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Some Questions About Going Up In Tier

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  • Some Questions About Going Up In Tier

    I'm still a new ST, and I have some questions about what happens when you go up in tier. I feel like some of these are going to be just "RTFM, N00b" but I'm having trouble finding some of the answers...

    1) I know you move from Origin to Hero when you gain your first point of Legend. When do you move from Hero to Immortal(?)

    2) When you first move to Hero tier, I know you gain a) a Legend score, b) a Legendary Title, and c) access to Purviews and Boons. Is there anything else I'm missing?

    3) What changes when you move to the Immortal tier?

    4) What determines a character's maximum Legend score?

    Thanks everyone!
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    1. Next step is not immortal, it’s Demigod, and you become one when you reach Legend 5. More about it in book 3: Demigod (not available yet for 2e)

    2. Callings and Calling dots that bring Knacks.

    3. Demigod, and a lot change… well, not THAT much, but a Demigod can use much easily their purviews and have a better management of Legend.

    4. There is only a maximum legend, that is 12 (the most powerful gods). Legend grows as the character completes important deeds. Heroes gain the first at visitation and can go up to 4 by completing 3 more deeds. Demigods have another 5 steps that takes then from Hero to Gods, each step being one of 4 special deeds they must complete, gaining 1 point of legend in each and becoming a Legend 9 god. It’s a bit more complex to follow the demigod steps, but it’s explained in Book 3: Demigod

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