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Documents from my game: Nymphagram Influencers

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  • Documents from my game: Nymphagram Influencers

    So my PCs are starting up essentially a magical hot springs spa outside Las Vegas in the interests of their parents. The idea is local plots in Vegas and have them travel based on stories and contacts from work.
    So to get the word out they are getting some Nymphagram Influencers to come, and their manager has given them an outline. I figured I would put them here in case they might be useful.

    The locals named are
    Tristessa (Manager, a Lampade or Underworld Nymph),
    Echo (Oread, more of an ally of the PCs. She got her body back as part of a long story, and is now married to a Kami from a previous campaign. Long story)
    Sapphira (Oread, controls the mountain the Spa is in)
    Lenore (Naiad, once associated with a pool in which a number of suicides took place, now the Naiad of the spring.
    Evelyn Eventide (One of the Hesperides, Guide to the Hecate Scion)
    Darius the Vinenter (Satyr, their bartender)
    Lykos (Satyr, Guide to the Dionysus Scion)
    Hikaru (a Karakasa-Kozō in charge of Tsukumo-Gami maintenance, recommended by Echo)
    Evangeline (High power Maenad)
    Aoibhe (An Unseelie Fae hired as a painter)

    Okay, that was a lot of typing. Here you go hope it is useful to someone

    Lords and Ladies,

    I have made a few discreet enquires and have put together a list of some good Influencers you may want to bring in. I can make the arrangements. I’ve done research and thrown in some personal anecdotes as well but been as objective as possible. I have also asked around for more views. You may want to do two groups if you use several. I hope it is helpful. Let me know if you have questions



    Background: Jötun, Frost Giant; Æsir. From northwestern Sweden. She/They

    Annika is a Frost Giant, or Jötun, and cousin to a number of Æsir. In her natural state she is about five and a half meters tall (around eighteen feet in old money) but usually among mortals she shrinks to a “only” about two meters (about seven feet in old money). Annika is known for her “Top of the Mountain” Blog where she climbs mountains, goes rappelling, goes BASE jumping and generally does things that would be suicidal for most people, including impressive feats of strength. Her work hard/play hard style appeals to a lot of Æsir, but she is going to be on the wrong side during Ragnarök apparently, so she is not exactly trusted. However, as she gets along with both sides her presence at the spa would be noticed by both, plus she appeals to the muscle girl crowd.

    Risk Assessment: High. She is a giant. Jötun are living metaphors for destruction. But she can play nice. However, if things go wrong, they go very, very wrong.

    Personal Information: I don’t know much about Annika’s romantic inclinations. She likes men, and if she is not Bi or Pan the world will be drowned by Sapphic tears. She parties hard drinking heavily but not usually drugs so much. Annika is an Omnivore.

    Darius: Hell. Yes.

    Evelyn: Remember Jötun n are cunning bastards. Don’t underestimate her because she is a giant. She is likely a talented illusionist as well as having frost abilities. I don’t know enough about her personally to add much to that.

    Hrolof: She is okay for a Giant, I guess.

    Krysta: I want to be her when I grow up. Yes, I know I am 75.

    Sapphira: You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you?


    Background: Oread, Nymph; Theoi. From Corinth, Greece. She/Her

    Chloe is a young-ish Oread who has become a Goth icon with her Blog “Dark Side of the Mountain.” Her Goth following is huge, her clothes are worn all over and a tombstone sculpted her goes for a fortune, even among non-Hellenismos. Like most Oreads, Chloe is an even-tempered sort, though given to at least a show of drama. She makes Goth trends more than most Underworld Gods these days; get her visiting and all the spooky kids will show.

    Risk Assessment: Low, Oreads tend to be stable, and tougher than most Nymphs. Worst thing is she will want to see the graveyards and haunted spots. So far as I know, Chloe has no special ability to see or interact with the Dead.

    Personal Information: Like most Nymphs, Chloe is Bisexual. She has had flings with several genders but tends to be fairly discreet. Her hardest drugs are Absinthe so far as I can tell, maybe E during sex. Chloe is an omnivore.

    Darius: I have interacted with Chloe several times. She is a good kid. Power has not gone to her head yet. Can be a bit of a tease.

    Echo: I don’t know Chloe, really, but I follow her and she is quite the fashionista. I know Tristessa does too because I have seen her rocking some of Chloe’s looks. Get her in.

    Evelyn: Chloe has Nymphagram followers in several Pantheons. She is a good pick.

    Lykos: Yeah you should pick her. Because Reasons.

    Sapphira: Chloe is not as legendary as Echo but well respected among Oreads.


    Background: Nereid, Nymph; Theoi. From Samos, Greece. She/Her

    Doris got big for her Nymphagram “Mediterranean Blue.” She did a lot of pics on and of cruise ships (Cruise ships often let Nereids ride free as the sea treats them kindly) along with sites across the Mediterranean and she actually has a head on her shoulders. However, last year she and her girlfriend, a Siren named Monica, had a messy and somewhat public break-up, and she has been Nymphagramming from the Caribbean instead since (ironic, if you like Enya. You probably haven’t heard of her.) But she is expanding from just sea stuff with mixed success. This could be good for her career and show she is not a one trick pony.

    Risk Assessment: Low. Nereids are the easiest to deal with of water Nymphs. However, she is still stinging from a break-up and may throw herself into something unwise.

    Personal Information: Like most Nymphs, Doris is Bisexual. She drinks a lot but in general water Nymphs tend to handle their liquor well. Doris is a Pescatarian.

    Darius: Doris is fine. That thing I said about how Chloe has not let her power get to her head? That’s less true of Doris. She is a diva, but not too much of a malaka.

    Echo: Point of order, Doris the mother of the original Nereids is not Doris the Nereid, this Doris is named for her grandmother. I don’t know Doris the Nereid at all but she might clash with Lenore.

    Evelyn: There are rumors Doris got a taste for Human flesh while with her Siren girlfriend, but this has been done without any real evidence, and my view it was probably just because she had a Siren girlfriend. As Echo said, this Doris is not that Doris.

    Lenore: Second point of order, Naiads are not Nereids. To Nereids we are backwater bumpkins at best and all cannibals at worst. To overly simplify Nereids= saltwater, Naiads=freshwater. I don’t tend to get along with Nereids, everyone loves them and they are full of themselves. I have no specific issue with Doris and am okay with her coming. Just don’t expect me to hang out with her. The feeling will probably be mutual.

    Lykos: Far be it from me to recommend you set up Lenore and Doris to get in a fistfight but I bet it would be awesome, and it would probably go viral.

    Sapphira: From what I know she knows how to party in a generally good way.

    Hinako Hinagawa

    Background: Rokoro-Kubi, Yōkai; Kami. From Tokyo. She/Her

    Hinako’s career took off from her photobombing pictures with her long neck, and she quickly became an endearing part of the blogging scene. These days having her head peek in the window for a picture or vlog will immediately get you views. She likes getting shots of her peeping in windows and such, and sometimes posts pictures where her head is sort of hidden peeking out from behind a chair or window labeled “I am not in this picture.” Also eating desserts, especially with just her head and long neck. She has recurring tiktoks of her using her long neck to steal cupcakes with her mouth. Even I think it is adorable.

    Risk Assessment: Hard to say. Not much info about her personally. She is not known for causing too much issue, but she often can’t resist peeking into high windows or over newspapers, which may cause info. Most Rokoro-Kubi have an urge to occasionally startle or scare that is hard to suppress.

    Background: Hinako came out as Bisexual on Nymphagram. Her whole dating history so far is human men, and reasonably discreet (her Nymphagram updates are not about her love life). I don’t know of her having any issues with alcohol or drugs, just sweets. She leans Pescatarian but is not a strict one. For example, pretty much any dessert is apparently okay.

    Echo: I don’t know Hinako, but she seems to be a cinnamon roll.

    Hikaru: From what I know, Hinako is respected in Yōkai circles, and she has absolutely made Rokoro-Kubi more well-loved. While I can’t say much about her personally, I am not worried the sweet demeanor is an act.

    Katarína Kovačić

    Background: Rusalka; Bogovi. From somewhere in western Silesia. She/Her

    Katarina Kovačić (Ko-WAH-chik) is well known as one of the biggest Eastern European Nymphagrammers, known from the far ends of Russia to Czech Republic. Women love her style and sexual adventures, men love her. She has been attached to a lot of Nymphagrammers, models, and celebrities, and loves taking pictures of herself in their bedrooms and on their boats. She is apparently an absolute maneater, possibly literally; Accusations of her devouring some of her less well-known lovers follow her, and she even had one well meaning Scion go after her. If she is eating people she is good at covering her tracks. Let me say this: She has the biggest following of all these people, any two put together probably do not equate her following. You want the word out, get Katarina.

    Risk Assessment: High. Katarina may eat people, she is hard to control, she drinks heavily and likes recreational drugs. If she has a hookup with you (or any locals) the internet WILL know, with one major caveat. The only saving grace is she is apparently pretty dangerous so if she walks down a dark alley, she probably won’t need rescuing.

    Background: Let me put this delicately; Katarina has implied she is Straight without saying it and has only been pictured with or officially connected to men. It’s an open secret though to anyone who has partied with her in Ibiza or other places that when cameras are not on her beauty and proximity mean far, far more than gender. Beyond that, Katarina has an appetite for everything and possibly everyone.

    Darius: I think Tristessa is being a little harsh and sex shamy here. I have met Katarina a few times and we got along fine. She wasn’t a malaka, didn’t hurt anyone, and didn’t vomit on anything. She was eating E like candy. Now, at one point we did have sex on the roof, full disclosure. But she did not ruin my rep or try to kill me. She even wingma’amed for me once. I mean absolutely keep an eye on her. But a lot of this are innuendos. She does flirt with girls even if she does not advertise it.

    Echo: Well…if you show her a good time, she will be a very good thing for your spa. I don’t know her, and I don’t like her. If you think you can handle her go for it.

    Evangeline: She sounds awesome.

    Lenore: Word down the stream is she has devoured men and women, yeah. But word down the stream is I drown people for fun. Does not make it true.

    Lykos: I hear she is pretty wild, but while I met her once no issue. Biggest problem is men fighting over her. She really likes men fighting over her.


    Background: Noppera-bō, Yōkai; Kami. From Shikoku (now Ehime prefecture) in Japan. She/Her but any are fine.

    Keiko is a recent case on Nymphagram. She is not as big as the others, but her “Face Time” account is growing, and Echo recommends her. She shows how to make a lot of traditional Japanese clothes and items. She also occasionally posts videos of her scaring people from remote camera or drone.

    Risk Assessment: Low. Well, seems low. No sign Keiko is a problem. I don’t have a great deal of info to work with.

    Background: Keiko is Straight, well as Straight as any woman is around Imke. She drinks lightly but should not be an issue. Keiko is an omnivore.

    Echo: Keiko goes back to the Tokugawa Shogunate. She has worked with my wife before, and I would consider it a personal favor if you raised her profile. Noppera-bō can be useful friends to have, and Keiko is a long-term planner, one a few centuries old. You want her on your side, especially if you have a tangle with the Kami.

    Hikaru: I didn’t know she was on Nymphagram, but Keiko is a pro at whatever she sets her mind to.

    Tríona McInnes

    Background: Banshee, Unseelie Aos Sidhe; Tuatha Dé Dannan. From Scotland in the UK. She/Her

    Tríona’s (TREE-nah) Nymphagram, “The Bashful Banshee” is a soft Sapphic Nymphagram with a huge following of Queer women. Her neo-Victorian style also gets her attention from Steampunk types and Neo-Victorian imitators. She manifests as a soft spoken, somewhat Gothy pale woman. She is never in Banshee form in her pictures. She is apparently a real sweetheart.

    Risk Assessment: Medium. Tríona’s biggest risk is a Banshee problem. If she senses danger or potential death, she has the urge to shift back to her Banshee form, glide over to the source, and scream. For this reason, she tends to avoid big cities. In the spa she can even be useful, but outside keep an eye on her for if she is spacing. She will try to resist the Call and honestly, she may be able to, but once she is in scream mode she will be hard to manage. Keep her away from hospitals.

    Background: Tríona is a Femme Lesbian. She is not given to wild romances, hard drugs or heavy drinking, though she gets giggly on wine. Tríona is an omnivore.

    Aoibhe: Note Tríona is not a noble of the Dark Fey, so her bearing will be somewhat different than mine, and she cannot wield mortals’ own nightmares against them like I can. I don’t really know Tríona, but what I know of her is good and I am sure she will be a benefit for you. Remember the Unseelie Court don’t hold particular affiliation to either the Tuatha Dé Dannan nor Tuatha Dé Domnann on a Courtwide basis. I am unsure if Tríona has a particular affiliation.

    Darius: I’ve met her, she is darling.

    Echo: Tríona is an absolute sweetheart. Don’t let anything happen to her or I will be cross.

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    Pictures did not translate but oh well. Hope it inspires.

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      This is really clever, full of good ideas, and a nice slice of Scion life. I may crib inspiration from this. Two thumbs definitely up!


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        Originally posted by Purple Snit View Post
        This is really clever, full of good ideas, and a nice slice of Scion life. I may crib inspiration from this. Two thumbs definitely up!
        Excellent that is what I posted it for!

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