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Alternate Kami Virtues: Honne and Tatemae

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  • Alternate Kami Virtues: Honne and Tatemae

    These concepts are more tied to Japanese culture than mythology, but maybe people might find it interesting.

    Honne and Tatemae
    These are two opposite spectres of Japanese social behaviour. They are hugely densier concepts than these rude descriptions, but in very light words, they would go like this: Honne means what you feel inside. What you really thinks about individuals, groups and situations. But mostly you don't show that, even to your closest friends and familiars, and that's because of the contrary force. Tatemae means what is expected from you while you exert your social duty. Be that as a father, son, employee, wife, boyfriend, etc. So, by Tatemae, you must be polite, kind and happy, even when things are honestly not (in your "Honne", you know that. Your "Tatemae" makes you don't be completely honest).

    To have Honne in extreme can make a person sound honest in excess, being unpolite, rude and loudy. That is undesirable also because it tends to put himself always in first place and don't care about other people around. In other hand, Tatemae in excess hurts you individually, because you will always put others above yourself.

    When I was posting this same theme in the Facebook Scion group, I thought these concepts were too analog to Deva's Virtues. They are. But they also sound a lot like the Virtue conflict of the Theoi, being caring about you or those around you who need help.

    As previously mentioned, they are conflicting forces more present in Japanese society and individual behaviour, not so much in their myths. So, maybe their usual Virtues make more sense. But this is a good plus, imho.