at Mbel-Alene, all the great magicians of the world in attendance. It was here that the true power of magic was shown to the world. An extraterrestrial from the sun named Evoung Tom Obiang infiltrated the ritual and was exposed by Akoma Mba. A massive battle erupted and Bissiga Ndong fled back to earth, making the ancient Beku immortals. Akoma Mba meanwhile consumed all of the magic charms and Evus spirits brought by the wizards to the ritual. This act transformed him and all the Ekang. Incredible power coursed through his body and he was freed from mortality. With this new strength Akoma Mba singlehandedly turned the tide of the battle and drove Evoung Tom Obiang back to his tribe on the sun in defeat, the latter cursing the way earthlings use magic.

    Ever since then, the Ekang have waged endemic warfare with men and monsters from Oku usually seeking to steal their secret of immortality. Even now ancient grudges from Oku still burn.


    Virtues: Courage, Endurance, Vengeance, Piety.

    The Ekang were born from a bellicose imagination: they live to fight. When they hear the great war drum "the People's Blood" sound, they become excited. Few things earn their contempt as easily as cowardice and weakness. The Ekang and their Scions consider fame to be the purpose of godhood. With that said, family ties are of the utmost importance to the Ekang. Insulting or harming them individually is one thing, injuring their relatives is an entirely different can of rage. The Ekang often pay visits to their own dead for advice and consolation. When they are not fighting some great enemy the Ekang appreciate the simple pleasures in life: good food, good drink, good music, and good company. In spite of their bloodlust in battle, the Ekang rarely outright kill their opponents. They typically try to arrest them and bring them before Lord Akoma Mba and the elders for judgement. The Ekang do try to nudge fate towards their own ends, such as when Akoma Mba tried to become wealthy like his cousin Medza m'Otoughou. The failure of this example lends weight to the notion that nothing quite happens outside of Fate's plans. The Ekang are one of the more brutal pantheons and quickness to battle has nearly seen them or the world destroyed on a few occasions. "Talk shit, get hit" is a lesson they haven't quite mastered yet. Akoma Mba has softened over the years, and while he isn't someone to take lightly by any means he has become much more sympathetic to the sufferings of even mortals. Even the weakest of mortals have been able to move them by being brave.

    Relations with other gods

    The Ekang have something of a love-hate relationship with the Orishas. The Orishas don't try to hide their mild disdain for what they consider to be a barbaric mob of bush tribes like the Ugbo their devotees fought so long ago. The Ekang consider the Orishas stuck up and do feel a degree of envy for how their cult has not only survived but absolutely thrived in the New World. On the other hand the Ekang do deeply respect the Orishas and vice versa for their devotion to family lineages, and the endurance of their devotees living in captivity for centuries. The Ekang enjoy a good scrap as much as the Aesir and Tuatha do, but find their fixation with needing to be heroes a bit grating. After all, if a Titan is that much of a problem it just means they'll put up a better fight. The Ekang are not fond of the Dodekatheon. Though proud like themselves, the way they often treat their kindred is abominable in their eyes. As nasty as the Ekang can get in battle and pursuing power, the almost industrial scale of bloodshed the Atalanti require wigs them out somewhat. As a whole the Ekang aren't too worried about Titans per se. The Ekang have forgiven and made amends with some colorful characters over millennia. Sure they'll knock your teeth down your throat first but they'll still hear out the reasons for an antagonist's behavior without rushing to judgement.

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    that sounds wonderful!


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      The Pantheon
      Akoma Mba

      The Supreme Leader of Engong. The man whose "Secret is that there are no secrets". "Biyang" or the Dominant One. Great power, deep wisdom, and invincibility are all traits associated with him. It was he who permanently closed the door to death. He has but one Scion by blood: Ondo Biyang, who judges if an Ekang is worthy of being a warrior by striking them in the stomach. The prospect must not flinch or show any discomfort, else they be sent away until next time. That said, Akoma Mba is a fan of adoption as he himself was brought under the wing of Mba Evine. His Scions are often runaways, foster children, troubled teenagers, or any others who have had to fight to survive from an early age. He is an imposing figure to say the very least, heavily muscled and standing at well over 7 feet tall despite technically being a pygmy. His bald head is accompanied by prominent ears. All over his body are ritual scars, battle scars, and elaborate tattoos. If he ever actually smiled it would reveal two rows of sharpened and decorated teeth. Akoma's destiny is one of pride and war. He's been everything from a special forces officer to a mercenary to an elite bodyguard to a triple OG to a child protective services worker. All of his Scions are "type A" personalities. No matter where they are they will at least try to find a way to become HBIC. This can be a great thing or absolutely terrible depending on the circumstance. His Scions have already learned early that the only justice or fairness in life is what you can make for yourself. Among other activities in the days of yore he decapitated his brother-in-law Bitsemetse Bi Ndong for bringing him a small gift unfit for a man of his stature, flayed the warrior Assame Ella alive and kept his skin to wear as coat, had himself decapitated so he could descend to the underworld and be turned into a woman by his dead aunt Eyenga so he could seduce the warlord Abo Mama and steal his mighty club Sakonglo Konglo, and captured the entire population of a country inside of a boulder.

      Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Strength, Epic Charisma, War, Mystery, Magic
      Abilities: Command, Brawl, Occult, Melee, Presence, Survival, Fortitude

      Angoung Bere

      Father of Magic. Head Wizard and Priest. He is to Engong's spiritual power as Akoma Mba is to its poliical and military power. The feared sorcerer who is "Master of Mysteries". It is he who initiates all of the Ekang into the hidden knowledge of the tribe. He is an gnarled looking old man with mahogany skin, the look about him is one of wiry strength. The Insurmountable Artist. Try as they may, the wizards of Oku are no match for his occult knowledge. In his left ear lives a hornbill who sometimes perches on his shoulder. He is something of an enigma, and is approached with great reverence. These days he can be a university professor, a scientist, a fortuneteller, recluse in the wilderness, librarian, or doctor. His Scions are sharp minded as he is. They are as likely to become detectives as they are cryptologists or NASA researchers, always on the hunt for more occult wisdom. As his role is almost wholly metaphysical he is unlikely to leap into the fray with the other Ekang...perhaps this is a very good thing. Angoung is tasked with guarding Engong's secrets from prying eyes and monitoring the activities of other wizards.

      Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Perception, Epic Dexterity, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy, Illusion
      Abilities: Academics, Medicine, Investigation, Science, Occult, Craft, Animal (Hornbill)

      The Terrible Ones

      Engouang Ondo

      General of Engong's forces. The Battle Bull of enormous magical power. His capacity for violence is only matched by his love of peace. More beautiful than a palm tree on a sunny day and sturdier than the pillar of a house, the women who love him call him Nang Ondo "the Magnificent". He sees as clearly at night as he does during the day, he even sees the invisible. His admirers also call him Beko Ondo "the Haughty". Engouang has the single most powerful Evus on earth, a terrible white one. Still ever the pretty boy, Engouang Ondo much prefers the modern day. He has been a writer, community organizer, a human rights champion, a youth coach, and when it felt appropriate a UN peacekeeper. Scions of Egouang Ondo are idealists, but not fools. Always willing to talk out a conflict first, when push does come to shove they viscerally remind their opponents of why violence is so terrible. The average Scion of Engouang can be found busy trying to save the world at least one life at a time. They run the gamut from social workers, to rehab employees, to journalists exposing atrocities, to humble teachers who take a bit of time out helping ex-cons escape from economic prison through education. Egouang wasn't above using manipulation to win fights. He convinced the iron chief Oveng Ndoumou's ancestors to not only spare him, but to strip Oveng of his magical protections by threatening to bring the ghosts back to life. He thwarted Andome Ella's plans to convict the Ekang of murder in court before the almighty Nzame by transforming into a baby and appealing to his paternal instincts to drop the entire mess.

      Powers: Epic Perception, Epic Charisma, War, Evus, Guardian
      Abilities: Empathy, Integrity, Command, Awareness

      Ntoutoume Mfoulou

      The Storm. The Man with no Fear. The One None May Take by Surprise. Brutal as a hurricane, forceful as a raging river, bad tempered as a Python. Ntoutoume Mfoulou is the Rage of Engong and Terror of Oku. Strong like a god and bold like a demon. He is the one who oppresses Death with injuries never answered for. He is Nyele Mfoulou, because he says "yes" to Death but Death won't answer. His proud father calls him Ossou Mame, Volunteer for any Dangerous Mission. The Insolent One, he whistles in battle and sings sarcastically about who might kill him. It is because of him that his clan earned the title of "Hammers". Ntoutoume Mfoulou is probably the most Ekang of the Ekang. He easily becomes bored with no strong enemies to fight. He's been a champion MMA fighter, tank operator, skydiving instructor, bouncer, alleged war criminal, and just shooter for-hire...or just for fun. Reckless fails to describe him. His relationships are as brief as they are wild, like Bonnie & Clyde. These couplings make for pretty interesting Scions. His sons and daughters are loose cannons like him. Cocky, tough, and streetsmart they don't respect anyone unwilling to throw hands. They can often be found working in gyms, the military, shiesty night clubs, the wrong block you just pulled up on, or chaotic Wall Street trading floors. Ntoutoume Mfoulou has some principles but at the end of the day he doesn't fight for "good" or "evil", he just fights. The reason he is so loyal to Engouang Ondo despite their clashing personalities is that Engouang is basically the only person regularly willing and able to give him the quality of fight he desires. Scions of Ntoutoume could not be better friends to have when the gloves come off, their excitement when a fight becomes more brutal has unnerved more than a few rivals. On the flipside, their devil-may-care attitudes and tempers can be more trouble than they're worth. Ntoutoume Mfoulout is a skilled swordsman and magician. His favorite weapons include his sword, his hammer, and his fists charged with burning force.

      Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Dexterity, Thunder, Fire, War, Animal (Pelican)
      Abilities: Brawl, Presence, Larceny, Melee, Athletics, Awareness

      Angone Zok

      Real name Angone Medang, he is probably the worst of the three "Terrible Ones" as they are called. The Squirrel of the Rainy Season with Nine Nests. Ugly, stuttering, red eyed, and deeply cruel. He walks among ghosts just as easily as he walks among the living. Some say he sacrificed his own mother for greater power. He has on his head horns he received as a supernatural gift from her. The threshold of his home has a great pair of scissors to cut up uninvited (and sometimes invited) guests. The most outright bloodthirsty of the three, he once joked half-seriously that the reason he hasn't killed everyone in the world is because then there would be nobody fun left to kill. Angone Zok loves war for the carnage and gore in itself. Scions of Angone Zok are...troubling. They are excellent if frightening warriors. Angone Zok has been a CEO, lawyer, surgeon, and prison warden. Say whatever you want about his Scions but they are all go-getters like him. What they often lack in empathy they makeup for with cunning and wit. Most people are glad Engouang Ondo keeps him on a short leash. His iron elephant is terrible for his foes, but it's just as dangerous when he takes it for a joyride in Engong.

      Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Epic Appearance, War, Death, Animal (Elephant)
      Abilities: Stealth, Larceny, Melee, Marksmanship, Control


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        The Junior Warriors

        Nze Medang

        The Flexible Leopard who spices the eyes of children. Shaker of Fire. Tormenter of reckless enemies. He who flips mountains. Even the mortals of Oku sing of his deeds. It was he who led the new offensive against the terrible Alum Ndong Minko back in Ayong Olong.

        Obiang Medza

        Handsome as a cat. Perfidious as a dagger. He flies like a swallow. Obiang Medza is "the name no enemy wants to hear". Best friends with Nze Medang, if the "Terrible Ones" have their hands full these green warriors will usually be eager to make names for themselves. Despite being the most powerful descendant of Medza m'Otougou, foes tend not to take him as seriously as the three heavy hitters. He has been a pro athlete, bartender, explorer, and forest ranger.

        Nguema Nsing Bere

        Faster than thought, Nguema is the notable man his father Nsing always wished to be. Among other quirks, the speedster of the Ekang loves nursing mothers. As such many of his Scions have mortal half-siblings.


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          While these certainly sound interesting, I'd like to ask, what did you use for research? What are your sources? I've never heard of this pantheon before (although that's hardly surprising as I am no expert).


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            Eno Belinga (Moneblum), Tsira Ndoutoume (Le Mvett volumes I, II, and III), Emmanuel Mvomo (Alum Ndong Minko), Gregorio EyĆ­ Ncogo, Edu Ada. Most of Africa was colonized by France or Belgium so English speakers are usually locked out of many rich mythologies.


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              Oh almost forgot, Zwe Nguema (Un Mvet De Zwe Nguema) and Stanislas Awona (La guerre de Akoma Mba contre Abo Mama).
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