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  • questions on animal followers

    I got a rather unique request for followers from one of my players, who is more on the roleplaying side than a rules lawyer, but the question she posed for followers is interesting if trying to apply the RAW. In short she's playing a Scion of Parvati with a emphasis on diplomacy. She is asking for a pack of spirit canines that represent the areas she goes to as perhaps a reflection on the good will she has built up among the other pantheons that could be a representation of aspects of the different pantheons.

    The very short form is that the Canines, while spiritual creatures, are very powerful other than say a Heavy with perhaps a Terrible aspect.

    The question is: How do I build something like this? She is planning a small amount at first of 5-10 over the course of the campaign, so it's not horrible.

    But how to do it?