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Will Bogi / Bogovi be in Demigod?

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  • Will Bogi / Bogovi be in Demigod?


    i missed the Kickstarter for Demigod, but i think i read somewhere that the Bogi / Bogovi will be a new Pantheon in there?
    A Player of mine really wants to play a scion of Veles. We have some temporary self made rules for the Pantheon Purview and Motif and the thread in this Forum about them helped there, but i would really like to get the Scion twist on this Pantheon.
    I really like how they mix Real world Mythologie with a little more Game Fantasy.

    Is a release Date already set? i think Demigod is in post Edit?
    Did Backers get a draft beforehand? Can i retroactively get some info by preOrdering or something?



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    Yes, the Bogovi are in Demigod.

    If you go to backers kit you can buy the PDF (or the print version), and receive at same time as the backers, including pre-errata pdf, but you don’t gain access to companion or the other advantages of the backers. We didn’t receive the pre-errata version yet.

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