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  • [Dragon] Marvels?

    In Hero, "if you want to perform an act of divine power, and nothing else on your character sheet allows you to do it, marvel exist to let you do it." (Hero, pg.236).

    In Dragon (or at least the currently available big manuscript) there is no mention of an equivalent mechanic to Marvels in Dragon Magic. Is this an intentional omission? Just an editing issue with the work-in-progress manuscript? Is there some other non-Dragon Magic mechanic that is suppose to take the "And Nothing Else On Your Sheet Lets You Do It" catch-all narrative role?

    We're starting up a new game and while our our storyteller is planning to use a lot of the Dragon content, he's worried that lacking Marvels will leave any Heirs us too hobbled compared to the Scions of the team.

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    Dragons have a lot of advantages Scions don’t, and Spells are written a lot broader than Boons are. I don’t think they need Marvels.

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      Dragon Magic is significantly different from a Purview in terms of flavor. I'd be willing to let dragon players 'invent new spells' (And I dislike the ranked system because of this) over the course of play or the like, but improvised magic is not a dragon's strong suit.

      Improvised anything, really, but I digress.