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    Hello to all.

    My name is Ivan Abilio, I am the author and editor of the Pindorama book, a Brazilian setting for the world of Scion, recently published online on the Storypath Nexus. This book was produced with much effort and includes the Brazilian Native pantheon the Yibiás (previously known as Enondeara), and the Orixás, the Brazilian Mantles of the Òrìshàs together with the Entidades, evolved people that help the Orixás, many mythical beings, antagonists, descriptions of important cities, and much more.

    Anyone who might have doubts about the material or anything they want to comment (like corrections, mistakes, or problems), is welcomed to do it here, so this information can be organized and easily available. If you do prefer you can also send me a PM, contact me by Discord, or any other means you can.

    We anticipate, however, two specific doubts that I want to solve here:

    Why the Enondeara changed their name?
    Given a name to a pantheon is a tricky thing, as civilizations often don't give a name to their own group of gods. The groups of the Natives that we are working (with different languages even) didn't seem to have had an original term that meant gods in general, although they had the term Angas that meant something closer to spirits than god as we understand it. As a working title, we used the term Enondeara, which meant "Ancient Ancestors", which was a title we were comfortable using if we didn't find a better name. Luckily we did, and we found the term Yibiás, a Native term used that means "those who zeal over the World". This term is not only more culturally preferable, as it is used by some Natives, but objectively cooler than Enonderas, so we the choice to change it was not hard. We apologize for any confusion this might cause, but this change was for the best in most ways.

    Didn't you already publish the Yibiás before?
    Yes, we did publish a previous material, the Enondeara, a few months ago. As the name of the pantheon, a lot has changed, and we learned a lot about these gods since then, and they had to be rewritten, from top to bottom. Some of the gods there presented were barely changed, and most changes were to add information or make their presentation more clear, but some considerably changed, and even one of them was taken out and substituted by another. We believe this version is much better than the previous one, not only more accurate and more sensitive to the culture, but also better written. Although we do not regret publishing the other version, we consider some of the presentations there obsolete (especially the Iara/Yara presented there). This version also comes with an accompanying image to help to better visualize the gods.

    If any of you have anything else to ask, any other doubts, questions, suggestions, comments, or criticisms, feel free to comment here. Thank you very much for your attention, wish you a great day,
    My Best Regards.

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    Sounds fun, always good to get gamable info on an interesting nation from the nationals themselves.


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      I really liked your first take on the Yabias and I just downloaded your new supplement. Really excited to read through it. I like that you give some space to a Brazilian take on the Orisha too. Thanks for your work.


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        Thank you for the kind words. I hope you like the rewrite as much as you liked the previous version. Making the Brazilian Mantles of the Òrìshà was always the plan, actually, but at the time they were not yet fully made (probably in the first write-up phase).