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    I start to read Hero book and more I read it, more the terms like Midrealms, Overworld, etc. are thrown on. I read Origin book descriptions of them, but I still kinda cannot wrap my head around them, in play. If some good soul sum-up various '-worlds' of Scion for me, I would be most grateful!

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    Brief summary:

    Overworlds contain heavens and places where Gods hang out.
    Midrealms are 'the World' (the real world, not exactly Earth, but an equivalent) and any strange places connected to it, where humans and non-divine beings live (including sacred groves, the Bermuda Triangle, lost islands etc.)
    Underworlds contain hells and other afterlifes, where dead souls end up (death Gods usually live here too.)

    BUT pantheons are organised differently, such that sometimes Gods live in the World in spirit form, or in the strange places connected to the World. Afterlifes are not always in underworlds, but generally only the Gods' favoured souls end up in overworld heavens, and the rest go to an underworld afterlife (or get destroyed or reincarnated; pantheons vary).