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  • [Actual Play] The Ultra Violets Chronicle

    I decided to run a game with all Queer women and Femme aligned Enbies playing Scions who were Queer women and Femme aligned Enbies in a rock band. Despite the odds, I am living the dream. Scion: The Ultra Violets shares a Universe with Scion: The House Always Wins but only one player. Their shared universe applies as much as convenient. If one game would be hurt by the other, we ignore that.

    This game is told via Journals, and I cannot guarantee a journal from any given character. Like The House Always Wins, the Players are rewarded for journals.

    Meet the Ultra Violets

    Grannia Bianchi
    Patron: Lugh
    Pantheon: Tuatha Dé Danann
    Concept: Polymath Musician
    Gender: Bisexual Woman
    Origin: Tuscany, Italy
    Instrument: Electric Harp
    Arena: Mental
    Approach: Power
    Paths: Suburbia, Technology Expert, Tuatha de Danu
    Role: Smart Chick
    Callings: Creator, Leader, Sage
    Purviews: Artistry (Music), Forge, Geasa, Passion, Sky
    Title: The Sound Forge,The Word of Inspiration

    Grannia is a multitalented musician, technician, and singer. Good at crafting instruments and engineering, it was not surprising she would be the daughter of the multi-talented Lugh. Traveling forth to seek her fortune and find adventure, she has a kind heart and a quick smile, and people would generally die for her as soon as they meet her.

    Charismatic and Tech Savvy, no member of the band is more at ease in the modern world than Grannia. At the same time, she is deadly with her more traditional spear of Lugh, and can make a room weep with her high tech electric harp, a relic she has enhanced and continues to tinker with.

    Magdalena “Lena”
    Patron: Zorya
    Pantheon: Bogovi
    Concept: Silent Knight
    Gender: Bisexual Woman
    Origin: New Haven Connecticut USA
    Instrument: Bass Guitar
    Arena: Physical
    Approach: Resistance
    Paths Army Brat, Silent Guardian, Moonlight Guide
    Role: Powerhouse
    Callings: Guardian Liminal Warrior
    Purviews: Dvoeverie, Epic Dexterity, Moon, Sky, Stars
    Title: Guardian Under the Stars, Warrior of Whispers

    Lena was an almost mute child of a military family traveling around the world. After receiving her visitation, she returned to Europe to seek opportunities to help others. Silent and fearless, Lena uses her music for money and a reason to travel across the world.

    A bodyguard and warrior, Lena is always on the front line. At her strongest beneath the night sky, Lena wields her sword Zvezda with the same gusto with which she shreds on her guitar.

    Theodora “Theo”
    Patron: Inanna
    Pantheon: Annuna
    Concept: Inanna’s Stray
    Gender: Pansexual Gendertrash
    Origin: A Midrealm located in Iraq
    Instrument: Drums
    Arena: Physical
    Approach: Finesse
    Paths: Divine Enforcer, These Violent Delights, Inexorable Scourge
    Role: Lancer
    Callings: Hunter, Lover, Trickster
    Purview: Beast, Epic Perception, Epic Strength, Passion, Shuilá, War, Wild
    Title: The Wayward Lion, The Curious Tracker

    Theodora was a Lioness uplifted by Inanna and Cybele. Generally impressed by their creation, Inanna gave her a visitation and sent her into the world as her champion. The now human lioness was easily distracted, however, by music, dancing, and cute folks of any gender and has not gotten around to the Scourge of heaven thing.

    Theo is a potent warrior, fighting with tooth and claw. She is not, however, a straightforward one, preferring trickery and ambush. She is also a people…person…and is a taleted musician as well as potent tracker.

    Violetta Tanith De Angelis “Tanith Acidbath”
    Patron: Ereshkigal
    Pantheon: Annuna
    Concept: Goth Rocker
    Gender: Lesbian Woman
    Origin: Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
    Instrument: Keyboards
    Arena: Mental
    Approach: Resistance
    Paths: Archeologist’s Brat, Reluctant Healer, Font of Life and Death
    Role: Leader
    Callings: Healer, Liminal, Lover
    Purviews: Beauty, Darkness, Death, Earth, Epic Stamina, Health, Shuilá, Water
    Title: The Reluctant Doctor, Princess of the Underworld

    Violetta was raised in a Annuna cult, born in Trieste and spending much of her time splitting between there and Tyre. Raised to be a goddess and skilled musician, lover, and anthropologist in her own right, Violetta knew she had a great destiny. She took discovering that destiny was to be great healer…poorly.

    Tanith Acidbath is Violetta’s working name. Beautiful, passionate, intelligent and neigh invulnerable, Tanith is also a skilled healer and total ego case. She would, however, discover her own need for humility sooner than she could have expected.
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    Zahara Blainn
    Patron: Bragi
    Pantheon: Æsir
    Concept: Seeker in Darkness
    Gender: Pansexual Woman
    Origin: A Midrealm Located in Norway
    Instrument: Vox
    Arena: Social
    Approach: Finesse
    Paths: The Odd One Out, Singer/Songwriter of Unrequited Love Songs, Who’s My Æsir Parent
    Role: Heart
    Callings: Creator, Lover, Warrior
    Purviews: Artistry, Forge, Fortune, Passion, Wyrd
    Title: The Wyrdling Bard, Dancer with Death

    Zahara was a Scion created by a Dverg Sapphic couple, Naefr and Vili. They had taken the essence of an unknown Æsir that they used to animate the statue, which received a visitation from Bragi due to her musical talents. Always the odd one out but loved by her moms, Zahara made her way into the world.

    Zahara is a very social character, likable and chatty. She is also a skilled Capoeira practitioner after learning it from an ex-girlfriend. A dancing warrior woman and bard, Zahara is loyal to friends and family.

    Naefer, Zahara's Dwarf Mom Guide (Zahara)

    Vili, Zahara's Other Dwarf Mom Guide (Zahara)

    Echo, Oread Guide (Tanith, possibly others soon)

    I’ll post the backgrounds so far, and journals from the short opening story soon. Unsure if I will be getting the first arc out before or after the next House Always Wins update. We will see.
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      Violetta Tanith De Angelis "Tanith Acidbath"

      Violetta Tanith De Angelis was born in Trieste, but she spent as much of her early life in Lebanon as the daughter of a pair of Archeologists and cultists of the Annuna. From their villa in Tyre, they traveled across the Middle East studying Phoenician ruins and spending time alternating between there and Italy. Violetta did not enjoy the desert. She didn’t like sand, it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. She did not care for the sun. She hated the camels and was pretty sure she got leptospirosis from one. She did not care for the people. She also felt that she was much more important than decaying ruins. She had a destiny, and she knew that destiny would raise her up.

      As she got older, Violetta tried to spend more time in Trieste than Tyre. As a teen she went hard into the Goth scene, devouring everything from classic Goth to bands like Evanescence, In This Moment and Lacuna Coil. She started working on playing instruments, and found keyboards proved the best creative outlet for her. She joined some other women in a band called Bleeding Slits, and during her time with them she came out as a Lesbian, which helped her raise the drama level to exciting new levels. When the Bleeding Slits exploded with a crash of flaming egos, and interrelationships that were less a love triangle than a love cat’s cradle, she joined the mixed gender band Puttana, briefly at lead singer but soon as backing vocals.

      It was during this time she had her visitation from Ereshkigal, who appeared to tell her she had a great destiny, just like she always knew she did. However, that destiny was to be a great healer, uplifting others with a mastery of the body.

      As Violetta destroyed the room, her car, her roommate’s car, and two mailboxes in a fit of incandescent rage, Ereshkigal knew she had chosen wisely. She was not looking for a kindly savior. She needed someone who would be loyal to her and not too soft but fulfill a very important job. The rebellious rocker would work perfectly.

      Things with Puttana went downhill from there. If Violetta, now calling herself Tanith Acidbath, was an ego case before she impossible to deal with now. She seized control of the band and drove it into the ground. Puttana broke up in a hotel room Tanith had set on fire in a fight over groupies, after Tanith took on two other band members and got thrown out of the room, unable to overcome the mortals. When she walked away from the smoking building and fire trucks, everyone felt relieved but her. She did steal a fire truck to feel better about herself, but her driving skills lead much to be desired and for the second time in a day she walked away from a smoking ruin.

      Tanith kept a low profile after that. It was not lost on her that perhaps she had slightly overstepped herself. No one had been hurt, but that was luck. Somewhere in her head, to her supreme annoyance, she felt guilty at the harm she did. She had been raised to help people. Her Pantheon were good to those beneath them as it suited their station. The Scion knew she had to think.

      It was six months before she walked into a club in Zadar, causing concern among those who recognized her. However, Tanith was on what passed for good behavior for her. She played her sleek black and silver keyboard and wailed her pain and rage into the microphone before skulking out. A month later she repeated the same in a club in Tel Aviv, then Vienna.

      By now, Tanith was starting to mellow. She was still angry, sure, but it was not the fault of the World. It was not the fault of her mortal parents. It may or may not be Ereshkigal’s fault but that was far beyond anything she could deal with. And she was lonely…she had not really had any friends since Puttana. Picked up a girl or two, sure, but not real companionship. She returned to Trieste to speak again with her parents, seeking advice on her future and trying to determine the best path ahead.

      Her parents were understanding, and offered, gingerly, some advice for how to be a healer and still be the woman she wanted to be. Slowly, looking out over the sea, she reached a level of calm she had not had since before her visitation.

      A short time after her 22nd Birthday, she decided to make her away to Ibiza. She would certainly find work there, and enough admirers to quell the voracious sexual appetite she inherited from her divine parent. Getting on the boat, she looked out at the shining Adriatic.

      This time she would not fuck everything up.

      Zahara Blainn

      Zahara is a Created Scion, raised by 2 Dverg women in Nidavellir. Her mothers, unbeknownst to the Aesir, stole the magic for her creation from a group of Gods who had come to the Dwarfhome to trade for artifacts. No one is sure exactly from which deity the magic was taken, so her Godly parent is a mystery she must solve before Ragnarok comes. Her growing years were not easy, not being a Dverg like everyone else. She learned to talk her way out of fights long before she grew strong enough to enter physical combat. Running fleetly was a second defense as well! Her biggest influence beyond her mothers came shortly after her creation, when Bragi 'adopted' her and began teaching her his music and poetry. She has left the nest far earlier than her mothers were happy with, so they try their best to stay connected with her. She indulges them with frequent calls and emails, often sending them videos of her latest creations. Zahara is very aware of her ability to wrap practically anyone around her finger, and rarely spends more than a few weeks with any given lover. However, she takes great care to keep her very large - and still growing - friends-and-followers group appraised of her shenanigans.

      Hopefully a Lena background is coming. That, their first arc, or the next arc for House Always Wins coming soon. Comments are very welcome and we love getting them so thanks to anyone leaving feedback
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        Okay, gonna break down the first short arc where the PCs meet. Tanith and Zahara give us their accounts. Note Tanith has a pottymouth, and has been lightly censored from the original.
        Session I



        Ibiza! It feels like it needs an exclamation point. And an enema. The Damn Island is full of empty, soulless revelers, forever trying to escape their emptiness. Well, when in Rome…

        Rome smells bad by the way. Not Ibiza! City, but like actual Rome. Smells like piss.

        Went to this bar, Doña Maria, in Ibiza! City. The idea was a lot of labels might be watching it. That’s what “They” say? Who the fuck are “They” again? Anyway “They” were right but I would still beat “Them” upside the head. I could talk about beating people in the head for days, but it might be evidence in Court and I am all “Your honor they are a dipshit” and the Judge is like “Put on clothes, asshole” and then I have to hit him in the head. (Or her. Or them. Not bigoted). And let me tell you, that is not conducive to a night of drinking and gay sex.

        Anyway, so this was not quite just a night of drinking and gay sex.

        I did meet a cute Dryad and other actual Scions for once. And most not from my Pantheon so they did not have sticks up their ass. And the one from my Pantheon did not have anything up her ass but I might can fix that.

        Cutie #1 is Grannia Bianchi from Tuscany. She is a good girl, and those are fun. My have put my foot in my mouth with a remark about Tuscany, but I have sexy feet that end up in mouths anyway. What the fuck is up with feet people? Anyway, I liked Grannia immediately, and she plays the electric harp really fucking well. Like why am I even here? Because I am cute that’s why.

        Does not eat Birds, apparently. Like the animal not…you know.

        Cutie #2 is Zahara Blainn Niece of Bragi (it works). She is not from earth. Not from Koozebain or anything, from “Not Midgard.” From wherever Dwarfs are from. Fuck I should have paid attention to those Thor movies and not just --------------ed Bethany the whole time. Damnit where was I? Dwarfs are…Zahara! Okay so Zahara is a good singer and has gorgeous hair. A bit shy, but stuck with us and did not piss me off even once. I will remember that, come Christmastime.

        Not afraid of much, either.

        So! Theo! Daughter of…fuck

        Cutie #3 is Theo Nolastname. She is the daughter of Inanna and I was like oh shit I guess I have to repeat mythology and get her to take all her clothes off. Like Zahara, a bit quiet. However, she was more…feral, while Zahara quieter. She curses in Arabic and I like that in a woman. She is from somewhere Mideast, probably Iraq. Maybe. She speaks abstractly. Or I just get lost in checking her out. One of those things.

        She is a good tracker maybe she likes Petplay.

        Cutie #4 is Lena Mononym, Daughter of Noneofmybuisness. Slavic, I think, and she is American. She seems to be mute, but she also seems more…gentle? Like Grannia, she is a sweetheart. I immediately did not want to punch her. She is chatty for someone who does not talk. She is the only one I am unsure if she is gay or not, but she was happy to go to a Queer club soooooooooooooo…

        Awesome earrings.

        Fuck I forgot instruments. I mention Grannia was Electric Harp (Not the fucking Chieftains, she can play Bloodletting. I bet I could take all the Chieftains in a fight at once). Zahara sang, who was next oh Theo sorry thinking of her ass Drums and Lena is Bass guitar.

        We did play together and it was pretty badass.

        While we were talking Grannia noticed this woman with yellow eyes (Looking for the bathroom, I guess) who was a Fomorian. We had a Dryad so why not? It is a truth universally acknowledged, that anyone who makes Grannia (or Lena) sad is a person in possession of far too many teeth. So we decided to go talk to the Dryad. The Dryad, named Mercedes, apparently, referred us to her boss, some guy named Cosmo. Some guy named Cosmo is a Cyclops in a goddamn Sliver room in a recessed office.

        We caught his eye (See what I did there?) and asked about this future dental patient. He noted she was there scoping for performers (for Night on Bald Mountain shit I guess). We decided the scene was less cool with this Niamh bitch here so we went to Sunrise Bar

        The problem with gay bars is I feel like shit beating people up there. But this time we were there to hang out. Grannia found herself a fucking Siren named Monica, who, won’t lie, was hot and on the rebound. She immediately joined Zahara on my Christmas list. The bad news is while one cinnamon roll found us a potential lay, sadly the other found a woman in trouble. Apparently, this chick Yui was confused by there being a gay bar and why her too many greats granddaughter was there. As much as I wanted to just make scissoring motions, the girl, Yukiko was likely in danger.

        I was fucking SET to show off some of my powers, but then Theo noted she could just fucking track her. Good thing she is hot. We went through literally the dirtiest streets in Ibiza! City, to what was basically a warehouse. These two fuckers were guarding it just begging for an assfull of tire iron. Grannia decided to talk our way in. Whatever. Her place on my Christmas list became precarious, but she is hot so she will probably be all right.

        So they surrounded us with fuckers with guns who thought they had a chance. They did not. Grannia wiped the chatty one right the fuck out with a goddamn no shit spear, and Lena and Theo fell on the schlubs before they could even react. Lena grew a sword. Nice.

        Then the Troll showed up with a couple twits. He was a big motherfucker, if less than Cosmo. Zahara immediately suggested church bells and Grainne somehow called it up on her phone, ether with some ability to control tech, or by having a prehensile butt. It was super effective. Meanwhile Lena bravely went toe to toe with the Troll. She managed to seriously wound the Troll, and the Troll put the smack down. Sadly, it was also super effective.

        However, the Troll was basically fucked. He was being brat packed by Scions, the one he was hitting was standing up to blows that would flatten a car, even like a well made German one. Zahara was not slacking off either, swinging at the Troll. One shlub hit Grainne with a gunshot and I had to kill him. Eventually the Troll went down like a bitch. We had won.

        I’ll get to the rest later.


        “No no no!” Violetta kept her hands pressed to Lena’s side. The small wounds had healed, but the deepest were not closing. She couldn’t believe it. Every injury she or a friend had had she closed with a touch. But now her powers were failing. She was a great healer, right?

        “I’ll be okay. Thank you, really.” Lena signed and rose, wincing in pain leaving the Goth gazing up at her in disbelief. How had her powers failed? How had she not been able to this? Watching Lena carefully step away, she broke from her reverie and rose. She had to tend to Grannia. She was optimistic she could tend to that but still she watched Lena tend to the makeshift bandage. How could this happen?

        The Goth shook the cobwebs away. She would sort this later.


        So, wow! What a day! Uncle Bragi sent me enough money to go to this audition at a place called Dona Maria in Ibiza, and suddenly I've gone from a nobody on YouTube and TikTok with barely 500 followers total to a singer in a band! It never occurred to me to join forces, but it all happened so naturally that I didn't stop to think until now... So there's Tanith, who is totally scary but really cool (and those eyes!); there's Theo that is impossibly laid-back and ironic; there's 'Lena who literally walks softly and carries a BIG sword; and there's Grannia who has All The Toys OMG. We all went to this bar called Sunrise, where we met a sad Siren and a Japanese lady who had lost her however-many-greats grand-daughter. We didn't even stop to have a drink - Theo tracked the girl to some seedy place where we fought a no-shit-there-it-was TROLL. I was totally embarrassed because I couldn't lay a finger on him (more fighting practice!) but at least I brought some hurt to him because I remembered about the sound of church bells!

        So Zahara made a roll to puzzle out the Troll’s weakness. Grannia’s player made a quick roll to find the sound on her phone and play it. I thought it was a clever use of Wireless Interface and went with it.

        The Fomorian was not one who had appeared before. She will show up later. Now time to get the PCs together formally.

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          Session II


          So, we rescued the ladies, right? I said that. Did not rescue Yukkiko from, like, her too many damn greats grandmother probing her about going to a Queer club, but what can you do right? Grannia went back to her, ah, warehouse after, while I took the other three fine ladies to my hotel room at the Hard Rock.

          Lena was still hurt, so I helped her get her own room. Nice when you can declare yourself Queen of the Hotel. Zahara and Theo were interested in staying, so I figured I had a pretty good night ahead of me. Since my Visitation, it usually takes two or three women to really please me. I figured with Scions two will do.

          So, then Zahara started watching TV.

          So, you are at least a five, probably. Imagine, if you can, being a ten, and getting ready to do something so delightful and obscene that a ballad should be written for it and ten internet rants and about why it must not happen again, and one of the guests of honor to visit the proverbial temple gets distracted by television. Oh well, her loss I figured.

          Then before I could ask Theo to help me with my top, she started watching Zahara watching TV.

          Not, like, a gripping movie, they kept changing channels. I realized to my growing horror that they were not even playing hard to get. I…admit…I was not prepared for that.

          So, I just stared at them for twenty minutes or so. Pretty sure my stomach dropped. I have never had people just lose interest like that. I am a goddamn Princess! Princesses should get as much ass as they require!

          Eventually, I gave up on them and took a nap.

          I woke up to Theo curled up like a cat against me. I…wanted to push her away at first. But with all that, her closeness felt nice. Used to waking up with beautiful women around me, since I rarely have to sleep. But this time was different…I put an arm over her and went back to sleep.

          The next day, we got word from Mercedes the Dryad that we had someone interested in signing us. We decided to grab Lena and go sightseeing. While out there we did come across that Siren, Monica, sunning herself on rocks. Zahara chatted with her awhile; Monica was…fairly unapologetic about her nature. She was a monster and a menace. She was on vacation. We left her after vague talk about the Sunrise. I don’t mind monster slaying, but I hope we don’t have to slay too many hotties.

          We picked Grannia up and headed back to the Doña Maria. Mercedes led us to a room where a hot Goth Oread, the best kind of Oread, was waiting. I did not realize she was an Oread until she introduced herself as Echo. From being Goth to making references to possibly being a few goddesses girltoy, it sounds like that whole Narcissus thing did a real number on her.

          I wonder if what they say about Nymphs is true. Guess I will have to do some science!

          The sublime creature before us did make it clear she was THAT Echo, and that her relations with her Pantheon are not super. She was chilling with the Kami (surrounded by anime girls, I assume) and “close” to Amaterasu. Is Amaterasu like a virgin goddess? I don’t think so. Hot. Anyway, she did not say for sure this was the case so maybe they just have tea.

          Nice thought though.

          Anyway, we came to a deal. She got us a Castle in Malta (Nice, but a “Please Princess” would do I am not that hard to bed) and plans to help us build our legends. Sounded good. I checked the documents out, Zahara asked questions I should have known to ask (Smarter than she acts sometimes, that one), and we walked out of the Doña Maria with a new manager starting a new label. In 48 hours we will be in Malta

          I wonder if Theo wants to snuggle again.


          Violetta de Angelis, or Tanith Acidbath as she was better known, gazed out over her balcony at the dark water of the night ocean, crashing against the shore at the bottom of the hill the castle stood on. She heard someone approaching behind her, and she knew it was Theo not from her familiar tread so much as she was the only one who walked in her room without knocking.

          “All good, Princess?” Theo’s usual teasing was unusually concern-soft around the edges.

          “Hey, no I am okay.” She looked at her a moment and then looked back out the water. Theo came in and out freely. She also slept in her bed sometimes with her. They had not been intimate; at this point Violetta was almost afraid if they were something more might come of it.

          A little silence. Theo could look a question at someone really, really loudly… “Sure’s sure, hm?”

          Violetta turned and smiled at her. Out of character for Tanith Acidbath maybe, but for Violetta de Angelis, with her(?) Theo, it was becoming more common. “Just wanted to watch the water before I went to sleep, you know. We have more exploring to do tomorrow.”

          “…’kaaay.” Theo’s curious half-frown disappeared with Violetta’s smile but the stare didn’t lose intensity. She extended a hand and gave a little nod in the direction of bed. “Come in?”

          Tanith looked out at the water then back to her friend, the light casting Theo’s lithe form in silhouette. “Sure. One of us probably needs sleep.

          She walked in with her now contentedly smiling friend, as she pondered what she had been asking herself since she arrived on the island.

          “How did I get myself into this situation, and do I want to get myself out?”


          We then went to the Hard Rock with Theo, who somehow got us room service and got 'Lena her own room - it's strange how she just snaps her fingers and gets people to jump! I think I must have eaten half my head full of snacks while changing the channels on that huge TV though! I got a little carried away because it was like I blinked...and it was morning. After a while we all went out to be tourists, and it was AMAZING! So much to see! And we saw the Siren again - she looked less sad today, yay. In the early evening we had a meeting back at the Dona Maria about contracts and management, and that was Completely Astonishing because the person we met was none other than Echo! Sooooo neat! I had to fangirl for just a moment, but then I remembered Uncle Bragi's advice and settled down to bargain. The others looked at me a little funny when I switched gears like that. We settled on a band name, too, it's Ultra Violets which is awesome. Then Echo informed us that we were getting a base of operations on Malta....and it's a CASTLE. Seriously! I can't wait to move in to my first place away from home!

          I also gave the option to describe rooms in the Castle

          Tanith’s Bedroom is what one would probably expect. The room has black wallpaper, a four-poster bed, and various silver symbols of life and death (Ankhs, etc.) on the walls. There is a St. Andrews Cross and Spanking bench in the room, as well as a number of other less identifiable pieces of furniture. The room has a balcony that overlooks the ocean, and everything has a slight smell of frankincense that becomes more noticeable the longer you are in there. Her walk-in closet is a sea of black. There is no art on the walls; her bedroom is all black with silver symbols.

          What is probably less expected is her contribution to the library. Tanith brings in a lot of books, including Occult, Religious, and Anthropological/Historical on various Mesopotamian civilizations, Phoenician, Canaanite, Persian, Greek, Roman/Italian, and Egyptian, as well as various other materials stretching from Egypt to Anatolia. In among those are not only a lot of translation keys from a variety of languages in the region, supplications, and invocations of dozens if not hundreds of gods, but also the two books she has so far co-authored, one on Phoenician Funerary Practices and one on linguistic analysis of different stages of the Sumerian language. There are also notes on a book she is contributing to on a linguistic analysis of liturgical Sumerian and possible links to a proto-Sumerian language. A number of works also from her mortal parents, particularly on the Phoenicians but also an analysis of the Triestine dialect of Venetian.

          In addition, there are books on Necromancy, extending further afield than the general section, including some Chinese and Indian, and Southeast Asian. These range from funerary practices to descriptions of underworlds to placations and invocations of the dead. There are also several medical books, each shiny, new, and clearly never used.

          While most of her life is a chaotic mess, her scholarship is exceptional, her books treated well, and taking enough space to require a dedicated library. Also, apparently, she is capable of communicating without cursing or explicit sexual references, at least in writing.

          Tanith does not contribute much to a general gym but has some equipment in there. She will put in some posters for obscure goth bands neither you nor I have heard of.

          A studio room has some more recognizable posters, like Mindless Self Indulgence, In This Moment, My Chemical Romance, and Lacuna Coil. Where she keeps her keyboards there are full body posters of Patricia Morrison and Siouxsie Sioux.

          She makes sure there is a dance floor somewhere.

          Tanith will put as many fountains as she can get away with in various parts of the castle. She has an electric one with a reservoir in her room, and various other places she has them going, including the library. The sound of running water or the ocean seems to sooth her general agitation somewhat.

          On a flagpole she would have the Labrys Lesbian Flag and Intersectional Rainbow Flag.


          So the scene where Tanith just assumed she was about to sleep with Zahara and Theo then they got drawn into the TV was hilariously awesome. Her disbelief was played up. Contrary to what she thought, Theo was really just being a bit hard to get. Tanith was too stunned to realize it though. Her control of the hotel came from her use of the Shuilá boon Take the Reigns. The fic with Theo and Tanith was written by both.

          Echo played a notable role in The House Always Wins. It won’t be her last. She seemed a good patron, and I offered her as an optional Guide.

          So apparently the pictures in both threads did not show up? If they are just not appearing I will put some links with the character descriptions. Comments and Questions welcome.

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            Always a fun read. Yes, please, to the character photos - I always try to come up with faces for characters in my games. Keep up the good work!


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              Okay, there should be one picture per character now. They were showing up for me but not anyone else, apparently. I will try to get a few more in let me know if you wanna see anyone, both games have pics for pretty much every named character.
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                The next arc for the Violets had them working on a cruise ship and interacting with the guests. Part of this was to give them different scenarios and see how they react so I can…predict is a strong word…educated guess some reactions. I also intentionally threw in some critters associated with each of their Pantheons as well as the Theoi and Nemetondevos. Anyway, lets see how they did. Sadly, only really had Tanith’s POV, with some writing from Theo on the fourth session.

                Please note while there is nothing explicit there is some intensely charged dialogue in the blue booked section.
                Session III

                That I could even function at the first concert, honestly, is a damn miracle.

                So, Echo hooked us up with a gig on a cruise ship, The Soul of Caligari, to play and be basically guests the rest of the time. We even got nice rooms, albeit without a view. Six rooms were in our hall, with Echo being the sixth. At least half the trip; Echo will be getting off at Chios. We had the first day off as the ship took off from Syracuse, and just as Echo foreshadowed, we stumbled upon a lot of supernatural crap going down.

                Seriously, what’s up with that. Echo is too young and hot to do the wise old man thing. I should probably seduce her just to figure her out.

                Anyway, as I had implied, we found some weird supernatural shit going on. To wit:

                A cute Nereid named Menodice told us a couple of other Aquariuses (I guess?) were on the boat she thought might be dangerous, a Rusalka and a Nøkk. So the Nøkk is not a Nøkk, she is a Kelpie. Which we should have guessed since Nøkk (Nøkks? Nøkkers?) are apparently dudes and we went in knowing her name was Imogen.

                Imogen Tarn, who is a spiked strap-on from looking like my biggest nightmare, has taken a break from luring the foolish into her pool because she has a magic comb and someone has stolen it. A mortal with her comb can compel her to marry them and she can’t hurt them. She knows it is on the boat but not where. We agreed to help, because while she is murdery slavery is bad. Oh…and she implied she was protecting her pool from pollution, and that there was some kind of saltwater/freshwater mean girl issue. Whatever. Probably just so we would not go all Argonauts on her ass.

                Menodice was pretty sure Imogen was a Nøkk and she knew they were guys but she thought Imogen is a male name. So that’s great. She also denied mean girling the freshwater gitls, I have no idea.

                The Rusalka’s name was Višnja, and she was like, completely into Theo. Not that I care I mean, they went to knock boots and that’s fine. It’s all good. I am poly and don’t really have like FEELINGS for them or anything it’s all just fine. So she (Višnja, not Theo try to keep up) is going to Varna for some weird Slavic Monster bogstomp. She did not have the comb, which was our theory since she would be able to go into a Kelpie pool without risking their neck like, say, a mortal would.

                She did have a carefully stored skull and a dagger with paring knife. Weird. Anyway.

                While Theo was enjoying the sunset after banging Višnja silly, which is fine, they noticed an argument in Arabic. Apparently, a Professor Alim was arguing about some book of Babylonian Demons (my jam) with Athanasios, some sort of weird shadowy dude who thinks he is a Disney villain or a YA romance novel protagonist. Anyway, he was polite to Theo because villain and also because she’s hot and I have no idea if she was dressed at that point.

                So that’s a thing.

                Now before all that, aside from talking to Menodice the first time, we talked to the captain, one Captain Constantinou, and found out he wanted us to evict some Sirens squatting on an island that the ship cannot go near, thus interfering in the cruise industry. Better us than someone murdery. Theo had Monica’s digits (of course she did) and Monica agreed to look into it. We figured if she is Sapphic and a Siren, each of those all tend to know each other so if any of the squatters were gay she probably knows them.

                Turned out I was right, she got back to Theo this morning and found out she knew a Siren named Adella. No word if Adella is gay or not, but I assume she was since the was the only one Theo named. Adella and her harem and/or sisters and/or Coven had moved because some sort of lobstersquid sea monster took over their old haunt. Sure.

                Now like I say, this text was this morning, after all the bullshit with Mr. Dark and the Drownies, which would be a hell of a band name. But talking to the captain was first. Clear?

                But then today, Theo showed me where she had found more problems for it. Like, okay, Zahara was possessed by a muse and had to write and compose. She warned us this might happen. Anyway, she wrote all night and composed.

                The fuck was I? Right. So Theo found this hot Chinese woman who is apparently the biggest threat on the ship. Fun, and also even more hot. But she is being shadowed by a Sluagh, which is an undead Fae. Not like a Fae who became undead but like a ghost who became Fae. She seems to be watching the Chinese lady, and possibly working for a Leanhuan Shee. They inspire artists, but then they also consume their life force as they give them creativity. Eventually, the artist turns their back on their art to escape her or they die.

                Lena had joined us and reminded us we needed to start getting ready for tonight. We grabbed Zahara and made our way there.

                So that was a thing.


                Violetta De Angelis was returning to the hallway from leaving food and drink where Zahara was composing when she noticed Echo now had her door open. The Oread was sitting politely on her bead reading a book in what Violetta was fairly sure was Japanese, which she closed gently when Violetta knocked.

                “Hey, uh, I am not interrupting or anything am I?”

                “ I?” Echo smiled and cocked her head. “How can I help you Violetta?”

                “I don’t know I just feel like, I don’t know, like maybe I am not fitting in well or maybe I am not as well liked as the rest. I don’t know.” Violetta sat on the bed.

                “I don’t know about that. I like you.” The Guide smiled and rubbed her shoulders. “I promise you Theodora likes you. Though I think you probably know that. Zahara seems to like you, and I suspect if she didn’t, you would know. And Lena and Gianna are sweethearts. You all get along well.” She tilted her head again. “What’s really going on?”

                Violetta stiffened. “I don’t know what you mean.”

                “Your Shadow. Your Lioness who is around you and at your side most of the time.”

                “Theo isn’t mine. They are their own. She is exploring the boat and getting a feel for it. She does better without distraction when she is doing that. Because they are distractable.” Violetta chuckled despite herself.

                “They are distractable. I got a smile out of you at least. Do you feel any better?” Echo patted the Goth’s shoulders. “You care about these people. A lot. But they aren’t worshipping you, they aren’t throwing themselves at you, and that’s not what you are used to. But this is more meaningful.” The Nymph paused a few moments before speaking again. “I cannot say for sure, but am pretty sure Theo would have had sex with you and moved on by now if you were not important to her. You are hot, your accent is hot, you have chemistry. But she is holding off while flirting. She may be thinking you won’t be just a good time.”

                “I guess.”

                “I guess.” Echo gave her a hug. “Go back to your room and try to relax. Get a massage in the morning if you need it. You need to clear your head. And if you get upset again, you can come back.”

                Violetta rose. “Yeah Thanks Echo. For listening anyway.” Echo smiled at her and Violetta headed to her room, not noticing Echo watching her leave over her glasses and muttering something softly in Japanese.

                When she entered her room, there was a familiar warm ball on her bed. Violetta moved quietly through the room, her eyes not bothered by the pitch darkness. She quietly got in her bed, and the warm ball moved closer. The Scion put an arm around her and allowed herself to go to sleep.

                Yeah since I had a strong grasp of them, I put in Leanhaun Sidhe and Rusalka again. And yeah, very different reactions than their sister game.
                Session IV

                The fuck was I? Right. Grannia rejoined us, and we put on the concert. A few people came in to see us, including Menodice (Can’t stay away, that Nymph) the Leanhaun Shee (Her name is Saoirse, it turns out) the Sluagh (Her name is Sorcha, it turns out) and the Demon (Her name is Pipa Jing, it turns out.)

                Afterwards it was time to play detective. Grannia went to talk to Pipa Jing, and offered to help her, uh, get revenge on Saoirse. She did not speak for all of us, but still. Maybe not crazy about that.

                I was the only one who could see or hear Sorcha, who had been hanging around, so when we decided we should find out what her deal was, I went with first Theo then the others tagging along. Turns out she was sent by the Unseelie Court to help Saoirse in Syracuse. See Saoirse had “corrupted” a virtuous Buddhist artist Pipa Jing was stalking.

                Okay, so as a Leanhaun Shee Saoirse has to grant creativity to artists to consume their energy, which she needs or she will wither and die. Or, she can stay in the fey realm, but apparently Leanhaun Shee become all emo there. Pipa Jing consumes the virtuous for…funzies? I mean fair enough, but at least with women the less virtuous are more fun. Though if you ask me, virtue comes from serving the gods, and I do like women serving me.

                Where was I? So, I managed to distract Sorcha with the power of boobs (I mean she was undead, not dead) and she agreed if we protected Saoirse to make it to Samos. Though that defies Grannia helping Pipa Jing. We need to get that worked out.

                We had split up to have Theo and I go looking for Pipa Jing. See, Zahara had the idea to grant her some Mead of Creativity in exchange for not murderizing Saoirse. Hopefully for an Immortal Chinese Demon the big picture means something. Maybe she can also be distracted with boobs.

                However, we had no luck looking. We had not found her yet when Grannia called us. Remember that Professor Alim? He is missing, probably dead. He had a guardian Babylonian Demon in his room, a Gallu Demon, but it did not help. Turns out he had a powerful book of demons he was taking to “A Safe Place” in Ankara. The room seemed to be normal, not like a fight was there, but a Gallu Demon was banished in the door.

                Theo and I were specifically good to look over the books he brought. He brought a lot for a boat ride, most in Arabic or Aramaic. Maybe he was taking all of them to Ankara? It looked more like a delivery. There was also a vault in a suitcase, which was torn open. Nice.

                Of course, Mr. Spookypants Athanasios showed up to deny involvement. He admitted he wanted to buy the book but denied involvement and offered to help us find it, and offered to buy it. Oh, and he noted he was a Scion of Erebus. He was also interested in unleashing those bound. Given the incestuous Theoi bound most of their Titans…I wonder why. Is everyone on my ship evil?

                I don’t like Athanasios if you can’t tell. I am the dark mysterious one on my boat damnit.

                Theo helped me search Athanasios’s room when I remembered a pair of dudes who entered the concert and backed out quickly after seeing Theo and I. Theo pointed out we should find them, so we grabbed Zahara, Lena, and Grannia and followed her to a room. Theo is an awesome tracker. Anyway the pair, seeing the jig was up, they turned into their true Gallu Demon forms and tried to take us down. They hit Lena and I, but we are the walls of the group. One hit Theo, and…that was enough. I crushed it’s head with my tire iron. That was the end of the fight. Not to downplay the others; Zahara kept grabbing one to make it hard for it to fight, and Lena and Grannia remain powerhouses. And of course Theo was majestic.

                After that, we found the book in their room and then, really, it was time to sleep.


                Violetta De Angelis returned to her room, looking more fatigued than she had in a while. She set the heavy skin-bound book in among the volumes of black silk and leather in her luggage. She sat on her bed and looked at the woman who had followed her in.

                “Theo can you just…,” She paused. “Just hold me a moment, okay?”

                Theo hadn't even made it out of her boots or heavy jacket. She'd run out of energy a few steps through the door, slouching against the wall to watch Violetta going through her things. A direct request, much less one in that worryingly unfamiliar tone, took a moment to register. She blinked. Then Theo was moving too fast to have thought about it. She was sitting beside Violetta, reaching for her, before she'd properly slowed down and the momentum nearly carried them both over.

                Violetta leaned onto Theo, head on their shoulder. “I’ve been a bitch to you. I am sorry I have been on edge. I don’t know what is going on.” She exhales, still leaning on them. “I don’t want to drive you away. And I don’t…I don’t know how I feel about that.”

                Theo took her weight, just tall enough to bury a concerned frown in Violetta's hair. They slowly shook their head - no - against the top of her head, trying to dismiss her concerns but unable to locate the words. Hugged Violetta tighter for a moment, determined to not go anywhere, before relaxing a fraction to let her keep talking.

                Violet eyes opened softly. “But this…you know…this is really nice Theo.” There is a long exhale. “I’ve had three girls in my bed and not felt as…as content as I do here like this.”

                Theo breathed out a little laugh. The phrasing always got them. Leaving one arm wrapped around Violetta's shoulders, they brought their other hand up to smooth back the other woman's hair. They smiled so broadly Violetta could feel it and pressed a kiss against the top of her head. "Same," Theo mumbled without pulling back from it. No snark. No predictable joke about being as good as at least four other women. "Nice." Funny word, but it fit. Nodded, "Content."

                Something registered. They rolled their neck and shoulder slightly sideways, tilting to try to search her face without letting her go. Theo didn't worry. Habitually, professionally, as a matter of staying on top of a situation, ... They looked worried now. "Vi...?" Said quietly, without the usual teasing, the stupid nickname had more room to hold care than they'd expected.

                Violetta answered back with an intense gaze, her violet pools almost having a gravity that made the rest of the room blur for anyone who can see them. Tanith had long since learned to use such a gaze to her advantage but now? Now it was more intense than it had ever been. Violetta was not thinking about that, only the hazel eyes her own met.

                Caught. Held. Theo liked to think they were immune to that look. They knew the trick. They used a predatory variation on it all the time. Total focus, total confidence, got you a long way. They didn't feel terribly sure of themself now. Pulled in. They'd been keeping her at arm's length, at first in playful rivalry but then because... well, Gilgamesh had called out their creator for being a walking calamity, and they, for once, cared whether or not they took after Her too much.

                Normally, Violetta knew what to do here. This time, though, took more effort than her first time had. More than her tenth. She shifted up to kiss Theodora. The dam cracked. It had been cracking all night in hair thin cracks at first but now? It shattered. She drew Theo closer, as the river raged to destroy anything that would hold it back now.

                When they became sure of her, they'd lost certainty in themself. In that kiss, that rage, Violetta brought Theo back to themself and they rushed to meet her intensity. Exalted. Vowed to thank her in a million ways. Walk out clad in terror, lay low any who opposed her. We will pull down the mountain that does not show us proper deference, gather it in storm and teach it fear of us. Tear down heaven. Together. They no longer feared their nature. It was hers.


                Grannia really did not want to let Saoirse live. Even with Pipa Jing being a rapacious demon (See Investiture of the Gods) she felt that Saoirse was just too dangerous. Sadly, the impasse was avoided due to real world issues.

                Two asides, one Pipa Jing was ultimately on her way to Vegas, and two They never did figure out Alim was a Gallu as well.
                Session V

                So yeah the exciting part.

                After dealing with the Gallu Demons and moving to Theo’s room because my bed broke for…reasons…it was time to sort the last issues so we could focus on getting rid of the sea monster. First, though, we had to sort the comb thing.

                So Zahara went to talk to Athanasios about the book, and Theo and Lena went to find trouble while I did research for hunting sea monsters. So the long of the short of it is the two made their way into the security room and checked out some of the monitors to find Imogen stalking some twink in the gym. So they went and had a conversation. The guy was Hraefn, a Nikwuz, which is almost the same thing as a Nøkk apparently. So Menodice was not completely off.

                So Hraefn says he stole the comb because of a wish made by the mother of one of her victims. She offered her life but the Nikwuz apparently did not take her up on it. He did decide to steal the Comb and take it to sell far away. Like I say, Imogen would be bound to anyone who got a hold of it who was Human or…mostly Human. As we found out.

                Zahara joined Lena and Theo and hammered out a deal where Imogen would move base. Possibly somewhere near us if we can make a good deal. However, that had to wait; Theo collected the comb in exchange and when Imogen laid eyes on them…well Imogen has good taste in lovers I will give her that. She went from her usual demeanor to looking at her like mortals look at me. We decided she is not making any decisions till her libido cools, which it should since Theo returned the comb to her.

                I mean, Theo is awesome. Sexy, strong…but this is not about my lion.

                Where was I? Right. Anyway, filled in everyone on this giant tentacled lobster thing. Basically, a huge tentacled lobster. Weird. We were gonna bypass the Sirens (some of them are gay) to kill the sea monster (def straight, I think.) Everyone else agreed. It seems Monica was a good influence. Or a bad one.

                Oh, we decided to not intervene with the Leanhaun Shee. Saoirse seemed to be safe with her Sluagh lookout, and there was no reason to antagonize Pipa Jing. Besides Theo likes her.

                When we were ready Menodice took us in a motorboat. Lena brought lightning down over and over, Zahara powered us up, and Theo tore it apart with her claws. We made short work of it.

                However, we knew something made the beastie move, and on investigating where it likely came from, we found an illegal oil rig. Then it was my time to shine, I took over and sent the workers home, then destroyed it with water and earth. If whoever set it up has a problem with me, they can come and try and do something about it.

                With Theo at my side and Lena and Zahara at my back, I am not afraid.


                Echo peered out of her room, spotting Violetta De Angelis leaving the room she was now sharing with Theodora. “Tanith? Wanted to ask you something?” She stepped back into her room with a smile on getting the Goth’s attention.

                Violetta, Tanith Acidbath to most of the world, strode in confidently, looking almost like a different person. The keys hanging from her belt jingling. “Evening Echo. Everything okay?”

                “Yes. Mostly. I wanted to check in. You were in a bad place last we talked, but you seem…better. More confidant. You and Theo doing better?”

                “Yes. We have a…we have come to an understanding.” She exhaled. “A lot of it has been wordless. But we have a rapport. She cares.” Tanith leaned on the doorway. “I care. We trust each other.”

                “That’s good. Even if it takes you off the market.” The Oread gave her a warm smile. “You are a passionate woman, and I don’t want to see you lose that. You and Theo make a good pair.”

                “We do. I am glad she is chosen not blood. Also, not exclusive. She is talking to Imogen now, which may or may not result in things getting wild” She gave a cocky smile. “Just so you are aware.”

                Echo smiled and raised an eyebrow. “You are bolder. I do rather like that.”

                Tanith shut the door behind her as she walked up on the grinning Nymph and grabbed and a handful of her hair, twisting slightly before she pulled, eliciting a gasp.

                “You, my topolina, are about to see bold. Show me you are a good girl and next time you will see Primal also.”

                When she saw the look in Echo’s eyes, Violetta knew Theo would be joining them in the near future.


                That is one way to bond with your Guide.

                The Sea Monster fight was a big set piece battle with a segmented foe to finish off the story. Tanith went all in at the end because, end of story may as well spend some more Legend, right?

                Grannia’s player is having some personal issues and has to bow out for now. We hope she can return in the near future. She is welcome back when we can.

                Next time some Fire Giants. Comments and Questions welcome

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                  The Ultra Violets travel to Casablanca in Morocco. We will have my handout the PCs got then recaps by Tanith and Short fictions with Tanith and Theo. I hope you enjoy.
                  Session VI
                  IC Outline information

                  Zahara’s Moms, Naefer and Vili, have a project for you to assist them with. They have discovered what city has a group of Muspel Jötun (Fire Giants) are operating, using Fire Carbuncles imported from Muspelheim. The Fire Carbuncles can be set in weapons for Giants in the World allowing them to use their fiery powers through their weapons, and otherwise prepare for eventual burning of Midgard.

                  From what the Dwarfs have discovered, the Jötun have developed a system where they are bringing in volcanic black steel which they are treating to be able to hold the Fire Carbuncles. This Steel is coming in from somewhere in the Aegean, which the Theoi might be interested in knowing about...or you might want to deal with, depending. That is up to you. Naefer does note if any Cyclopes seem to be involved, pass their names along as Vili may know them and it may be useful. Or drop her name if you unexpectedly run into one in town.

                  The Fire Carbuncle Source is less clear. They are unusual, and they may make trips to get them themselves. As a rule, they only come from places like Muspelheim.

                  Shipments are going to and from Casablanca in Morocco. Casablanca is a fairly major tourist destination (along with Tangier) and shipping destination, and while the Muspel Jötun themselves are unlikely to blend too well, having European agents would not look out of place at all. The majority of visitors from Europe are French or Spanish.

                  Naefer has spoken to Beowulf, who passed through recently. He did not spot any Jötun while in town (fighting someone’s monster presumably) but he did feel like he was under surveillance. He was disappointed that even crossing dark alleys alone when being watched no one tried to fuck around with him, as he was hoping to help someone find out. Beowulf likes fighting is what Naefer is saying. She is quick to note he had not been aware of the situation while in Casablanca.

                  Obviously, stuff like Volcanic Steel and Fire Carbuncles would be useful to Naefer and Vili. Anything you wanted to share with them for the tip would be welcome. Of course, you may also want some for your own projects. That is at your discretion. They certainly might could take a look at your Relics after if you wish, especially if you give them more supplies.

                  Echo would like to note Casablanca has a blend of cultures. Arabic is the main language, but French is very common especially in tourist areas, and Berber is growing. You don’t need to dress any differently outside Muslim holy sites like Mosques, though covering up will get you less attention, as will a hijab in areas with few tourists. However, especially in touristy areas, you are not going to get any problems. Also, less than 50% of local women wear hijabs, and burkas are actually illegal. Just keep your heavy petting to the tourist areas or your bedroom, not in the more rural areas especially. It’s illegal, but not often enforced with women, and even more rarely with tourists.
                  OOC Outline Information

                  This is not the only plot in this arc, but it is one of the major ones. Fire Carbuncles, Volcanic Steel, etc. can be used as materials for Crafting. (Origins pg. 75, Mysteries of the World pg. 93)

                  The storylines here are designed to approach in different ways. Hitting the door like Titans (see what I did there) is an option, but there will be a hell of a fight. As GM, I recommend taking a more careful approach.

                  The Muspel Jötun are too strong to be tracked with Always There.


                  Violetta De Angelis leaned against the wall next to her doorway looking out at the sea on her balcony. As they so often were, Theo was there as well on the stone railing and Violetta’s violet eyes sometimes moved from the crashing waves to her partner. She was finding she liked thinking of them that way.

                  “So, Theo. You were from the area we are headed right? Not, like, Morocco but Middle East? Your Arabic is good. Too good to know it from school.”

                  Theo took a moment to answer, staring into the distance as if warning the sea to not start shit when they aren’t looking. Then they turned to Violetta and grinned. “Can’t all be honor roll material, hm?” Affectionate teasing was another of Theo’s questionable habits. “Iraqi, me. More or less. Call it religious education. You still write better than I do. Why’s that, hm?”

                  Violetta’s face flushed a little bit. “You sound fine. I like how you talk I mean,” She smiled at the ground, then looked back at Theo, and the sea behind her. “My parents were both researchers doing field work out there. So, I grew up reading Arabic, Aramaic, and reading hieroglyphs as well as Italian. My parents were supposed to make sure I had a broad education.” Violet eyes lingered on the lioness. “They expected me to be brilliant. I was honestly just trying to keep up.”

                  Theo raised an eyebrow. “Ah, they got it backwards, gotcha.” They gave up their perch on the railing and joined Violetta against the wall, sliding behind the slightly shorter woman to wrap their arms around her and tuck their chin into the hollow of her shoulder. It was the closest they could get to watching the sea from her perspective. “You are brilliant. They just made you do paperwork about it. Ugh.” They ducked their head and playfully rubbed it under the line of her jaw, trying to tickle her.

                  Normally Violetta would be self-conscious at the display, but it was just her, her partner, the stars, and the ocean. Her eyes closed a few moments, then opened at the ticking. “Cara Mia, you are tickling me!” she laughed despite herself and struggled a bit. Theo would let her out if she needed to, but she was not going to make it too easy. “I am trying to talk to you!” With a laugh in her voice.

                  She tightened her grip a point Violetta might enjoy not quite overcoming, making smug purring noises against her throat to see if it would add Tanith’s amusing mock-indignation to the struggle but staying watchful for any genuine distress. “So talk, Princess,” Theo laughed, doing something they knew damned well would only increase the difficulty - but only for the briefest of moments. They went back to holding her, no attempt at distraction, and gave her however long she needed to reorder her thoughts.

                  “I was just thinking,” the Goth leaned against her. “I have not been back in a while. Wanted to you get your perspective, I guess. I grew up in Tyre as much as Trieste. Miss the food sometimes. Could not…stay inland too long. I was told I got…fussy.”

                  “Not like you to sound tentative, Vi. Sweet, but not pining for the open plains or nothin. ‘sides, they shot the last local lion in like 1918, not gonna risk a repeat performance.” They laughed. “Or worse, getting studied. Like Tyre. There briefly, a few years ago. Pretty. Old. I’m a civilized predator, me. Like hell I’m gonna say no to air conditioning and good Lebanese seafood.” They shrugged. “You’d be cute throwing plates at my head or leveling a city block or whatever, love to see it, but I might rather you be happy.”

                  “You are good to me. Usually.” Violetta was happy. It was still a weird feeling she was unused to. “Maybe we can bring the lions back, you and me?”

                  “Pfft, I’m a selfish bitch. Usually.” Theo was used to being happy moment to moment. Having a vague plan for the future, much less one that involved anyone else, was entirely new and very weird. Then again, they liked new and weird. “Maybe. You’ll be running the whole damn town inside a week; we’ll have to do something for an encore. Put it on the list.”

                  “Sounds good to me. I am glad you will be with me when I go back, I admit.” She looked at the ocean a few moments more. “I think I am ready to call it a night if you aren’t too restless? Tomorrow comes early for us if no one else.”

                  Theo had used up all their words for the night, but they took Violetta's hand and tugged her gently towards bed. Tanith smiled. She was learning when Theo was done talking for a while. She followed, leaving the waves behind for now.


                  Okay so…okay.

                  Casablanca, Morocco. There is a Rick’s Café, but we had not stopped there. Instead, on arriving, I got us hotel accommodations. Suited to a Princess. See Zahara’s moms want us to a bust up a Fire Giant operation. Forging weapons for when Midgard is burninated, or whatever. Midgard is where I keep my stuff, so I am not a fan.

                  You know who else is not a fan? Fucking Beowulf. While I was getting us checked in and making sure we were gonna be treated like royalty, Beowulf struck up a conversation with Zahara. He was chilling in the lobby. Apparently, he knew I would be taking us to the goddamn Ritz. Clearly, he knows too much.

                  Anyway, Mr. Bear told Zahara he was there if we needed back up and would be fishing. Æsir are strange.

                  Less weird was Zahara wanting to grab some food along the street. While there we were approached by a Scion of Bast named Isoke. Theo took to her immediately. First, she got angry we were sent to help her when she did not need it, then after realizing we were not sent to help her, got angry that she did not get sent any help. Maybe that is another reason Theo liked her. Maybe.

                  So, Isoke was trying to steal a nose. This big leagues game of got your nose was for a worshipper of Bast, one in presumably Duat…I need to talk to her about her Underworld. The Mummy had been found long ago, and she had a gold nose. The nose was stolen and is now in a museum. Isoke discovered; however, it was guarded by Ifrit “Genies” and higher mechanical security. We offered to scope things out.

                  It did not hurt that Isoke thought she had an idea of how we could find out giants from following “Swedish Chef Sounding” big dudes. I should note here she also had an interest in investigating the Ifrit in the royal palace, because may as well aim high.

                  I don’t have a Ziggurat yet.

                  Anyway, the museum was nice. High security for a local museum, but nice. I spoke to some of the workers, and they noticed the increase in security, and the Ifrit, but they want no part of it. I told them I would investigate and got the code to the side door, because I rule almost any space I enter. Meanwhile, we scoped out the nose. And I am sad I just said that.

                  We had dinner and belly dancing at a place called Basmane. Isoke was happy for our help. We determined Isoke, Theo, and Lena would break into the museum first. I would manage the getaway car, and Zahara would take a longer meeting with Beowulf. After all, while the Palace was the source of the Ifrit, kicking that hornet’s nest might lead to a need for a quick retreat.

                  The heist was smooth as lube on a water slide. The trio went in first and avoided some human guards and Ifrit. However, seeking the source of the Ifrit, they needed my expertise. An Occultist and Anthropologist, who would have thought.? Not just a pretty face.

                  We gave Isoke the nose to take back to…wherever she needs to take it. Then we look into these Fire Giants before we hit the hornet’s nest.


                  Isoke is, as noted, a Scion of Bast. She will be joining the group for this storyline.

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                    Session VII

                    Theo’s player was unwell and had to miss this session, which is why she sort of drops out of the telling, though Tanith does account for her. She is back the next time.

                    One of my least favorite things about giants is that they do not tend to acknowledge Princesses, and when they do, they usually kidnap them (yeah, you just try that you WILL NEVER BE SAFE FROM THEO) and these Muspel mofos were no exception.

                    Anyway, the ever-perky Zahara had dinner with Beowulf and found out there was a Water Dragon with an unproduceable name translated as Western Sea Watcher Princess. According to Mr. Bear, she was disinclined to help because of paperwork, and her job is observing the Mediterranean and changes due to climate. Zahara wants to seduce her. I mean, now that I think of it, I have not slept with a Dragon and need to add that to my bucket list. I suggested we need some evidence of nefarious world burnination stuff. We decided to call the company controlling the warehouse, and while Zahara needed me to help with the Arabic right off we got to a francophone speaker, as Zahara is the silver tonged one. I just have an irritable body and singing voice. It’s a burden.

                    So we arranged a visit the next day to the showroom, the plan to apply pressure to get a viewing of the warehouse (Which Zahara and Isoke managed to find). Isoke volunteered to investigate while we showed up at the showroom, so even if we did not get to the warehouse she and her GoPro would get evidence while attention was on us.

                    The meeting the next day seemed to go well. Zahara did an excellent job honestly, especially for being recently out among humanity. She talked them into having us tour the facility. Whether would pick up slack undecided.

                    It was an ambush. The lead giant, Snarr, and two lieutenants as well as bunch of biffs. Theo was not present, so she would not become murderlion inconveniently, and of course without my Personal Champion we did not want to take the giants on. Zahara was on the stick and bust a bulb, which I used to make the room darker and Lena drew electricity from. This made them hesitate, and we ran, though I heard Snarr trip on his own men as we did.

                    This was successful. While their attention was on us, Isoke used her sneaky Bast Cat Powers (patent presumably pending) and her GoPro to get recordings of the place for the Water Dragon. That should be convincing. Failing that I will talk to her Princess to Princess, Princess on Princess if she is hot.

                    The decision was made to change hotels, just to be safe. It was not a step down, of course, I own every hotel I step in, but it was not in view of the ocean. Well Theo won’t mind.

                    We went clubbing that night, and saw some bastardos looking around for us, three human goons. While Lena and Isoke recommended we get away, I talked them into ambushing them. Fucking around with a Princess leads to finding out. So we ambushed them in the parking lot like heroes. Nonlethally of course, as a warning, and also if they are in the hospital they won’t help their masters. One poor bastard shot me point blank. His look when I did not flinch and smacked him down was glorious.

                    We went on to the new hotel after that, at least once I had stolen and abandoned their car. Isoke was going to separate but Lena made a convincing offer for her to go back to her room with her. Isoke was flustered but had a pulse so went along with it. What the Irkalla did she think Theo and I had going on?


                    The new hotel was acceptable to Violetta Tanith DeAngelis. She missed the sea though. She could see it from her new home, and her earlier homes in Tyre and Trieste had it visible. The sound of it, and seeing the moment of it, was seemingly eternal. Thousands of years ago, people gazed at the sea looking much the same as she did. Normally when she was restless like this she would gaze at the ocean, but now it was not an option. Still, she got up from the warm quietly protesting ball and moved to look out at the river and pine trees.

                    Violetta was never far from the water. When she closed her eyes, she could see it and hear it; the Abzu. It flowed through her dreams since childhood. It was, she was told, part of why she was a healer; the Abzu seemed to flow through her. She had not yet found the Abzu itself, even as she liked swimming in Freshwater Caves. Breathing the water, resisting the pressure and seeing in the darkness, much less shaping the earth, it was a haven and underground rivers brought her closer.

                    She glanced back at the happy lioness behind her. She wanted to show Theo that world, but it was a hard love to share. She did not wish to risk her life, and if Theo panicked given her strength Tanith would not be able to take her where she did not want to go. The Goth looked back to the palm trees. Perhaps she would ask Echo. And see how Theo handled the shallow caves to this Water Dragon. How did Beowulf find the Dragon anyway? Swimming in random caves?

                    There was a soft whimper from the bed, and The Goth’s violet eyes left the trees. Only Theo could get away with this, most women did not have self-styled Princess Acidbath at their beck and call. With one final glance at the moon, she returned to the darkness of the hotel room, the sound of the Abzu soon returning to her mind.


                    Not much to add here. The decision was made not to engage the Muspel Giants without Theo, and they wanted to try the dragon first, so they threw Marvels at them before retreating.
                    Session VIII

                    I expected the story to go two more sessions but once they decided they were gonna do this, they worked very efficiently.

                    So, we got up and went to a very shallow underwater cave to find this Dragon Beowulf mentioned. I guess he heard about it and went to slay the dragon? I dunno. Anyway, her name was Xīfāng Kàn Hǎi Gōngzhǔ which means Western Sea Watcher Princess apparently. I will call her, ah, Gōngzhǔ because us Princesses have to watch out for each other (respect knuckle word is bond.) Now this dragon looked like a hot very traditional Chinese lady because my life is a porno. However, I was not the main character this time. See, I am quite a cunning linguist but bullshit is not one of my languages. So she was talking about the correct forms and stamps and ministries and shit, and thankfully Zahara stepped in to deal with that drivel. Quite skillfully, I should say, she got Gōngzhǔ to help. Without six months to get the forms filled or whatever.

                    Was nice to go through an underwater cave with people. Want to take Theo through one privately sometime, but it can be tricky. Anyway.

                    So, we decided we would raid the warehouse. True to her word, Gōngzhǔ turned into a sea green six-meter enormous fuck you dragon! Not a wingaling dragon, mind, but a long snappy one. Isoke decided to stay back, being more a lover, or more accurately rouge, than fighter. Meanwhile that other Princess announced the beatdown would now commence by roaring outside the warehouse. When this did not work, she and Theo began throwing objects at the warehouse and hitting the outside, which eventually brought the Fire Giants out.

                    Now, when the thugs came out and saw an enormous fuck you dragon!, they ran. Wise. The Fire Giants…paused…but went forward. This was unwise. Gōngzhǔ unleashed a steaming then icy blast water on the Giants. Now, Theo, Zahara, and Lena were angels of destruction. But I had never seen a dragon fight. I dread the time I must fight one. Gōngzhǔ did not even need to lift a claw.

                    Zahara decided to chain up the giants and tell the clan to pick them up. We got what they had; 25 Fire Carbuncles and 10 bars of Volcanic Steel. We decided to split it with Zahara’s moms, leave us with 12 Fire Carbuncles and 10 bars of Volcanic Steel. We would leave with less.

                    So…it was celebration time and I got us dinner at a fancy restaurant. Gōngzhǔ was in human form at this point. Zahara and Gōngzhǔ were turtledoves, Gōngzhǔ only being able to resist the silver tongue for so long. So to speak. Isoke was keen to see what was up at the palace, Ifrit and apparently the local Prince was acting with an unusual interest in the ocean. Which is not unusual sorry Theo. I was gonna get the turtledoves into a club, but they decided they wanted to spend some time alone. Lay rather than slay the dragon I guess. And once again, guess what little Goth would be waiting in a van again?

                    So, Isoke, Lena, and Theo broke in, and it was quiet awhile. I read from a Lebanese newspaper I managed to snag near the coast. Then I got a text asking about one Decarabia, a low-mid ranking Annuna Air Demon. So, it turns out they snuck up on an Ifrit named Iblis and a Jann named Nuray who had been arguing. Apparently, the tablet at the museum had been used (by Decarabia? He had local Jinn) to summon them. They made a deal, as Decarabia had no authority on Jinn and Ifrit. Nuray was fawning over Theo by the time I got there, but they made sure the Jinn knew I was her partner. Nuray at that point just included me in her fawning. At least she had taste.

                    Decarabia was unhappy to see us. He attacked with cold, sickening winds in the throne room. We were down Zahara who was getting Trogdor’d, but Theo and Lena were present, Isoke stuck around, and we had Iblis on our side. Decarabia hurt them badly with one of his wind blasts and I became angry.

                    It’s best not to make me angry.

                    I called upon the earth with my rage, and the castle began to collapse. I brought down the roof of the stone structure on Decarabia. Lena called down lightning and Theo called on her lion nature, and we took the demon down.

                    We would give Iblis a couple Fire Carbuncles. He deserved it. As for Nuray…Theo and I decided that discussion would happen in the privacy of our room.


                    “Well, that sounds very impressive. I can’t say I was ever a fan of giants myself.” Echo sat wearing a light Kimono, looking out over the ocean. Beside her, arm around her, Tanith Acidbath, Violetta to her, was wearing leather and silk. Both of them sat on the balcony looking over at the sea.

                    “It bugs me I was annoyed Zahara got to have the fling with the dragon. It shouldn’t. I am not usually competitive with women.”

                    “You usually win out of hand without having to be competitive, Violetta. And don’t even register men as desirable.” The Nymph shifted slightly. “I mean, you are so beautiful I can barely think straight. I see you in my dreams. And I am a Nymph, millennia old. Zahara, on the other hand, has a way with people. She is one of the most charming women I have met. She has cultivated skills you never had to. Dragons like sophistication.”

                    “I am fucking sophisticated! I am an artist!” The Goth shrugged in exasperation, speaking slightly louder than necessary.

                    “ artist.” Echo looked at her a few moments considering. “Sophistication may not quite be the right word. You are very intelligent. Is refinement the right word? Finesse, maybe.” Tanith had a god sized ego already, which occasionally made her difficult to deal with. On the other hand, it was part of why Echo’s clothes kept falling off around her. That and she loves Goth Girls and pretty faces.

                    “I’ll have you know I can be quite subtle, thank you.”

                    “You stole a fire engine and took it on a joyride.”

                    “Touché. Anyway, that’s fine. It is good to see Zahara happy. I like her. Lena too. I suspect we have not seen the last of Isoke if she has anything to say about it.” Tanith took a sip of Absinthe. “Job well done.” Violetta gave the nymph a grin she knew always made knees a bit weak. “All good in Chios, by the way?”

                    “…by the way. Situation dealt with. For now.” Echo deliberately looked out at the sea. She knew what Tanith was up to. “You may be playing a show there before too long. I may have a side project for you when you do. How are things with Imogen?”

                    “Oh she will be arriving in Valetta in about a week, and we will find a place for her here. Hopefully her attraction to Theo will be less…Problematic…by then.”

                    “Not worried about her then?” A glance from the Oread.

                    “Nah Theo loves me.” Tanith was surprised by how confidently she said it. And that it didn’t scare her. “We will see how it goes. I am not any more worried about her than Theo is about you.”

                    “…about you. Good. Anything else in the short term?”

                    A slight shrug from the Goth. “Gonna take these gems to Zahara’s mamas and rest a bit before going out to perform again. Wonder if they are hot.” Her grin turned mischievous, but Echo did not take the bait.

                    “Just be careful you don’t upset Zahara, okay? A notch on your bedpost is not worth that.”

                    The Goth began to play with her hair. “I will, of course, be a proper lady.”

                    Echo finished her sentence and gave a chuckle. “Proper lady hmmm? We will see about that. When you are you ever a proper lady?” She leaned on the shorter woman’s shoulder.

                    “I’ve behaved myself tonight so far, haven’t I?”

                    The two were quiet for a bit, when they heard a low playful growl from behind them. Echo glanced over to Violetta, a smirk on her face. “I am in danger, aren’t I?” Violetta gently kissed her forehead and smiled.

                    “Start running.”


                    We were apologetic for starting a boss fight without Zahara, but her character was making sweet sweet Dragon love so she was okay with it. We did have a couple humorous cut-tos when the PCs reached out and when an earthquake hit. “Did the earth move for you too?”

                    Lena is getting good at Stealth…she does have Phase Cloak. So she and Theo have that.

                    Theo decided to step out and confront Iblis and Nuray. Her player did check with us. Lena’s player looked at Nuray and was like “She is really pretty…sure.” so that was our awesome logic. Not complaining, love the RP. Theo decided not to worry about failing to make a complication letting Nuray influence her more. She was wise enough to not want to give Nuray the chance for a triple cross.

                    Decarabia was the biggest threat, and the PCs did their level best to keep him shut down, throwing legend like it was going out of style. Iblis and Isoke were helping them, but Isoke is not very combat focused.

                    Next week we update The House Always Wins, then in a fortnight I will introduce the rival band. Comments and Questions welcome.

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                      For our next arc, it is time to meet the rival band. I will introduce them, then post a short prelude to the next story. These ladies are constructed essentially just like PCs,
                      with the same pools of points the PCs have. The only exception is they don’t have specific paths beyond Pantheon and use Tension in place of Momentum.

                      Meet Sunset Candy

                      Ekō Himiko
                      Patron: Amaterasu
                      Pantheon: Kami
                      Gender: Bisexual Woman
                      Concept: J-Pop Star
                      Origin: Japan
                      Arena: Mental
                      Approach: Power
                      Role: Leader
                      Callings: Creator, Leader, Sage
                      Purviews: Artistry, Earth, Epic Charisma, Passion, Sun, Yaoyorozu-No-Kamigami
                      Titles: Daughter of Heaven and Earth, The Ray of Hope

                      Himiko is the leader of Sunset Candy, or at least she thinks so. While she is usually a stabilizing influence, her rival Seong-Min brings out the worst and the most creative in her. Competitive as she is, her talents exploded when trying to outdo Seong-Min on stage, as well as any other bands they come across.

                      Ekō Himiko is Echo’s Daughter with Amaterasu. Echo will not be pleased to see her out away from Japan, esp. hanging out with a Theoi.

                      Hyun Seong-Min
                      Patron: Guanyin
                      Pantheon: Shén
                      Gender: Lesbian Woman
                      Concept: K-Pop Star
                      Origin: South Korea
                      Arena: Social
                      Approach: Finesse
                      Role: Lancer
                      Callings: Adversary, Lover, Trickster
                      Purviews: Beasts: Fox, Deception, Epic Charisma, Moon, Tianming, Water,
                      Title: The Wayward Pupil, The Cunning Fox

                      Seong-Min is the most talented member of Sunset Candy, or at least she thinks so. A rebellious girl with a name more common for boys, Seong-Min is a much beloved troublemaker. Everyone likes her. At the same time, everyone assumes she is up to something.

                      Song-Min has an on again, off again relationship with Da Ji. This has done nothing for her moral character, and brought out a sadistic streak that so far she confines to the bedroom.

                      Lila Tanglao
                      Patron: Pele
                      Pantheon: Atua
                      Gender: Bisexual Woman
                      Concept: Hawaiian-Filipino Pop Star
                      Origin: Hawai’i, USA
                      Arena: Physical
                      Approach: Power
                      Role: Powerhouse and Heart
                      Callings: Destroyer, Judge, Liminal
                      Purviews: Beauty, Earth, Epic Stamina, Epic Strength, Fire, Mana
                      Title: The Wandering Kupua, The Warming Flame

                      Lila is why Sunset Candy have not broken up yet. Even tempered, Patient, and capable of looking at the big picture, Lila brings out the best in Himiko and Seong-Min, both of whom have a small crush on her the other does not know about (or herself, in Himiko’s case). If someone does make Lila angry, she indulges in the wanton destruction of a volcano, destroying everything and everyone in her vicinity. The band will do almost anything to keep her calm.

                      Lila uses the band to engage in secret ecoterrorism whenever possible. Himiko and Seong-Min, ever eager to please her, happily goes along with her schemes. Konstantina participates with a wary eye on the Kupua.

                      Patron: Aphrodite
                      Pantheon: Theoi
                      Concept: Eurodance Star
                      Gender: Pansexual Woman
                      Origin: Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus
                      Arena: Social
                      Approach: Finesse
                      Role: Smart Chick
                      Callings: Creator, Healer, Lover
                      Purviews: Artistry, Beauty, Fertility, Epic Stamina, Metamorphosis, Sky, Water
                      Title: The Sexual Tyrannosaurus, Mender of Hearts

                      Konstantina is the group of Mom of Sunset Candy. Slightly older than the rest of the band, she is the chief writer of their music, and keeps things organized. She actually has a few children from flings, that are cared for in her manor house. She says she is making sure they have plenty of money and well-paid caretakers. Others have a lower opinion of her. While competitive, she is flirtatiously so, so is not seen as competitive as Himiko and Seong-Min.

                      Konstantina has slept with Seong-Min and thinks Seong-Min won’t bring this up in public. Konstantina also has a bucket list of gods, goddesses and titans to sleep with.
                      Session VII Prelude

                      “Lesvos! Why?”

                      Ekō Himiko looked out the window, leaning on the sill. She had her usual red and black color scheme on, even at home. She shifted uncomfortably. They won’t be knee deep in lesbians. Probably. Still, she was uncomfortable. “Konstantina will have fun at least I guess.” Her Japanese was crisp.

                      “I’m sure we all will.” Hyun Seong-Min. grinned at her, in her blue and silver, her boots on the coffee table in the room. It was fun, after all, to see Himiko off her game, which is part of why she always replied in Korean. “Land of adventure, right? Fight a cyclops. Go to a song contest. Go to an LGBT dance. Sounds like a blast to me.”

                      “Yes, well, you are a pervert, Seong-Min.” Seong-Min rarely improved Himiko’s mood.

                      “I am sure the dance will have bisexuals and pansexuals. You will have some dance partners, I am sure.” Lila Tanglao spoke up cheerfully, sticking with Japanese. When Himiko wasn’t bringing the sunshine, Lila was. She was also knitting in her own white and red and glancing with mild disapproval at Seong-Min. The Shén grinned and gave a peace sign.

                      “Focus on winning. The chicks will flock to us when we win the contest.” In silver and blue, Konstantina watched the rest of the band while leaning on the wall, her Japanese less strong than the others, and if anything, she played up her Cypriot accent. “We are going up against a band of Scions, actual musicians. We have a streak to defend.”

                      “Oh, we will win. We are literally the best. I am not worried about that.” Himiko glanced over at Konstantina. “We’ll blow the roof off the place. Just tell Seong-Min to keep up.”

                      “Can you two please at least try to get along.” Lila did not even look up from her knitting, but her voice dropped an octave.

                      “Long as Himiko still has an ass worth staring at on stage, I will be fine.” Seong-Min’s words were still in Korean, her voice was playful, but it had its intended result.

                      Himiko gasped and spun around. “Seong-Min you are a pervert. And a degenerate.” She turns to the others. “Are you going to let her keep this up?”

                      Konstantina looked like she was going to say something but stifled herself.

                      Lila looked up, tilting her head and frowning at Seong-Min, who did not blow her off this time. The Atua continued, in her usual pitch “It’s not just on Himiko to relax and behave. You know we need to work together. It’s like Niamh said, let’s not fight each other like the Tuatha.”

                      Seong-Min shifted to have her boots return to the floor, and her tone shifted to be less singsong. “The more I wind her up the better she does on stage. The better she does on stage, the better we all do on stage. We need intensity to drive her, and she drives us with her aura. Unless you want her to fall in love with you or something?” The grin comes back.

                      Himiko huffed in disgust and turned away. Konstantina raised her finger to say something again then thought better of it.

                      “Could we get her wound up at the competition, not us maybe?” Lila sounded hopeful. “We have so much fun when we are on the same page. You two have been fighting more and more and I am concerned.”

                      Seong-Min put her hands in a prayer position. “I will channel my mother for peace. Don’t worry I won’t antagonize dear Himiko.” Seong-Men was still Guanyin’s daughter, even if, she presumed, far from her favorite. Not that Guanyin was not annoyingly unflappable every time they met no matter what she did. Few things disquieted the Korean girl more than that.

                      “Regardless this is Greece. ‘Land of the Gods, Olives and Intrigue.’” She ended in English. Konstantina moved to open a bottle of wine. “We can explore this grand old place, see what there is to see. Sample the food. Sample the wine. Sample the women, we are in Lesvos, after all.” She poured herself a glass. “We’ve been in Asia for months. And California, which is basically Asia without the charm.” She gazed at the glass.

                      Seong-Min raised her own enthusiastically. “À la tienne.”

                      “À la vôtre.” Konstantina raised her glass then sipped it, walking back across the room.

                      “Well, that was certainly a…moving speech we can all agree.” Lila was quick to interject. “This will be our most challenging contest, so take it seriously.”

                      “I always take these seriously.” The Kami replied with a huff.

                      “I am looking at Kona” Lila’s voice dropped an octave again.

                      Konstantina seemed to snap out of a daze and raised her glass. “À la vôtre.”

                      Lila smiled with seemingly infinite patience, her pitch back up. “Yes. Anyway. Niamh is giving us a day to adjust when we arrive. And sightsee. But you should spend at least some of that time resting in your room and some of it practicing. We will have time after too.”

                      Konstantina was already looking at her phone. “Fewer dyke bars than I hoped for lesbian island. Least there will be bare tits.”

                      “Kona?” Hopefully, over the sound of Himiko gasping and Seong-Min giggling.

                      The Theoi looked up from her phone, if momentarily. “Oh yeah. I’ll be there. I won’t let you down. Let one person down once, never again. Zero stars. Besides have you ever even seen me drunk?”

                      “Aren’t you always drunk?” Himiko sounded confused. Seong-Min smirked.

                      Konstantina looked offended. “No. I don’t get drunk on the alcohol of mortals. Gotta be like Soma or Gogondy or some shit.”

                      Himiko cocked her head, a little perplexed. “But…why do you act like that then?”

                      “Darlings.” Lila rose. Her voice was back to normal pitch but louder than before. “We all need to pack, I think. Off to Greece. Land of…” She glanced at Konstantina. “What did you call it? ‘Gods, Olives, and Intrigue?’” She added in English.

                      “And lesbians.” Another raise of her glass and she turned and sashayed out.

                      “Idiot! Idiots!” Himiko stomped behind her.

                      As Seong-Min left, Lila blocked her with an arm. The Shén stopped, startled. “Sorry sweetling. No time gotta pack.”

                      Lila looked confused then blushed, then gave her a smile reflecting both patience and murder. “I am not going to tell you behave. I would not ruin your good time. But please, for me, pick on Himiko less. There is a whole world of playthings out there for you.”

                      Seong-Min looked mock insulted. “I don’t know what you are trying to say. You know I am only bringing out Himiko’s best, then she brings out our best.”

                      “That’s what you keep saying. Now go pack.” She ruffled her hair like she would a child. Seong-Min giggled and headed on.

                      The Atua looked up picturing her mother, Pele raining fiery death on those who displease her. “Mother, I am beginning to see the light. But I think these girls are worth saving.” With a smirk she shook her head and went to go pack her own things.
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                        So you have seen Sunset Candy. This arc wound up being more chaotic than expected due to life events for various players, but we made it through. Sunset Candy were most relevant at the beginning and the end, the group mostly stayed out of their hair while assisting Echo. Speaking of which…
                        Session IX

                        Fucking drama man.

                        So, Lesbos. I was not sure what my first pilgrimage to Lesbos would be like, but not this. We have been in Mytilene, where Sappho had her school, and, ah, okay I will be honest this place is beautiful. However, it’s been a stressful couple days.

                        So, Band contest. We found ourselves facing down Sunset Candy, four drop dead gorgeous Pop artists and their pop is…fine, I guess?

                        Ekō Himiko is one of the lead singers, Amaterasu’s kid and, well, Echo’s. I knew they were close but not that close. Himiko is a sun themed girl, and very young and naïve. Hel if she is going to admit it, though. She’s been a pain in my ass since we met, but she tried to seduce me so she can’t be all bad.

                        Hyun Seong-Min is the other, Guanyin’s kid. Lead singer I mean. Unlike Himiko, she seems a bit of a long way from her mom. She has done nothing but cause trouble since we met. I kind of like her, honestly. I suspect Theo is a bit more her type, but oh well. She has a moon theme.

                        Lila Tanglao is Pele’s child, and like Seong-Min does not take after her mother. Well, she tries not to. She is always trying to keep the chaos Himiko and Seong-Min stir up to a minimum. It’s a full-time job. She’s cute though. She is the only one who does not sing at all and has an earth/fire theme.

                        Konstantina is Aphrodite’s child and…I don’t really have an idea of what her deal is. She is always drinking when not on stage, but while she sometimes acts inebriated, she stops whenever she needs to intervene with something, usually due to Himiko and Seong-Min. She has an air/water theme.

                        Things got on the wrong foot when after meeting them Echo burst into the room and began yelling at Himiko. As noted above, she was Echo’s daughter and they were shocked to see each other. Himiko was supposed to be in Japan, but she was also, as Zahara repeatedly pointed out, an adult. Theo began to defuse the issue. Then Seong-Min pointed out Echo and I were lovers. This stirred up trouble all over again. Interestingly, we got to see Lila lift Himiko over her head with one arm. So not all bad. After all this fighting, they went out. Then we did. It was…honestly…incredibly close. We are more or less evenly matched. But we came out ahead.

                        Here would be a good time to point out that Niamh, the Fomorian we saw on Ibiza, is their manager. Echo does not think she is a good person. Then again, she thinks Konstantina is a bad influence, as well as Seong-Min…okay actually she may have a point with her.

                        The LGBT dance was next. We both were playing there at some point. I went in a fine black neo-Victorian gown, Theo in a suit with a purple jacket and black suit that looked damn Queer. Lena similarly wore a sleek black masculine outfit that was painfully hot. And Zahara wore a bell-bottomed outfit head to toe. Of course. The Sunset Candy were similarly dressed up. Himiko in a red and black suit, Seong-Min in a blue, silver and white dress, Lila in a red and white blouse and skirt, and Konstantina in…I dunno some type of white dress in a pattern of a bare forest with a blue train. So they went three fem one masculine we went three masculine one femme, for certain definitions of masculine in Zahara’s case.

                        Any thoughts the LGBT themed dance would be calmer were quickly dashed. I danced first with my Theo, but almost immediately Himiko went to dance with me and whispered to me she would be a better lover than her “old” Mom. I confess, she is cute, but I just could not betray Echo like that. This is the Theoi, and that is the kind of slight that does not blow over. Anyway, Zahara came along and drew her into a kiss, which stunned Himiko a bit; I am not sure she had been kissed before. Anyway, then Echo appeared, again, to scold Zahara, while Lila stepped in to avoid a fight. Turns out Seong-Min had sent Echo a video of the kiss.

                        So I need to summarize what Theo and Lena scared up. Lena discovered the band apparently had a bathroom discussion to get everyone calmed down. Seong-Min was there, but also was in a different room while Theo pursued her. While she employed some sort of shapeshifting, Theo kept an eye on her and made sure she knew.

                        Lina led the group out to shake hands with us. She seemed to want to bury the hatchet. I am unconvinced about Himiko and Seong-Min, but I am okay with Lina. I don’t think Konstantina has an issue with us.

                        We headed to Chios next. Less famous, but Echo had something in mind for us to do besides whip Sunset Candy at a contest.


                        Tanith Acidbath, Theodora, and Echo filed into Echo’s hotel room. The room was neat, with a pile of manga next to the bed and a pair of kimonos - one white and red, one black and silver - hung on the door to the bathroom. Outside the glass doors on the far side, a balcony and then the endless blue of the Aegean was visible beneath star and moonlight. Tanith sat to the right to the bed, where she could see Echo sitting on it and the sea through the glass doors. The air seemed heavy with one of those complex, very human flavors of social tension that Theo didn’t always understand, so they decided to be comfortable enough for all three of them. Theo shrugged out of their jacket and tie, tossed both over the back of a chair, and stretched out on the bed without invitation or regard for the rest of their formalwear.

                        Echo took off her glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “I realize you feel that I owe you answers.” Theo, who hated giving explanations and rarely felt they were owed one, raised a nonplussed eyebrow but said nothing as Echo continued, “And given the past two nights I cannot really disagree. But you have to understand the Kami appreciate their privacy; I am not going to go telling tales on them any more than I would the particulars of our relationships. But Himiko has shaken things up, I see that, and I am willing to answer questions as you need and no more.”

                        Tanith exhaled and glanced at Theo, who nodded up at her equably, then back to Echo. “Echo, sweetie, look tell us what you are comfortable with. We can ask questions then.”

                        Echo shrugged, fetching her black and silver kimono. “I have three children. Rosa Petra Lacey is my daughter with my wife Hikage-no-Mikoto. She is an Oread, essentially, with some Kami traits. Feng Shanyu Orestes is my son with one of my other lovers, and he is a Scion. And Himiko is my daughter with Amaterasu, though while that is known within the family, precisely how Amaterasu was connected to her birth was known only to a few in the immediate family until now. Amaterasu has a reputation for Purity, one she maintains. But she is also a Goddess, and one who can…sidestep certain expectations by having relationships with women. Including with Hikage and myself.”

                        Echo slipped off her dress and slipped on her Kimono. “As one of her favored Scions, Himiko has been raised in a very sheltered existence, raised partially on earth partially in Takamagahara, and has largely gotten all of her needs and desires met as she has been doted on. It’s been Amaterasu’s…and my…hope that she would have a safe existence while furthering her dharma in the heavens, assisting other Scions, and similar. She is highly intelligent, beautiful, and has a good heart. Being the daughter of Amaterasu and a foreign Kami is not the sort of thing to lead to anyone’s downfall, but it could be a scandal. There is the assumption, I think, that Hikage and I having a deniable relationship with her, Himiko has not been connected to us.”

                        “Himiko clearly knew who you were though.” Again, violet eyes flick to Theo, who seemed sympathetic but a bit out of their depth, then back to the Oread.

                        “…were though. I helped raise her. I am not the sort to neglect a child. The Theoi are often bad parents, but I was not going to live down to that.” She looked Tanith in the eye.

                        “Okay. But why the issues with the Theoi. I know you have Theoi friends.” The Goth was settled in watching Echo. She was incredibly distracting. Theo smiled at how wrapped up their Vi was in watching Echo, and joined in.

                        “They were not raised in Olympus. They are less connected to that Pantheon. And…several Nymphs are working to try to influence them a bit. Saying anything more than that would be dangerous for all of us.”

                        “I just went toe to toe with Fire Giants the other day. Not worried about dangerous, Echo.”

                        Echo gave her a stone-faced look not elaborating further. “What else can I tell you, loves?”

                        Another glance at Theo, but Theo just tilted their head at her, content with Violetta’s lead in the conversation. “What else do I need to know.”

                        “Himiko has spoken to an elder called Izanami-no-Mikoto, the ruler of Yomi. So when a Shinto soul passes, it travels through Meido either to Tengoku or more often, either Yomi, the pre-Buddhist Underworld or Jigoku, which is the Japanese version of the thousand hells, like Diyu or Naraka. Anyway, Emma-O rules Jigoku where souls are processed for reincarnation and Izanami rules tainted Yomi. Izanami is also Hikage’s mother, and my Hikage is always pulled between shadow and light. And she sometimes restores Izanami’s old self, bright and loving. I suspect Himiko does as well, but Amaterasu is uncomfortable with this connection, Amaterasu and Himiko being extremely pure.”

                        Tanith just stared at the Oread. “Okay. Odd.”

                        “I don’t know if Izanami is involved or not, but that is the other possible shoe to drop. Himiko has had a sheltered existence. She is not ready for this.”

                        “She has to grow up sometime.” She looks over to Theo as if to say not a word. Theo looked back at her blankly, either actually playing aggressively innocent or doing so to cover for the fact that they hadn’t actually understood that last bit. “Who is Niamh?”

                        Echo glanced between them. “Oh, she is a Fomorian who has an interest in using a group of musicians to influence things, same as me. I don’t know her well at all but don’t trust her. No other connections between us I swear.”

                        “Okay and Konstantina?” A smirk from the Goth at Theo. Theo smirked back at her, knowing Violetta had caught the way Theo had called Konstantina ‘cousin’ at first, making a joke of the heavy syncretization between Aphrodite and Inanna, but over the course of the night had shown more and more delight in pushing her buttons just for the reaction. They were both shameless enablers, and Theo was obviously sizing her up as a potential partner in crime.

                        “I don’t know her, but she is a Theoi and I don’t know her background. I have enemies. Most of them are Theoi.”

                        “Okay, I think that is everything for now.” Tanith nodded. Theo smiled and studied Echo intently for a long moment. If she was also satisfied with the conversation’s end, Theo had definite ideas about how to work off any lingering tension.

                        Tanith knew her Theo well enough to sense what she was thinking. “Okay my dear. We will work through it.” A second glance at Theo, then she moved to the bed before gently pulled Echo over to her lap as Echo murmured her last statement under her breath. As Theo sat up behind the Oread, Tanith kissed her cheek. “Now…lets focus on more pleasant things.”

                        Theo’s player literally dumped all the groups Momentum to come back and win, they were behind the whole time. I added up each groups successes and it was rough, especially being at the start of the story. SC wound up getting more successes at the dance, but the group did not really begrudge them.

                        Tanith ended up with Himiko as a Rival, Theo with Seong-Min as one.

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                          Session X

                          I knew this was a bad idea. I did not care, mind, but I knew.

                          Echo had an ulterior motive, of course. Her business on Chios from our cruise ship days was the freeing of Ceto, a Titan. She wanted us to travel to Samos and steal a Grey Adamant Hammer from Cyclopes, and a spike of Grey Adamant from a barn guarded by descendants of the Mares of Diomedes here on Chios.

                          Let me say that again. Echo needs to free a chained Titan on earth, trapped in Grey Adamant chains, the tools to break them of which all happened to be within in a few dozen klicks of each other, unlikely as that seems. This was set up.

                          Nothing. About. This. Is. A. Good. Idea.

                          But Echo asked me to do it, Ceto helped her get her voice/body back somehow, and Echo does everything I tell her to. So.

                          We got set up at this white marble hotel in Chios, which is beautiful. Circe is apparently upstairs and Sunset Candy are on the floor below. All sorts of gods and such out here, supposedly. I suspect this is a Midrealms or something. So, we headed to Samos, which is just a few kicks south, and went hunting for the Cyclopes.

                          So, I was assuming we would sneak in and Theo would use those yummy biceps to carry the hammer out, which is longer than any of us are tall. Zahara, maybe because of her moms, was very against robbing the Cyclopes. She wanted to rent the hammer. Echo advised against, noting that while borrowing the hammer itself does not risk Hera’s wrath (these are her Cyclopes, Samos is her island) but it may not take too long to realize how Ceto got freed and they come to talk to the Cyclopes.

                          But you know what, Zeus is a pain.

                          We headed down to Samos by boat, with Theo driving. I did not feel like it. Samos was pretty as Chios and Lesbos.

                          The conversation actually went pretty well. The lead Cyclops is Zenon, a talented smith. He only spoke Greek and Turkish. I speak Greek, so I acted as translator for Zahara, who is our talker, I guess. So, Zenon was more willing to bargain than I expected. He wanted two Fire Carbuncles, and a favor I could never have expected.

                          There is a fucking Hecatonchire named Nikias. Nikias likes singing fucking madrigals. Fucking. Madrigals. Does anyone actually like madrigals? Isn’t singing them a war crime? This sumbitch has fifty heads and towers over the Cyclopes, and we are knee high to them. Why madrigals why? Break out a Titan okay sure why not but madrigals?

                          So, madrigals.

                          We stayed a motel and were awakened by Nikias. He was apologizing for the singing, except he wasn’t doing that at all, he was singing madrigals like a couple miles away but is mountain size so we could hear him. Now we got a music player and put a lot of music on it as Zahara had latched onto a reference Zenon made to Slayer. She had a grand idea of them all forming a symphonic metal band.

                          So, we climbed a mountain and used a flare gun to get Nikias’ attention. Zahara talked to him with a bullhorn. He was really big. Every fucking Giant we encounter is bigger than the last. I don’t like that precedent. Anyway, he was interested in the music player and put it in his ear. He preferred madrigals because he has no taste, and because he could use all his heads. Plan B was beatboxing and a capella music with sound effects.

                          But that would be a later thing. We headed back to Chios for now. I let Theo drive the boat again. It’s time to punch a horse. Or failing that, ask why the long face?


                          “Hey, granny fucker!”

                          Violetta had been gazing out of a window in the wide hallway at the sea and brooding. But the other Scion’s voice had broken her reverie. The Goth clenched her teeth. “Himiko my dear. I see your band has arrived.”

                          Amaterasu’s daughter was scowling, leaning against the opposite wall. “Yeah. I hope you are not planning to mess with us.”

                          “No, I am helping Echo, because I actually care about her. But Oyakoko is apparently not something you were taught.” Violetta allowed herself a smirk.

                          Himiko took the bait. “If you knew anything of our culture you would not be sleeping with my mom! How dare you, a foreigner, lecture me!”

                          “If you are trying to seduce me again, I am not into degradation. I see you checking me out though. Jealous of Echo much?” She deliberately looked bored by the conversation.

                          “You are rude, Tanith.” Himiko scowled.

                          “And you are tsundere, Himiko.” Tanith smiled at her. Actually, as much as Tanith flirted to throw Himiko off, she was cute. But despite how much fun a tumble would be, she rather liked her relationship with Echo. She loved her Theo dearly, but sometimes she wanted to indulge her dark side, there were things she did not want to put Theo through and as far as she could tell Echo didn’t know the meaning of the word “no.”

                          Himiko sighed and paced a moment “I came out here to talk to you Tanith. About Mom. How is she?”

                          Violetta’s sneer dropped. “She’s doing well. She has a lot going on. I’m…we’re trying to clear up some old business for her.”

                          “Old Business?” The Kami had a look of consternation. “She doesn’t talk about her history at all, beyond the stuff that left her disembodied. I don’t know if she spoke to Amaterasu-Sama or not, but she did not me. Did she talk to you?”

                          “No. truthfully. She will be telling us some but she is being…cagey. Between us, I expect her to tell as little as she can get away with. “

                          “Just…take care of her, okay? Even if she is promiscuous, I love her.” Himiko exhaled and looked away from the Goth.

                          “I promise you; Theo and I will keep her safe. All of us will keep her safe. Echo is one of the most resilient people I have ever met, carrying on when most people would be broken. But I won’t take that granted.” Violetta kept her tone even.

                          “Okay. Thank you, Miss Acidbath. Best of luck to you.” Himiko bowed politely. She was mildly surprised to get a bow back from the woman in black. She headed downstairs back to her room, a little relieved, yet concerned about what Echo could be up to.

                          Violetta watched her go silently. After a moment she, too, pushed from the wall and returned to her room. She had more questions for Echo.

                          I gave the PCs several options for dealing with the Cyclopse, from talking to them to robbing them to stealing it then putting it back to fighting them for it. I particularly dissuaded the latter as Hera would likely be offended by such a thing on Samos, and Echo did not want any more attention from her. Zahara pushed the diplomatic answer, and no one was really excited about the stealth options, which was the one I was semi planning on. No big, I had a back up plan for if they wanted to make a deal.

                          I once put forth the question what if a Hecatonchire sang madrigals. There may be something seriously wrong with me. Fighting a Hecatonchire would be unlikely to go well for them, so solving his musical problem was really the way to go. And did they? Well…

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                            Session XI

                            So yeah I saw a Hecatonchire singing “Enter Sandman.”

                            But that is getting ahead of ourselves. So we were on Chios, right? We were done with the whole thing with the Hecatonchire and the Cyclopes on Samos, at least short of bringing more music, and had to deal with some man-eating horses, my least favorite kind.

                            Honestly in retrospect, we probably saved ourselves some trouble going with Zahara’s plan. Avoiding Helios’s gaze saved us a ton of trouble, and we did not have to sneak a huge ass hammer around.

                            Anyway, we decided to cheat a bit with the spike for the hammer to hit. There was a large barn visible once we got eyes on the barn where the horses were staying. It was big, but only as big as the fire giants. Wow I got jaded quick. It’s not the size that…anyway.

                            The easiest thing was for Lena to use her star magic to teleport us in and out. Now, it wasn’t that simple, we fought some kind of giant-sized scarecrow with a Scythe arm that Zahara kept knocking down, though she could not really hurt it. She did well enough it never got effectively attack, though it tried. Some horses heard us and tried to get in, but we used the choke point and drove two off and killed one. The others kept their distance at least long enough for Lena to get us back out.

                            We had the spike, and by then we downloaded everything for Nikias and went to Samos on ferry this time. That was when Nikias was singing Enter Sandman. We got him some new music Zahara was really keen on, got our huge fuck you hammer, and headed back to Chios.

                            It was time to do something stupid.


                            “Everything okay with the kids?” Violetta leaned in Echo’s door.

                            “Tan-Tan, hi. Yes. No. I don’t know. Himiko wants none of my help.” Echo put her glasses on her night table and rubbed her eyes.

                            “Give her some time. She was shocked.” The Goth watched her, pausing only to find a tear in the fishnet on her arm.

                            “It’s been a few days now Tan-Tan. She has had time to get over it.” She walked over and put her head on her shoulder.

                            Violetta kissed her forehead. “You know her better than me.”

                            “Lila is up to something. They had some kind of map or plans none of them wanted us to see. I confronted Niamh and she just said she did not keep up with everything they did as long as they did not let her down. Malakas.”

                            “Maybe Lila is leading them to steal something from some giants and take a dangerous trip to the home of the remaining Mares of Diomedes and unleash a titan. You better stop her.”

                            “Watch it Violetta.” She snarled, stepping back and contorting her face. “You are getting on thin ice.”

                            Violetta’s namesake violet eyes lingered on the Oread a few moments. “I apologize. You get my meaning though.”

                            “I did not want this for her.” Echo deflated.

                            “It’s not your choice, love.” Violetta’s voice lacked its usual edge. “I’m sorry.”

                            Echo came back to lean on her, putting her head on Violetta’s shoulder again a moment. “I’ll be okay just…hold me a moment, would you?”

                            Violetta did. The infamous Tanith Acidbath held one of the women she loved, letting her cry.

                            Growing up sucked.

                            This was where things started getting a bit crazy. Theo’s player had a life event blow up keeping them from being able to play a bit. I got the other gals there, for this one, but then the next one Zahara’s player is sick so we are at half staff. Let’s get to that.

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                              Session XII

                              Hokay, yeah, Zahara and Theo had to head out early, but Lena and I got Ceto freed. Hopefully it won’t backfire. She should have our back against Tiamat if it becomes an issue, but I for one don’t plan to provoke her.

                              Afterwards Echo wanted us to check on Himiko and her band. She had made a pact with the Kami in Himiko’s phone, so knew where they were. They traveled to an oil rig, another associated with the Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus Company. Why do I keep wanting to call it the Rose, Creek and Cypress Company? Anyway, same group we ran afoul of a couple months ago, and this time they were clashing with Sunset Candy. Lena and I spotted a Telchine overseeing the conflict, the only non-human that was visible. Dog headed montherfucker. Anyway, Lena and I decided to cut the gordian knot so she teleported us to him and menaced him with a sword. He backed off quickly, and called off his men.

                              Sunset Candy were not happy to see us.

                              Okay, Lila does not care, really. She just wants to destroy the oil rig and end the environmental threat. I can get behind that. Mostly Himiko and Seong-Min arguing. I avoided commenting that Himiko’s Mommy sent us. Lena tried arguing with Seong-Min, but she just pivoted to flirting.

                              In the end, Lila wrecked the place. Probably for the best.


                              The black clad woman swam alone in the cenote, no goggles, no tanks, no lights. Here, deep under water, where most face nitrogen narcosis, in pitch darkness, the goth could think. Not long ago she was prepared for anything. Theodora, Echo, Lena, Zahara, all changed that. Not in a bad way, she loved them all. Differently, but deeply. She wanted their approval, and that confused her more.

                              A light came around the corner, a pair of divers. They seemed excited at first, then scared, then disappointed. Water did not inhibit Violetta’s communication. She could make eye contact with one, the other’s visor was too thick.

                              “What’s Wrong? I am not going to hurt you.”

                              One wrote on a slate in Maltese and handed it to her.

                              “looking for diver seen?”

                              Violetta handed it back shaking her head and looked around. She had not seen a line in here. She turned a light on she had with her so the divers could see her and moved to start looking. Time was of these essence in these cases.

                              Himiko had seemed so angry at Violetta. She did not push Echo on their relationship, but she suspected it was an upbringing much like her own. Tutors, kept apart, told she was special, never…really socialized. She swam around a natural pillar in the cave. Echo was not married to Amaterasu maybe that was it. Maybe there was something else?

                              She scanned the ceiling of the chamber, not seeing any bodies floating. The water was getting cloudy from the other divers though, and that could be a problem. Violetta scanned looking for something a mortal might spot and follow. She saw an opening in the ceiling. Narrow, but swimmable. No light coming in it did not go to the surface. Surely this mortal would not be so foolish?

                              But how foolish was she, herself? She knew she would be a queen surrounded by concubines, ruling a club of immortal goths dancing in the dark. Now separating from her Theo would give her an anxiety attack. Theo was only not here because of the danger to Ishtar’s chosen. Of course, apparently three yahoos decided to swim down here.

                              She detected an air pocket above and saw an unmoving body. She swam up. The air was thin, and the man had passed out but was alive. He moved slightly when touched. The pair were unlikely to find him here. She sighed.

                              Yahir suddenly woke when submerged. He panicked, realizing his regulator was not in his mouth, then he realized he was breathing water without harm. Then a woman in a black skintight diving outfit was staring intensely at him, and despite the lack of light he could see her violet eyes.

                              “Take my hand. I am taking you to the others.”

                              Yahir quickly found that unlike this mystery woman he could not speak underwater. He let himself he led…he had little choice given how hard she jerked his arm. He could only see along his headlamp, but the woman was swimming fast…and had no air tanks or regular, much less fins. He was just along for the ride. The two were going fast enough he was having trouble breathing, but he was breathing at least.

                              The other two men were abruptly startled, again, by the woman in black. This time with Yahir in tow. Of course, he lacked his regulator, but he was here. Violetta put his hand around the line.

                              “He will be breathing water until he breaks the surface. You must be low by now. Head back. Now.”

                              None of them needed to hear anything else. They followed the line to the opening of the cenote. They felt the presence of the woman behind them, even when decompressing, until they all broke the surface. Then she was gone.

                              Violetta faded into the darkness of the cave again. Once again alone with her thoughts. She would swim a bit more before returning home.

                              As for the three men, they suspected this woman in black was related to the unusual women in the castle on the hill. That night, the three men returned to the cenote, collected water and rocks, and poured a libation in, thanking the woman in black. These things would be brought back with them to place on an altar, and even as the incident slid from Violetta’s crowded mind, words was beginning to spread.


                              Tanith and Theo were keen for some assistance should things go south with Tiamat at some point. Zahara just wanted a favor owed. Lena was pretty neutral.

                              Using the Telchine group and the Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus Company is not my idea. I was in a 1e game Scion: Miami, one of the two campaigns I was not running in the 1e days (I ran Scion: Rada, Scion: Petro, and Scion: Bohemian Front. I played in Scion: Miami and guest starred twice in Scion: To Every God His Day.) and the GM used them as recurring antagonists. My PC Saltmarsh Andy consistently called them the Rose, Creek and Cypress Company, hence the reference.

                              I wanted an encounter with Sunset Candy as a capstone. They won’t be in the next story, but they will show up again soon enough.

                              Next arc, we move from Mediterranean to Nordzee. See you then. Comments and Questions welcome.

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