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"Plot" idea: The Jonas Protocol

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  • "Plot" idea: The Jonas Protocol

    Some thing I originally posted in the Facebook group, but posting here for more range and also, more feedback.
    Maybe a plot-seed or something to appear in any chronicle, but maybe too dark. I was thinking about how in many myths the idea of sacrifice (mainly human) seems like something obviously horrible, but that most times is done to avoid even more horrible things. When Susanoo saves his bride, all her SEVEN sisters already had been sacrificed to Yamata no Orochi, for instance. Andromeda was offered as a sacrifice in some versions by her will, and so on... Btw, I watched the original Godzilla (1954. Yes, that old), and in some point of the movie, they say that the tiny island where he first appeared used to sacrifice young girls to please his rage. Yes, that is casually said by and elder of the village, that still thinks Godzilla is some kind of relative of Yamata no Orochi, probably.

    My guess is a rumor/conspiracy theory about some governments (in any place of the World) engaging what I am calling "Jonas Protocol" in lack of a better name (it may even be a "dey-fan technical term" for what it actually means). They recruit volunteer citizens that must to remain pure (virgin, not steal or kill ever, etc.) that, in case of "everything fails" (Scions not appearing, Gods not responding, Titanspawn/kaiju or any kind of monster ravaging everything) WILL be offered as sacrifice for the greater good. They receive some kind of mark (personally, I was thinking in a tattoo behind the ear, easily hideable) that signs that person as an emergencial sacrifice.

    Maybe too dark, but hey, it's an idea. How do Scions react knowing someone part of this? They are volunteers, but is that... human? Plus, as a plot complication, have access to this data, creates maybe even more problems that if the project even existed?