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    Hey all,
    I'm soon to be running a short Scion chronicle for some friends, one of several I've done over the past few years. One of my players would like to play a Div from Persian mythology. I'm all for this and ideally would love to present him with a Supernatural Origin Path at least as fleshed out as those in Scion - Hero, with a handful of Knacks and Conditions that would make for a unique and fun experience. I'd hold out in hope for Saint and Monsters, but due to COVID restrictions, I really have no clue when we'll end up playing. Have any of you run anything similar, or have a path that might be easily convertible for the purpose?
    Thanks in advance!

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    [I'm assuming by Div you mean the beings also known as Daeva, but bear in mind that my knowledge of these stories is limited. Ignore me if I'm mixing them up and you did mean something else]

    When you say that he wants to play a Div - in what sense? A Div is a being that embodies the evils of the world, so playing one of them would not exactly be a heroic character, to put it mildly. A Daeva can move towards redemption, but at that point they are no longer a Daeva; they're known as a Peri. For a Peri Supernatural Origin Path, I believe there are a few people within the community working on some, but as yet there isn't anything. Assuming you have the Companion, you can probably make them as a Yazata Scion with some Birthrights to approximate the abilities they have in the myths.

    Sorry I can't offer more, but I hope this helped a bit.


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      On more of any types of Paths in game - I advise to look on Divine Identities, fan supplement with almost hundred example Paths and some advise on them. It's not official book, but author may as well be hired by Onyx Path, creating half of all fan supplement on Community Content program for Scion. 😎 This book REALLY get me to understand Paths as mechanics/setting relations. 😉
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