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Scion LARP: The Gist?

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  • Scion LARP: The Gist?

    Could someone who has read it give a quick run rundown? In particular boons and action resolution?

    If you have read it, or read it enough, what are your thoughts on it?

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    Every player gets a pool of five stones, colored to match up specific subgenre of actions. (Social, Combat, etc.) For action resolution, you effectively get automatic successes equal to your skill level (there are no attributes). To raise your number of successes you must randomly draw a stone. If it matches you get a bonus based on your character tier. If it doesn't match you can discard the stone to keep the bonus. Certain abilities require you to match a stone color, or to discard stones. Stones are replenished by taking a 15 minute breather, and the precise combination of colors a player has is up to the individual.

    Boons and Knacks, while certainly inspired from Tabletop, are very much their own beast, and Origin characters get Boons and purviews from the get-go.

    Broadly speaking, my biggest disappointment is that while not a particularly complicated system, its still different enough from the tabletop that adapting new storypath material still requires a decent amount of effort. Otherwise, I'm cautiously positive towards the system, pending being able to try it out for realsies.


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      My reading is that it is a solid system and seams pretty good (better than other methods I used long time ago). It seams really fun to play and honestly give balance to the general min-max we see in Scion (not only by giving skills, that is standard, but as you can effectively allowing you to be just much better in one kind of action over others).

      As mentioned before, the system does not seams to be based or related to Scion TT, and the character creation (to the conceptualization of the character, in some cases) would need to be completely different. More than that, it has a slightly different setting, with purviews and sorcerers in origin, for example.

      I am not a LARP player, played a few Vampire back in the 90s, but not really my thing... I am too shy and a horrible actor (I end up laughing and/or making people laugh in the most inadequate situations, for example), so my opinion has a low value.

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