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Rules Clarification: Using Paths

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  • Rules Clarification: Using Paths

    Hey everyone! I feel like I have a pretty good handle on most of the Scion system, but I'm having a hard time grokking the use of Paths in play. I've written up a summary to try and wrap my own head around it; does this sound right?

    "Paths grant access to the following benefits.

    ● Always: Access to anything relevant to your character concept.

    ● Once per session: A connection to a group, or a contact with an individual, who can help in your current situation. Specify two dots worth of tags (examples on Origin p. 100).

    ● Once per session: Add two dice to any roll that plausibly applies to your Path experience. Enables Twists of Fate.

    Check the box next to your Path after invoking either of your once-per-session abilitities. Invoking a checked Path will Suspend it; invoking a Suspended Path will Revoke it. Write the results under “Effects.”

    Twists of Fate are a special kind of Stunt that can be activated if you invoked one of your Paths on this roll. In this case, Threshold Successes can be used to add new, underlying details to the scene. Examples on Origin p. 99."