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Question on Glamour style abilites

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  • Question on Glamour style abilites

    I'm designing a sword birthright for my nieces scion of Loki. It's a Carolingian sword that as a ability to reflect light in a way that seems to get someone manage to get the reflection in enemies eyes, but I'm trying to figure out how to write this up. Enhancement? Knack? I am open to suggestions

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    Not sure if it’s the intention, but it could be a reduction in the target defense (to a minimum of 1). It would work as an enhancement, except that it have a limit, so a limited use enhancement in Relic creation terms.

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      You could have it grant a point of soft armor as a way of modelling the fact it's harder to hit your character with light in your eyes. You could also do something like the Blinding stunt under Close Combat Attack on p. 116 of Origin and give the target a +1 Difficulty to all Shoot and Thrown attacks on their next action. Maybe have her spend a point of Momentum to hit everyone in a range band or something.


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        Thank you both for the help for inspiration