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Ragnarok - TV show inspiration?

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  • Ragnarok - TV show inspiration?

    Small confession: I don't know Scion.

    I've been into White Wolf (and later Onyx Path) games since high-school, and I got into most of the main game lines - Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted, etc. - but when Scion first came out, it didn't really draw me.
    Recently, I needed a break from Vampire 5E and couldn't really get anything happening with Exalted 3E, and saw Scion 2E so I figured "what the hell?" and picked it up.

    I only read part of Neil Gaiman's American Gods and I was looking for something that the Scion book could point to and say "kind of like that...".

    Meanwhile, someone recommended to me (in no relation to Scion) a Norwegian TV show called Ragnarok and I decided to check that out.
    I saw a couple of episodes and I was wondering if anybody here also watches/watched that show and could give their (hopefully unspoilery) opinion on whether or not it's a good inspiration source and a "kind of like that..." example for Scion.

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    Done already the topic on the subject of Ragnarok as Scion chronicle year ago - I recommend to read it, but AFTER watching at least Season 1 of Ragnarok. I may answer there questions on Season 2, if you will have it.
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