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A Band of Coyotes (plot hook)

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  • A Band of Coyotes (plot hook)

    A bunch of coyote gods from various Native American cultures wander into the area.

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    Definitely needs a lot more development, of course. Who are they coyotes? What do they want? Why are they a threat?

    As I understand it, there was really only one Coyote, though I suppose you could have, say, the Pueblo Coyote, the Navajo Coyote, etc., all together at once. The more important thing (to my understanding) is that Coyote isn't really a malicious character. He's a trickster, whose major role in the mythology is to stir the pot: challenge societal norms, get people worked up, etc., etc.

    I'd almost suggest using someone else: Raven or Wolf, perhaps. And have them not be a threat in their own right, but warning the players of some other danger.


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      This plot hook was inspired by this blog post: http://johnsscionresources.blogspot....rporation.html

      Going through the post, it is pretty clear that there are more than just one "Coyote". Trickster gods associated with coyotes appear to be something of a recurring motif across North America, & wherever they turn up they are still distinct characters with their own stories.
      I wouldn't describe them as a threat per se, the lot of them just wander into the area & be themselves, no maliciousness, just stirring the pot as you said, though I think one of them does actually have some genuine maliciousness.
      Also, none of these coyote gods are actually traditionally called Coyote, so yeah. I've decided not to list all the examples & just leave the link above for anyone who wants it, but going through the entire blog post I counted ten named "coyote gods", plus a few characters that are closely associated with them, & it closes off mentioning three other cultures that have them (the Ohlone, Lakota, & Pomo) & mentioning that there are many, many more.
      You could argue that all these characters are mantle of one god by the name of Coyote (& it does fit with the assumed his character), but I feel like that would miss a lot of the cultural minutiae of the individual deities.
      Finally, if any is wondering (& I'm going to assume someone is) I didn't call this "A Band of Coyotes" because it's a Scion plot hook. A group of coyotes is called a band, at least according to google.