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Question on group/mob of heavy followers

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  • Question on group/mob of heavy followers


    One of my players want to take a group or a mob of heavy follower...

    For one follower I understand : it have one bruised et one maimed injury condition.
    Bur for 10 or 50? It's one pool of health by follower? You must track for each follower which one is injured? (
    It's one poll of health for the group/mob? 10/50 bruised et 10/50 maimed injury condition?

    Another problem : the player command his 10 followers to attack 10 antagonist
    It's one roll of Presence + Leadership? Aka success or miss for everyone?
    It's one roll for each follower?

    In short, how to manage a group/mob of heavy followers?
    If you could give me some examples...

    Thanks in advance!

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    My suggestion is to treat the mob as a higher scale follower. So 10 followers mob would be scale 1 and 50 scale 2. Same for a group of antagonists, both ends would be an single unity each and they fight each other.

    A Hero or other high scale creature would fight them all at same time with the same easy as one person fight other, but if you don’t have scale you treat the mob as having increased defense (+2 per scale above 0).

    When the higher scale creature (other mob, possibly) hurt the mob it still have a single injury, it doesn’t mean they are all dead, it means they were scared by the creature after the creature hurt a few of them, and they start fleeing.

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