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Could I get some people to look over a draft of an "Americana" supplement?

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  • Could I get some people to look over a draft of an "Americana" supplement?

    I am currently working on an "American Legends" supplement for Scion, which will bring in figures like Babe Ruth, Florida Man, the Unknown Soldier, and the Headless Horseman into the world of Scion. I've put together a rough draft of sorts, containing about eight new characters, along with some Relics, Guides, etc. In order to help these characters fit into a larger number of campaigns, each character has at least two roles they can fill: for example, the Headless Horseman can either be an Adversary, or, if you somehow manage to find his head, a grudging Follower.

    At this point, the product is pretty rough. There's lots of "do this later" blanks, the dot ratings need to be reviewed, and a lot of the art, etc., is provisional. However, I feel like I have enough to gauge what the final product will look like, more or less.

    Could I get a couple people to look it over for me? I just want to get an idea of how I'm doing so far, and whether I might need to make course corrections before I get too much deeper into it. If you're interested, please reply below or PM me, and I'll share the link.

    Thanks everybody!!

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    I’m happy to take a look

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      Florida Man is actually brilliant, like he makes a scary amount of sense as a semi-independent Folk-Deity representing the idea of Florida that outsiders have.


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        By the number of deeds Florida man have, I guess he is the pantheon leader.

        Jokes apart, I think there is a need for The Man, the ultimate evil man behind the curtin.

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          Is it a pantheon, though? It may not be. All that the original post mentioned was pieces of Americana presented in Scion terms. I could see that with the majority of the book, perhaps the entirety of it, dealing solely with Followers, Guides, Relics, and so on.


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            The initial idea was to come up with a full pantheon, but I thought my ideas would work better if I presented them differently. There are absolutely some Patrons in there, but for now, they're not a proper pantheon.


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              I'd be happy to take a look at it, if you still need people.


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                I would love to look at it!


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                  I've PM'ed everyone who has asked for access. Let me know if you're having trouble accessing it!


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                    I'd like to look as well. Although my main strength in that field is the northeast and Appalachia.