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What are the most useful Purviews?

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  • What are the most useful Purviews?


    What are the most useful/generically applicable purviews? Whether as with specific boons or the innate power.


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    All of the general purviews are good! Genuinely, every purview has at least one boon that is worth it.

    For innate powers from the purviews, I think the ones which generate momentum are weak, while the ones that give you scale or let you gain legend are strong, The innates that let you perceive or sense things are also pretty nice, as are ones which grant immunity - being the 'I see dead people' scion or walking through fire are very flavourful.

    The pantheon signature purviews are much more variable: Theoi is over-powered imo with the shapeshifting skills, while Teotl has a very narrow usefulness and Tuatha de Danann is literally a curse.


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      Originally posted by notMidas View Post
      Tuatha de Danann is literally a curse.
      Curse and boon. Geasa can grant you the power to uphold them. If I had a geis to not be defeated by anyone of noble birth, the Condition it should give me Enhancements to fight anyone of noble birth (or at least I know is of noble birth.)


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        That would make sense but it isn't really in the rules as I read them. Just the momentum for any time your geas gives you trouble.


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          A Condition is a long-term status that lingers on a single character, affecting the challenges they face, and is usually represented as a Complication or Enhancement (or some mixture of the two).
          Emphasis mine

          This Purview binds the Tuatha and their Scions to geasa of their own and lets them lay geasa on others. It can influence the behavior of those under a geis, granting the power to uphold them or tempting Gods or mortals into breaking their geasa.
          Emphasis mine

          It's entirely within the rules for the Condition gained from a geis to give you enhancements, and it's one of the options presented under the PSP.


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            I see your point, but it just doesn't seem terribly clear in the description of the geas condition. It would be nice if they just gave another line explicitly saying you should get an enhancent to uphold your Geas.


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              Yeah, I think it would have been better to be clearer. However, at least there can be an upside to your geis, if you want.