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    I’m posting this here and other places because I feel that my fellow supporter of White Wolf & Onyx Path need to know this. I was just booted from the Scion RPG FB group because I stated that a person’s beliefs should not determine if they can join the group. I stated that as long as the person stuck to the group rules and was only talking about Scion their beliefs should not matter. I spoke of supporting tolerance and that the only thing that mattered on a Scion RPG group is if you love and want to talk about the game. I posted this post because he group administrator stated that he would decide if you can join the group based on your personal profile. After posting this i the one asking for equal treatment for everyone was called a racist and than booted. I’ve played WW games since the beginning and I was a DST in the Camarilla for many years. One of the things I always loved about WW and Onyx Path is their belief in equality and tolerance to bad I can’t say this about the Scion RPG group here on Facebook

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    The Facebook group has no relation to the OPP, for sure.

    Also, there is a small part of the Scion fan base extremely unfriendly! I ensure you it’s a small part, but they are extremely active and annoying against anyone that don’t fit their criteria of correctness. They are aggressive even against some of the official books and writers, as you can see in the comments for Titanomachy for example in DrivethruRPG.

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      I’ve noticed and thank you


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        The official Scion pages and groups are:

        If it wasn't one of these, it wasn't operated by us.

        I don't recall booting anyone recently and I don't think the other admins have either, so I suspect it was a fan group.

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