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    I ran two linked was set in World War II, the second was modern day and was related to stuff the first two characters accomplished.

    I've got a timeline, the bold stuff happened in game or was determined by player choice in their backgrounds.

    **************************************** ????? – The World is created.

    ????? – The Titans come to be/are created.

    ????? – Humanity appears on Earth

    ????? – The collective will of humanity forms Fate

    ????? – Stories drive Fate to change some titanspawn into the first gods

    ????? – The Titans set about trying to reabsorb the Gods

    ????? – Driven by the power of Fate, the Gods prove greater than the Titans

    ????? – The Titan of Frost is killed resulting in a cataclysmic end to what will later be called the Ice Age

    ????? – The Gods opt to cage the Titans rather than kill them.

    ????? – Aten is caged.

    ????? - Set attempts to “accidentally” kill the Water titan before it can be imprisoned.

    1500 BC – Morpheus complains of the difficulties he faces as the God of Sleep to Set. Set suggests that he fashion himself a key that can open any bar.

    1400 BC – Morpheus fashions the Morpheus Key at Set's suggestions. It appears as a sword and will put anyone or anything stabbed by it into an eternal sheltered sleep until removed.

    1300 BC – Set begins searching for the location of Tartarus.

    1200 BC – One of the most powerful of Aten's still free servants is sealed in pieces within seven volcanoes by powerful scions of Hel, Hades, Izanami, Coyote, The Morrigan, Kali and Samedi

    1000 BC – Aingeal is born.

    353 BC – The Sea-Wife's Fan is created when a mortal woman calls for herself to be taken in place of her husband. The intensity of the woman's urge to reach an audience with Ryujin entered her Fan which became able to locate all hidden places.

    200 AD – Thoth applies Abrahamic Legends to place limits on Aten's angels. The newly identified “Archangel” that was previously sealed by Hel and several other Gods is named Gabriel.

    351 – The Round Table is fashioned with spells of trust and fidelity. So long as all remain true they will ever be victorious. Should any prove false then all will fail.

    400 – Aingeal attaches herself to a Celtic family that will eventually travel west with the Vikings. Continues to watch their Native American ancestors.

    402 – Merlin, a scion of Morrigan is born.

    459 – Hel receives a prophesy saying that if she could “leave her name behind and take on the name of another” that she will never fear for Ragnarok”.

    530 – Uther Pendragon, a scion of Zeus, is born.

    537 – Igraine, a scion of Frigga, is born.

    541 – Merlin seeks to forge a peace between the Aesir, Dodekatheon and Tuatha da Danan battling in Britain.

    January, 556 – Merlin arranges for Uther Pendragon to seduce, and eventually marry, Igraine. Merlin manipulates things so that the ichor flows heavily into Arthur's being insuring he'd awaken to be a scion later, despite the fact that fully awakened scions in the time period are rather rare.

    September, 556 – Arthur Pendragon is born.

    557 – Pan takes the identity of a servant of Morgan Le Fay and her sisters.

    558 – Guinevere is born. The Round Table is made part of her inheritance.

    573 – Arthur draws Caliburn from the stone to confirm his right to rule Camelot.

    575 – The Morrigan warns her son Merlin that Arthur and Guinevere marrying will delay both of their destinies.

    June, 576 – Merlin ignores The Morrigan’s warning, seeking to acquire both the Round Table for Camelot.

    September, 576 – Morrigan suggests for Merlin to bring Arthur to consult with her so that he might hear what she has to say. Merlin chooses not to pass the message along.

    October 31, 576 – Hel tracks down the prophesy to Morrigan and comes to the British Isles to confront her about it.

    February, 577 – The Morrigan accuses Merlin of disobeying her orders and he counters that with accusation that she is interferring in things. Morrigan declares that she will stay out of Merlin's affairs from this point on, whether for good or ill.

    578 – Arthur marries Guinevere. The relationship is cordial but not romantic.

    580 – Morgan Le Fay's bloodline is cursed by Morgause for her treachery.

    March, 581 – Arthur is enchanted to sleep with his half-sister Morgan Le Fay.

    December, 581 – Mordred Pendragon is born.

    582 – Pan leaves off manipulating Morgan Le Fay and moves to manipulating Mordred.

    585 – Morgan Le Fay repents of her efforts to destroy Camelot.

    600 – Mordred presents himself in his father's court without revealing his parentage. His initial intents are good. Grows obsessed with Guinevere.

    May, 601 – The Siege Perilous simply appears at the Round Table.

    November, 601 – Elaine of Corbenic accidentally sits on the Siege Perilous one night and receives a vision that her child could bring the salvation of Camelot. She begins to try to catch Mordred's eye to achieve this prophecy.

    April, 602 – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    July, 602 – Mordred is spurned by Guinevere.

    December 11th, 602 – Nimue is born to Morgan Le Fay and Merlin

    December 30th, 602 – Set discovers the Prophecy Elaine of Corbenic has received and convinces her to use trickery to bring Mordred to the bed for the “Greater Good”

    January 1st. 603 – Elaine of Corbenic enchants Mordred by taking on the image of Guinevere.

    August, 603 – Galahad is born.

    604 – Guinvere begins a relationship with Sir Bedivere.

    605 – Mordred begins to plot against Camelot.

    June, 607 – Mordred manipulates the curse in Nimue's blood to trick her to betray her parents and placing them in a sleep.

    August, 607 – Nimue impersonates her mother and steals Excalibur's sheath.

    606 – People start to grumble about Arthur's apparent agelessness.

    September, 618 – Galahad arrives at Arthur's court carrying the Holy Grail.

    November, 618 – The Grail vanishes.

    December, 618 – Sir Kay dies of a mysterious ailment. Mordred takes up his duties. No one realizes Mordred poisoned Kay.

    619 – The Knights of the Round Table mostly seek the Grail. Mordred remains behind to attend to his duties.

    620 – The Maimed King is healed by Galahad in another appearance of the Grail. Mordred still remains out of the Quest.

    621 – In the Third appearance and miracle of the Grail, Galahad appears to be taken bodily into the heavens. The Grail vanishes finally. Mordred's chance of redemption closes. Camelot mistakenly considers Galahad's ascension a sign of the Quest's success...despite the fact that the person whose Quest it was never participated.

    624 – Mordred exposes Guinevere as unfaithful. Arthur allows her to escape execution. Mordred raises an army of outraged citizens against Arthur citing that he shows favoritism.

    March 15th , 636 – The Battle of Camlann. Mordred is wounded on Arthur's spear but manages to strike a death blow with the blackened Clarent.

    March 17th, 636 – Arthur's comatose form is smuggled to the Terra Incognita “Avalon” by Elaine of Garlot, Guinevere and Morgause

    March 20th, 636 – Sir Bedivere returns Excalibur to the Lake. He is executed by Mordred's followers.

    637 – Camelot becomes a Terra Incognita. Mordred turns to Titanic rituals and becomes undead.

    639 – Hel creates the Naglfar Jar as a relic for a scion.

    785 – Mordred dominates Camelot. Sir Gawain in the guise of a black knight and several ghosts of Camelot soldiers hold the Dark Forest as well as possible.

    812 – Nimue purifies herself of the curse, but can't remove the curse from her mother or siblings.

    1322 – The first scion of the Medici family is born a scion of Hermes.

    1431 – A younger brother to Vlad Tepes III is born in Wallachia as a scion to Chernobog who had imitated his father. His name is forgotten

    1456 – Set forces Chernobog to relinquish adoption rights to Set.

    1458 – Set gives the Tepes a Visitation, making him one of the few fully awakened scions of the era. Set encourages the scion to support his brother’s reign of terror.

    1471 – Some among the Medici family achieve demigod status and Eternal Youth. They begin to use rituals to insure the continued purity of their blood producing occasional scions of Hermes.

    1476 – The unnamed Tepes officially calls himself the 13th Scholar.

    1485 – Mordred surpasses his undeath and becomes a God. He retains a vulnerability to poison due to his history of betrayal and incestuous origins.

    1531 – The 13th Scholar becomes a sort of quasi undead. He begins to enforce his will on the Carpathian vampires. Through them he follows the duty of his Father as a Guardian of Borders and does so most viciously.

    1588 – Mordred consolidates his control over the British Pantheon. Begins to consolidate the British Empire.

    1643 – Guinevere and Morgause help Merlin and Morgan Le Fay escape Mordred's trap. Guinvere is killed by Mordred in the action.

    1710 – Mordred uses the British to attack the followings of several other Gods.

    1769 – Morgause is captured by Mordred and the location of Avalon is ripped from her mind forcibly, killing her.

    June, 1770 – Knight Grégoire de Fronsac, a Son of Heracles, uses the Morpheus Blade to defeat the Fenrir known as the Beast of Gevauden within the bowels of the petrified Atlas. The Morpheus Blade is left behind inside the fenrir in order to keep it sleeping. Several fenrir pups go undiscovered and are trapped within Atlas's heart.

    October 31st, 1770 – Mordred starts trying to lay siege to Avalon, but despite knowing where it is can never find out how to get into it.

    1772 – The Naglfar Jar is captured by a scion of Hermes from the Medici family.

    1776 – The American colonies declare independence.

    1783 – Mordred ceases his war against Avalon when British forces declare surrender in America.

    1812 – Mordred attempts to retake America, but is rebuffed by the young Pantheon there. Without the cooperation of the other Arthurians and the disagreements from the British pantheon about the rightness of such things, Mordred lacks the strength to accomplish the conquest.

    May, 1830 – Kali's followers and Mordred's followers enter into especially intense conflict.

    July, 1830 – A Rakshasha turns away from his kind and sides with the deva and especially Kali.

    1842 – Circe prophesies that one of her sons will be raised among mortals and taken as son by Athena.

    12:01 am, February 1st, 1843 – A scion named Chinatsu sacrifices her life to allow several other scions to escape the underworld.

    4:49 am, February 1st, 1843 – The yokai: Shinrei no Chuushinten (Center of Spirit), is born. She will come to be known as Void.

    9:37 am, February 1st, 1843 – The yokai: Akeru no Tsuchi (The Earth which Opens) is born. She will come to be known as Earth

    2:25 pm, February 1st, 1843 – The yokai: Dakishimeru no Kawa (The River which Embraces) is born. She will come to be known as Water

    7:13 pm, February 1st, 1843 – The yokai: Chouyaku no Kasai (The Conflagration that Bounds) is born. She will come to be known as Fire.

    11:58 am, February 1st, 1843 – The yokai: Azanau no Suzukaze (The Breeze that Twists), is born. She will come to be known as Wind.

    12:00 am, February 2nd, 1843 – The new scions escape into Hashima Island accompanied by a strangely friendly Shikome and five elemental yokai. Two of the scions flee into the night, but the yokai and two others go to meet the natives. The strangers perform several great deeds and including sealing up the hole to the underworld they escaped from and creating a natural harbor out of nothing. These two are later called “Kouryo no Mikoto-Sama” and “Captain Grey”.

    February 4th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey reach mainland Japan and are drawn into a matter of piracy which the following of Amaterasu and Susano'O each blame on each other. Mikato, a rogue daughter of Amaterasu has been working with Kartos, a child of Ares, under the command of Pan. Mikoto manages to charm both Amaterasu and Susano'O at once coming to a brief truce between the two siblings.

    February 10th, 1843 – Mikoto prophesies that “The Devil in a Devil's Mask seeks to open the Four Gates of the Ancestors. Two by keys past and future, one by army of wailing spirits and one by a blast of primal power.”

    February 13th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey are granted the Sea-Wife's Fan as a boon for solving Amaterasu and Susano'O's problem. They take Kartos to face the judgment of the Dodekatheon. He is imprisoned at Aeaea and his ship and crew are sworn to the service of Grey.

    February 14th, 1843 – Ares and Circe meet for the first time, inadvertently introduced by Mikoto and Grey.

    February 19th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey encounter the ghost ship Demeter controlled by the 13th Scholar sent by Set to interfere with them. A curse Mikoto suffers under related to the moon being in the sky makes the battle difficult for him.

    February 23rd, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey reach France to seek the resting place of the Beast of Gevauden to recover the Morpheus Blade. Mikoto charges the ghosts at the site with keeping it safe from enemies. The Beast is finally killed.

    February 28th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey deal with an outbreak of Maenad women and wolves. The survivors are partially cured. The Sisterhood of the Wolf have their origins here.

    7:15 pm March 5th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey move to London seeking directions to Avalon. They encounter the real Pan who demands to know what they're after him for.

    7:35 pm March 5th, 1843 – After facing Pan, Mikoto’s shikome and bakeneko accidentally knock over an urn releasing a flood of mummies into the British museum. While trying to reseal them Mikoto is drawn to Tsuki-Yomi’s Godrealm. Mikoto requests that the moon curse on him be removed. Tsuki-Yomi says he can’t do that because it hasn’t been placed yet. Mikoto is sent back to London and successfully reseals the mummies.

    10:20 am March 15th, 1843 – Mikoto and Grey reach Camelot.

    ???? – Mikoto and Grey and appear in Mordred's court seeking directions to Avalon.

    ???? – Mordred challenges Grey to a duel.

    ???? – Due to Grey being armed with a sword carved from a fang of the Hydra, Mordred grows weaker and weaker each round of the duel despite holding back less and less.

    ???? – Mordred loses Clarent in the first round, it lands on the Siege Perilous and is purified.

    ???? – In the third round, enraged by Mikoto's continued banter about the duel, Mordred breaks his own oaths regarding the rules of the duel and takes on the Avatar form of Darkness.

    ???? – In punishment for the oath-breaking, the Siege Perilous acting as Fate's agent strikes him down and tears the use of Darkness away from Mordred.

    ???? – Enraged but unwilling to risk further oath-breaking, Mordred gives Mikoto and Grey the directions he agreed to give.

    ???? – Mikoto and Grey reach Avalon and meet with Nimue, Elaine of Garlot and Morgan Le Fay.

    1845 – The British Empire begins to wane.

    1846 – Lucy Westrenra becomes a vampire in service to the 13th Scholar.

    January 2nd, 1847 – Van Helsing and the Harkers begin their conflict with the 13th Scholar.

    May 3rd, 1847 – Two scions of mysterious origin begin to take interest in European politics. They call themselves Klaus Schmidt and Bettino Medici.

    1848 – Quincy Harker is born. Lucy Westrenra becomes the primary consort to the 13th Scholar.

    1849 – The rakshasha loyal to Kali moves to the American continent and takes the name Ash Campbell. He sets up around an ichor fountain so as to never fall to his titanic thirst.

    1851 – Arael Le Fay is born. Via magic, Morgan Le Fay and Merlin insure she is born a succubus so that she might escape the curse on Morgan Le Fay’s progeny.

    1856 – The Cult of Kouryo no Mikoto-Sama is officially established.

    1882 – The British Pantheon takes over control of the United Kingdom from Mordred, they allow the Empire to continue to wane, focusing on the homeland itself.

    August 26th, 1883 – Krakatoa erupts, destroying itself and partially unleashing one of the most destructive servants of Aten, the Archangel Gabriel.

    September 10th, 1883 – Mason Blakely, an American entrepreneur, self-proclaimed minister and Scion of Hel, leads a world wide effort to restrengthen the binds placed on the Archangel Gabriel. They restrengthen the seals placed across the world by placing seals around the seals themselves. The methods used included preaching stories of the Apocalypse and placing impossible prerequisites for Gabriel to ever escape.

    1905 – Followers of Mordred establish a hidden base in the wilds of Western Canada.

    1910 – Bettino Medici is born. He will later awaken as a scion.

    1912 – The Restoration Society comes to be in Britain. They begin to research ways for Mordred to be healed.

    1914 – David Xiang, a scion of Son Wukong is born in America.

    February 3rd, 1915 – Klaus Schmidt is born a scion of Vidar.

    March 23rd, 1915 – Henry Gray is born on Aeaea the physical child of Ares and Circe. Circe recognizes him and arranges for him to be delivered to mortals in Chicago.

    10:15:00:00 am GMT +0, May 10th, 1915 – A daughter of Amaterasu is born. She is named after the scion Chinatsu who became a small star within the Underworld in order to help others escape it.

    10:15:00:00 am GMT +0, May 10th, 1915 – The Chinatsu who died in 1843 is reborn as Jane Mackley is born a human

    June 15th, 1916 – Ilona Waechter is born a scion of Frigga. She is raised by the Sisterhood of the Wolf.

    September,1916 – The Chen family and the Mikoto cult are forced to flee Japan. They move to the US.

    October 5th, 1918 – Marcelina Zielinski is born as a daughter of Holle, a minor Germanic Goddess of Snow and Wisdom.

    1925 – Makoto Chen is born the son of Tsuki-yomi and his mother.

    8:35:16:00 GMT +0, 1926 – Jane Mackley dies despite Henry's attempt to save her life. Athena takes note of Henry Gray. Jane Mackley haunts Henry Gray.

    8:35:16:01 GMT +0, 1926 – Chinatsu spontaneously awakens as a scion without a Visitation. Is found by a ninja clan before her mother remembers she exists.

    April 1st, 1935 – Tai/Ty/Ti/Tie, a young bakemono, meets Makoto Chen.

    August 1st, 1935 – Bettino Medici begins acting as a spy for the Dodekatheon and Mussolini.

    1936 – Amaterasu decides to check on Chinatsu and discovers her daughter is a ninja.

    July 4th, 1937 – Henry Gray receives a Visitation from Athena at West Point taking the appearance of general's assistant.

    August 10th, 1937 – Set encourages the American Pantheon in researching the unlocking of atomic power. Set begins spreading worries that the first such bomb would ignite the atmosphere in hopes it will increase his territory when tested.

    December 15th, 1937 – Chinatsu is present for the Rape of Nanking. She and her samurai kill many of the worst offenders.

    January 2nd, 1938 – Chinatsu is sent to Europe as a punishment for interfering with the working of Amaterasu's plans.

    January 31st, 1938 – Makoto Chen is visited by Tsuki-Yomi. He is granted 5 bodyguards: the elemental yokai of Wind, Water, Fire, Void and Earth. He is not told that Tsuki-Yomi has offered them positions as potential fiancees to his son.

    April 5th, 1940 – Makoto Chen becomes a freelance reporter despite his young age with the support of the Kouryo no Mikoto-Sama plot. He goes to Europe to report on the developments there.

    March 10th, 1940 – Henry Gray is assigned to look into the actions of the Axis in Europe with a small multi-national squad of experts including Marcelina Zielinski

    6:00am, March 11th, 1940 – Chinatsu and her samurai arrive in Paris unnoticed.

    March 15th, 1940 – Exeter Mallory, a scion of Mordred, is born.

    10:25 pm, April 11th, 1939 – Henry Gray and Makoto Chen investigate the German Embassy in Paris and discover Klaus Schmidt, a scion of Vidar, is seeking a relic in South France.

    10:36 pm, April 11th, 1940 – Ilona and David battle Chinatsu and Klaus Schmidt.

    10:37 pm, April 11th, 1940 – Grey scars Schmidt, distracting him so that Ilona can get away

    10:39 pm, April 11th, 1940 – Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Void pursue Schmidt and his followers.

    April 12th, 1940 – Schmidt gets divine aid in receiving a rainbow bridge to bring a tank and Bettino’s company of Italian soldiers into South France undetected.

    April 12th, 1940 – Grey’s archeologist contact, Dr Avery Lambert, speaks of how the Morpheus Blade can open any gate or door for the wielder. It is, in essence, the ultimate tool for a psychopomp.

    April 13th, 1940 – Gray and Makoto meet Ilona Waechter and David Xiang on the train to the South of France. They bet over who can first reach the Morpheus Blade.

    11:45 am, April 15th, 1940 – Makoto and Gray investigate Gevauden and discover Bettino Medici and Chinatsu present at the site.

    7:45 pm. April 15th, 1940 – Grey’s men sabotage Schmidt's tank

    7:56 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Bettino Medici uses the Naglfar Jar to raise several zombies to guard their backs as they go into the tunnels.

    8:34 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Grey and Makoto attacked by zombies.

    8:36 pm, April 15th, 1940 – The Axis scions get lost in the tunnels.

    8:35 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Makoto calls upon the Templar spirits of the site to aid them in making sure the Beast of Gevauden is not disturbed.

    8:51 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Grey and Makoto battle linnorms and realize the tunnels they’re in are the blood vessels of Atlas.

    9;15 pm, April 15th, 1940 – The Morpheus Blade is found embedded in a massive stone wall. Ilona and David are fighting a swarm of linnorms.

    9:16 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Removing the sword starts the Earth shaking as Atlas partially wakes up.

    9:17 pm, April 15th, 1940 – The Axis scions and followers arrive as more Titanspawn including multiple fenrir pups, attack. Momentary truce of scions.

    9:20 pm, April 15th, 1940 – Chinatsu, her samurai and the Italian soldiers are left behind by her allies when Medici drag Schmidt out of the battle and leave everyone else to die. Chinatsu suffers a virtue extremity.

    10:15 pm, April 15th 1940 – Set disguised as Pan steals the Morpheus Blade from Makoto while an outbreak of Maenads threatens the village. Makoto's human follower Genevieve is affected but partially cured. She becomes

    Late April, 1940 – Chinatsu is nursed back to health by Makoto and Grey and then released on her honor.

    May 2nd, 1940 – The Stuka is acquired by Grey's soldiers. Grey Ciphers the Stuka which is successfully used to shoot down several Nazi fighter craft.

    June 9th, 1940 – Makoto and Grey move to attempt to hold back the invasion at the Ardenne Forest, slow the Nazis significantly by taking out several giants.

    June 11th, 1940 – Chinatsu and several shinobi and samurai count coup on Grey and Makoto. Return the favor of her life by warning them about her task. They discuss that Pan has the Morpheus Blade and agree that he is the bigger threat. Chinatsu agrees to be slack in her task until Pan is dealt with.

    July 2nd, 1940 – Makoto and Grey acquire an invitation to Aeaea.

    July 7th, 1940 – Grey and Makoto enter the Sea of Monsters

    ???? - Grey and Makoto fight the specter of the rogue oracle Phineaus and the revived Hydra. Genevieve starts showing signs of becoming a unique shikome-like yokai.

    ???? - Grey makes a sword out of the Hydra's fang and a shield out of the shell of one of the giant crabs that was with it. He bathes some of his bullets in hydra blood and loads them in his infinite ammo clip.

    ???? - Grey and Makoto reach Aeaea. Grey realizes Circe is his birth mother. Grey and Zielinski marry and consummate the marriage. Jane Mackley can no longer be seen to haunt Grey. Grey's soldiers are made into quasi-immortal warriors similar to Norse Einherjar.

    ???? – Circe or Makoto, or both, produce a prophecy of a nuclear explosion.

    November 7th, 1942 – Grey and Makoto leave the Sea of Monsters and are harassed by a megalodon which decides to head out to deeper water where it gives birth.

    November 8th, 1942 – Grey and Makoto arrive in Ally-held Casablanca. Makoto starts a series of “science fiction” stories that feature theoretical atomic power.

    11:15 pm, November 9th, 1942 – Zielinski-Grey is revealed to be pregnant. Makoto lets on his suspicion that the baby is a reincarnation of the ghost that had been haunting Grey.

    4:21 pm, November 9th, 1942 –Chinatsu brings knowledge of a prophecy warning that the “Cat's paw chooses to sacrifice she who could not be saved.” Grey correctly considers this to be the unborn child who is also the reincarnation of the girl he'd failed to save as a young boy.

    February 10th, 1942 – Genevieve has completely become a death-related Yokai and is accepted by Void, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire as a sister and fellow fiancee to Makoto.

    February 11th, 1942 – Genevieve invents a highly efficient gasoline formula and modifies an army truck with weapons for a trek across North Africa through Nazi lines. They seek a path to the Underworld in order to warn that it seems that Pan plans to free the Titans using the Morpheus Blade.

    February 12th – 14th, 1942 – Makoto and Grey have encounters with Nemean elephants, titanic acid-spitting camels ridden by Titan-worshipping cultists and Italian “tanks”.

    10:43 am, February 19th, 1942 – Grey investigates the Italian embassy in Cairo and finds the Naglfar Jar. He breaks it, opening a portal to Naglfar causing zombies to pour into the world. He steps into the ship to close the portal from the other side.

    11:15 am, February 19th, 1942 – One of Makoto's fiancees is kidnapped by an undead scion of Set. He makes a deal with Set for the abiltiy to draw in the soul of the scion and return it to Set. After the battle, Set takes the souls from Makoto but leaves his left hand blackened and capable of drawing upon souls.

    ????? - Grey finds himself in the Seas of the Dead and has to swim to and then climb Yggdrasil back up to Midgard. He disturbs Nidhog doing so.

    February – May, 1942 – Numerous earthquakes trouble Europe.

    May 19th, 1942 – Grey finishes his climb and comes back to the World in the Valley of Kings out of a tomb, three months after the point he went into the Underworld.

    May 22nd, 1942 – Grey and Makoto arrange to take the fiancees and Genevieve into the Underworld in order to warn Anubis of “Pan's” plan.

    3:51 pm, May 23rd, 1942 – Chinatsu, Medici, Schmidt and their followers pursue Grey and Makoto suspecting some anti-Axis plan, despite Chinatsu's best efforts to keep them off the trail and allow Grey and Makoto to deal with the Titans.

    4:02 pm, May 23rd, 1942 – Grey and Makoto receive their Demigod Visitations from Tsuki-yomi and Athena. Makoto accuses Tsuki-Yomi of doing nothing to stop the Titans from being freed, his father curses the young scion as a result, causing Makoto to suffer bad luck while the moon is in the sky.

    May 24th, 1942 – Grey, Makoto, Schmidt, Bettino and Chinatsu are sent back almost 100 years into the past by Set, once again disguised as Pan.

    January 6th, 1942 – The daughter of Henry Gray and Marcelina Zielinski-Grey is born in Egypt.

    February 3rd, 1943 – Zielinski receives a Visitation from Artemis

    March, 1943 – Zielinski, the squad and Makoto's followers aid the Allies in Italy.

    April, 1943 – Zielinski awakens the true Zeus and Caligula is unmasked. The Italian fascists lose divine support.

    May, 1943 – Grey's soldiers and Makoto's followers move to Norway to help the resistance there. The Stuka begins acquiring its own legend.

    June-August 1943 – Zielinski liberates Norway.

    January 2nd, 1944 – Grey and Zielinski's daughter is kidnapped by Nazis seeking to fulfill the prophecy that Chinatsu earlier warned them about.

    January 3rd, 1944 – Ilona Waechter, David Xiang and the Sisterhood of the Wolves rescue Grey and Zielinski's daughter.

    May 1st, 1944 – Grey and Makoto's party reappear with another copy of the Morpheus Blade on an 1840s' era sailing vessel and find themselves approached by a German warship. This is simultaneous with the apperance of the Stuka and Grey's soldiers led by Zielinski.

    May 4th, 1944 – Makoto and Grey encounter the Norns and hand to them Arthur's weapons including Excalibur, its sheath, the spear Rhongomyniad which struck the lethal blow to Mordred and the knife Carnwennan. This frees Arthur's spirit back into the streams of Fate and Time.

    May 5th, 1944 – Leaving Norway in the hands of the local military, Grey, Zielinski and Makoto race to rescue Grey's daughter.

    May 9th, 1944 – The bakemono Tai thoroughly sabotages the Nazi forces searching for the daughter.

    May 12th, 1944 – A skirmish between Schmidt, Grey and Makoto results in the death of Klaus Schmidt caught in the act of retreat. Hel arrives to take Schmidt's soul and discovers in his mind the atrocities being committed in the name of the Aesir. Grey's daughter is rescued.

    May 15th, 1944 – Makoto realizes their adversary is actually Set and that he plans to kill the Titan of Water in order to create vast deserts and increase his sway in the World.

    May 20th, 1944 – Grey and Zielinski entrust their daughter to Ilona and David as they and Makoto's group rush to stop the unmasked Set from opening the 4 gates to the Titan's prison.

    May 21st, 1944 – Odin and all Aesir revoke all support of their mortal armies.

    June 6th, 1944 – D-Day occurs unimpeded by any action of the Aesir.

    August, 1944 – Makoto, Grey, Zielinski, the elementals and all their followers reach Hashima Island and open the Gate to the Underworld there. They head down to the Gates to the Titans' Prison.

    ???? – Grey and Makoto fight shikigami and other Titanspawn.

    ???? – The scions find one door wide open with the present-copy Morpheus Blade within it and the next scorched but closed with the appearance that it had been opened and closed. They correctly assume that Set is trying to trick them into opening it.

    ???? – Set attacks the heroes with an army of ghosts and monsters in order to recover the time-duplicate Morpheus and open the second and third Gates. After a massive battle, they manage to stab the Morpheus Blade into Set, putting him into a protected sleep for as long as the Blade remains in him.

    July 16th, 1945 – The first nuclear bomb is test-fired...the legendary energy of that power is channeled by Set's interests towards the Gates of Tartarus. The Earth’s atmosphere does not ignite and does not obliterate most life on the planet. This may be due to Makoto’s story-writing campaign or the fact that Set failed to use the blast to kill the Titan of Water. Either way, the nuclear obliteration of the world is prevented by Grey and Makoto.

    ???? – Makoto and Grey recover both versions of the Morpheus Blade and flee the space between the First and Second Gates as Set starts to awaken. The force of that first test bomb flashes in over their heads in through the first gate as it closes.

    ???? – Set is killed by his own trap and the Gates of Tartarus are damaged.

    1945 – Makoto, Grey and allies leave the Underworld.

    March 15th, 1946 – Captain Henry Gray establishes a small unit of supernatural soldiers referred to as Grays’ men. They’re mostly mortals who have encountered supernatural entities and are occasionally assigned to protect Scions at the request of other gods.

    July 4th, 1946 – Henry Grey ascends to the American Pantheon as the God(Patron Saint) of Special Forces.

    June 22nd, 1946 – Makoto becomes known as Kouryo no Mikoto-Sama. (He whose mouth runs)

  • #2
    August 11th, 1946 – Asta Schenk is born a scion of Idun.

    November 15th, 1946 – Makoto marries the six yokai beholden to him.

    December 24th, 1946 – Hel receives Excalibur from the Norns and told to hold it for Arthur’s return.

    December 27th, 1946 – Hel employs the Blakely family and the dragon Maleficient to guard Excalibur

    1948 – Mariah Blakely is born a scion of Hel.

    1949 – Kali receives Carnwennan and Rhongomyniad from the Norns. She begins to reforge them into Ash B’ksh and Ghost/Thunder.

    1950 – The Titans escape via the destruction of the Gates which Set weakened

    1957 – The 13th Scholar is appointed to take over Set’s duties. Lucy Westrenra takes the 13th Scholar’s worldly duties in hand. As with the Scholar, she is prone to battling Titanspawn with savagery and cruelty.

    1959 – The first prophecy related to the Imposter comes from Walt Disney Studios in the form of the movie Sleeping Beauty

    1963 – The daughter of Zielinski and Grey takes the name Szary

    1964 – Schenk and Mariah Blakely awaken as scions and adventure with a handful of others.

    September, 1965 – Schenk discovers fragments of the Naglfar Jar and manages to rebuild and repurpose it.

    November 11th, 1965 – Harold Bear is born as a scion of Beowulf.

    1967 – Schenk steals one of the Idun apples and experiments with it, eventually putting herself into a coma. Blakely takes her to a family owned hospital in Washington on Tiger Mountain.

    March 5th, 1968 – Schenk’s spirit tries to switch bodies with Blakely, she is partially successful.

    October 31st, 1968 – Operating through Blakely’s body to deceive Hel, Schenk uses the rebuilt Naglfar Jar to trap Hel within her own Legend.

    November 7th, 1968 – Schenk becomes the Imposter and begins to act in Hel’s name.

    November 11th, 1968 – Maleficient places the whole area surrounding Tiger Mountain under a sleeping spell under the instructions of the Imposter, thinking her Hel.

    May 4th, 1969 – Circe paints a picture of a Navajo-Irish girl sitting on the Siege Perilous.

    July 10th, 1969 – The Imposter wraps a web around Maleficient, working at slipping her mind into the dragon’s.

    1970 – The Restoration Society capture a Gorgon.

    1971 – Lightbringer Corp is established by the Blakely Family with the aim of neutering and harnessing the Titan of Light.

    1972 – The Imposter insinuates herself into the Blakely family posing as a lost daughter.

    1973 – The Imposter contacts the Restoration Society via their combined researches into healing divine ailments. The Imposter suggests the plan to awaken Gabriel so that Mallory/Mordred might defeat it.

    1974 – Quincy Harker allies with Dr. Szary and the children of Mikoto to begin to hide the various keys to the seals on Gabriel.

    1975 – Aten supplies angels and Mordred supplies ghostly knights to heighten the protection on Hel’s prison. Mallory lays out his spider servants.

    May 25th, 1977 – Lugh begins work on the Droid Null.

    1981 – Harold Bear begins to call himself C@S3.

    May 4th, 1981 – The Pixies: Allie, Amber, Key, Lavender and Patch are born.

    September 17th, 1981 – Captain Matters stumbles into a Titanspawn plot and has it mostly cleared before a scion of Kali appears on the scene.

    1982 – The Naglfar Jar, now Hel’s prison, is stolen by Merlin, it is placed in a lake on land owned by Merlin under the name of Mr. King. The land begins to suffer similar to Hel.

    1983 – The conflict over the Gate Keys comes to a stalemate.

    1985 – Harold Bear is Visited by Beowulf and receives the Beowulf Cluster relic.

    May 7th, 1986 – Munashe born.

    August 5th, 1986 – Kismet is born within Kali’s kennels.

    1987 – The Imposter completes her insinuation into Maleficient’s mind

    1988 – Robin Hood takes on the persona of Eric Langely and marries Marie Medici family.

    1989 – Jackson Hodges is born a scion of Hermes.

    1990 – Cornelius Langely, a scion of Robin Hood is born to the Medici family.

    February 9th, 1991 – Kay is reincarnated as Huang Ah, a scion of Kuan Yin is born.

    February 13th, 1991 – Marie Medici divorces Eric Langely upon discovering his true nature.

    February 14th, 1991 – Jeanette Emile Leon, a scion of D’Artagnan, is born.

    March 15th, 1991 – Arthur is reincarnated as Rajan Rao, a scion of Kali. His divine parents leave him in the care of mortal guardians in the United States.

    1992 – Naomi Medici is born to Marie Medici. Naomi’s scion blood runs true and she is adopted by Hermes.

    May 4th, 1993 – Galahad is reincarnated as Caoimhe, a scion of Lugh

    1995 – The Restoration Society identifies Caoimhe as the reincarnated Galahad

    1996 – Munashe hacks the Restoration Society. Mallory personally recruits her.

    2001 – Caoimhe’s mother is killed and Caoimhe is captured by agents of the Restoration Society.

    2002 – Caoimhe’s memory is erased and she is told she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Post

    2003 – Patch discovers Nick Fury and starts wearing an eye patch.

    2004 – Jackson Hodges becomes the hacker named B00K.

    2006 – Caoimhe begins high school and meets Rajan Rao.

    2007 – B00K is Visited by Hermes.

    January, 2009 – Rajan Rao enters the military.

    October 20th, 2009 – The Imposter locates where Hel’s prison is hidden, manipulates Lightbringer Corporation to begin purchasing land there.

    December 5th, 2009 – Caoimhe’s mortal brother finds her with and explains things before being killed by Mrs. Post, a monster of some kind. Caoimhe kills Mrs. Post and goes on the run.

    April, 2010 – B00K meets C@S3

    May 4th, 2010 – The five pixies find and start to shadow Caoimhe

    June, 2010 – Rajan Rao first sees action in the special forces.

    September, 2010 – Mallory begins experimenting with stealing people’s shadows in order to make an infusion of darkness. Part of a quest to heal Mordred.

    October 31st, 2010 – Caoimhe has her Visitation on the road. The pixies introduce themselves.

    December 24th, 2010 – Caoimhe meets Mike Gatlin of the FBI. Begins to stay with the Gatlin family. Claire, Mike’s wife, and June, their daughter.

    2011 – Rajan Rao is visited by Kali and granted Ash B’ksh and Ghost/Thunder. Kismet is granted to his care.

    January 5th, 2012 – Rajan Rao comes to Seattle to meet his old friend Caoimhe. He is accosted by punks but he defeats some easily Caoimhe drives the others away as her pixies imitate a police car light array.

    January 6th, 2012 – Rajan and Caoimhe are attacked by shadow monsters, they track down the makers of the shadow drug and put a stop to it.

    11:15 am, February 2nd, 2012 – Naomi Medici is hired to rob a bank for the Lightbringer Corporation. She uses mundane bank robbers as a distraction, but her plan is interfered with by Rajan and Caoimhe.

    11:18 am, 2012 – Rajan and Kismet try to track down Naomi.

    12:25 pm, February 2nd, 2012 – Caoimhe tracks down the key to a carnival. She meets Huang Ah.

    3:40 pm, February 2nd, 2012 – In communication with Naomi Medici, Caoimhe creates a fake account in the Belgian Embassy as The Legend of Waffles begins.

    February 3rd, 2012 – Naomi is captured by Rajan and Caoimhe, several Lightbringer mercs try to capture her themselves but are stopped. Naomi is vigil branded and allowed to leave.

    February 10th, 2012 – Rajan undergoes an exercise at the Seattle military base under his old commander Col. Matters. He ends up using Caoimhe to hack into the system to give him cover.

    February 11th, 2012 – Caoimhe uncovers a Titanspawn plot.

    February 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe is sent by Aingeal to Dr. Szary for advice on medusa. Caoimhe sees the portrait of the girl sitting on the Siege Perilous and recognizes herself.

    10:54 am, February 13th, 2012 – The medusa running the plot is very similar in appearance to Mr. Post. She is kidnapped by the medusa. Rajan’s vigil brand recognizes she’s in danger and he goes to rescue her.

    11:47 am, February 13th, 2012 – Munashe, a legendary mortal hacker, tries to target Caoimhe with an orbital laser. Caoimhe shuts it down in a hacker battle that rages through the Seattle PD and the British Consulate. This enhances the legend of Waffles.

    February 15th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan track the Restoration Society to their facility in the Canada wilds.

    February 16th, 2012 – Seattle PD forensics begins having issues trying to understand the idea that someone is firing around a caseless, bullet-less anti-material rifle from impossible angels.

    February 17th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan assault the Mordred base and kill several darkness-infused medusa, but opt not to face either the Gorgon or the powerful darkness titanspawn held imprisoned within the base.

    February 19th, 2012 – Stories of Caoimhe incapacitating the base while broadcasting a techno-remix of “All your base are belong to us” leak out. The Legend of Waffles grows further. “You got waffled” enters the hacker slang.

    February 20th, 2012 – Caoimhe plants stories to keep people away from the area around the Mordred base.

    March-May 2012 – Compromised by the raid, a crack opening to the Titanrealm of Shadow and another to the Titanrealm of Earth opens in the base. Stheno is possessed by the captive darkness-titan. She proves too much to control and simple absorbs the darkness spawn’s nature for herself.

    March-May 2012 – The base, due to Caoimhe’s stories and the Titanstuff flooding it, becomes semi-sentient. It takes on the identity of The Arena.

    March-May 2012 – The Arena and Stheno opt to continue supporting Mordred’s plan. The Arena corrupted soldiers begin kidnapping people and feeding them gorgon blood.

    March 5th, 2012 – Rajan Rao goes house hunting and purchases a house built over a dwarven mine that shelters several other reformed titanspawn. He fights a lava monster for the dwarves and pulls the beast’s molten metal heart out of it. This molten metal is fashioned into a sword-shaped pin or brooch for Rajan.

    March 6th, 2012 – Naomi steals a second key.

    March 11th, 2012 – Caoimhe receives a prophecy related to the keys. Rajan breaks a cup amongst the dwarves, Arael asks that he replaces it. The whole smacks of prophecy in itself.

    March 12th, 2012 – Naomi learns about the keys and their purpose from Caoimhe and Rajan.

    11:25 am March 13th, 2012 – Rajan and Caoimhe try to catch Naomi’s employer. They end up in a battle with some of Makoto and Genevieve’s children.

    3:25 pm March 13th, 2012 – Rajan pursue Naomi’s employer and encounter the Imposter. Rajan steals a fragment of Hel’s skin the Imposter was using to keep her disguise as the Goddess.

    4:50 pm, March 13th, 2012 – Rajan wears Hel’s skin, it grafts to his leg.

    7:00 pm March 15th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan Rao go to a small town to the West to visit Mr. King. They have a meeting with Elaine and Mr. King. They’re given the Holy Grail.

    8:56 pm March 15th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan dive into the lake and find the Naglfar Jar, breaking it brings them into Hel’s prison, a mockery of Helheim.

    9:45 pm March 15th, 2012 – Caoimhe lays a geas upon Rajan to help bring out his full potential so that he might fight the Angel guarding the prison. The geas binds Rajan to remain loyal to Hel.

    10:11 pm, March 15th, 2012 – The angel is dispatched, and Mordred’s ghost knights are forced to turn aside.

    11:59 pm, March 15th, 2012 – Hel is baptized by Caoimhe as Flora using the Holy Grail and begins to shed her legend. This allows her to leave the Legend Trap the Imposter placed her in. Flora promises that when Hel is simply a faded memory she will turn over Excalibur as her dowry.

    12:01 am, March 16th 2012 – The Imposter possesses a corpse and gives it a semblance of life. She later uses this to become June Gatlin’s Friend

    3:51 am, March 16th, 2012 – Caoimhe, Rajan and Flora escape the Legend Trap and acquire another key within the lair of Mallory’s spiders and shadow beings. Flora is cursed with a Nightmare Thought.

    4:21 am, March 16th, 2012 – Ise’s family is kidnapped from their camping ground. Her parents are killed for their eyes. She is infected with gorgon blood.

    6:33 am, March 16th, 2012 – Escaping the Legend Trap completely, Caoimhe, Rajan and Flora first find themselves receiving a Visitation from Kali and Lugh. Kali approves of the handfast between Rajan and Flora.

    March 17th, 2012 – Leaving the Visitation, Caoimhe, Rajan and Flora are accosted by Mallory and Lightbringer Corporation. Caoimhe hijacks the Restoration Society orbital laser to strike the heavy vehicles. Void arrives with her own children and children of Genevieve as reinforcements. The scions and yokai fight clear. Robin Hood, D’Artagnan and Kuan Yin attend the Visitation in order to meet Caoimhe.

    March 20th, 2012 – Caoimhe, Rajan return to Seattle with Flora. The Nightmare Thought continues to afflict Flora everytime she sees shadows, threatening to force her to using her powers to remove the curse and thus find herself once again being Hel and back in the Imposter’s Legend Trap.

    March-December, 2012 – Seats commonly used by Caoimhe at the University of Washington begin to take on characteristics similar to the Siege Perilous, they bring bad luck to anybody other than Caoimhe who sits in them.

    April 7th, 2012 – Flora admits to the Nightmare Thought cursing her.

    April 10th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan use powers, alchemy and magic to flush Flora’s soul and leave her asleep during the danger period so that she can escape the Nightmare Thought.

    May 3rd, 2012 – Aingeal sets up Caoimhe with three suitors Cornelius Langely, Jeannette Emile Leon and Huang Ah.

    May 4th, 2012 – Caoimhe meets Jeannette.

    May 6th, 2012 – Caoimhe meets Cornelius, urged by her Trickster geas to prank him.

    May 7th, 2012 – Gorgonpocalypse. Stheno and Mordred send a number of medusa to attack and possible transform several of the people Caoimhe and Rajan are connected to. Arael loses an eye.

    May 8th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan resolve to destroy Stheno and begin to set about arming themselves to do so.

    May 9th, 2012 – Rajan speaks to Col. Matters and encounters Makoto Chen and Henry Grey, full Gods of the Amatsukami and Yankee Pantheons. They clarify that they’re too busy with the Overworld War to spend much time on Earth and leave the key situation to Rajan and Caoimhe.

    May 11th, 2012 – Naomi steals another key and passes it to the Sisterhood of the Wolf.

    May 12th, 2012 – Cornelius leaves to find a bride-price to present to Lugh…following a conversation the pixies let him hear under Caoimhe’s instructions.

    May 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe tracks down an Axis Mundi that leads to Camelot. Rajan, Caoimhe and Jeannette travel to Camelot to retrieve Clarent and the Green Knight’s Axe.

    ???? – Caoimhe, Rajan and Jeannette face a small pack of Questing Beasts, hordes of flies and a duel with Sir Gawain in the guise of a Black Knight before coming to the Green Knight.

    ???? – The Green Knight allows them use of the Axe so long as they immediately return it after finishing Stheno.

    ???? – Caoimhe, Rajan and Jeannette sneak into Camelot Castle and Caoimhe takes Clarent from the Siege Perilous.

    ???? – Rajan declares himself the King Returned the first time to intimidate the ghosts in service to Mordred.

    6:00 am to 4:00 pm July 4th, 2012 – Rajan, Caoimhe and Jeanne make an assault on the Arena which has become a very pseudo-real place of titanic darkness and earth. They manage to slay Stheno.

    7:00pm, July 4th, 2012 – Rajan, Caoimhe and Jeanne rescue Ise and take her home.

    ???? – Caoimhe returns the Green Man’s Axe. Along the way she seems to set about the story of Tristain and Isolde.

    4:00 pm, July 5th, 2012 – Rajan deals with the dwarves and asks for a cure for Ise’s gorgon-blood infection, a banner using the gorgon’s head for his armies and bullets bathed in the lethal blood of the gorgon. They require a cure for their own problem with sunlight, that their names be on the banner and for cable television in their cave.

    ???? – Caoimhe is accosted by ghosts she can’t easily see while trying to return to Seattle from Camelot. She calls Rajan who declares himself Arthur reborn a second time to rally the righteous dead of Camelot to action.

    5:55 pm, July 5th, 2012 – Several of Mordred’s loyal dead and specters escape into the World. Many take possession of politicians in British Parliament.

    7:00 pm, July 5th, 2012 – Leaving Camelot, Caoimhe has a prophecy that seems to be interrupted giving her just static.

    4:00 pm, July 15th, 2012 – Rajan, Caoimhe and Flora have a council of war with Mr. King, Elaine, Areal, Ash Campbell and Aingeal

    7:00 pm, July 15th, 2012 – The Imposter attempts to steal the Grail. The Grail vanishes.

    July 16th, 2012 – Jeanne leaves to find a bride-price to present to Lugh

    July 17th, 2012 – B00K and C@S3 have a drone flyby over her daughter’s school.

    4:37pm, July 18th, 2012 – Munashe uses the drone flyby to extort Naomi to work with her.

    4:38pm July 18th, 2012 – Naomi dispatches a squirrel to deliver a message and have her daughter moved.

    August 9th, 2012 – Naomi is taken to Munashe’s facility, where they can keep an eye on her until Rajan and Caoimhe are taken care of. They fail to keep an eye on her.

    August 11th, 2012 – Seattle is covered in storm clouds

    5:36 am, August 12th, 2012 – Dwight Byrd and his team take training under Rajan and the Seattle SWAT

    7:15 am, August 12th, 2012 – Flash mobs appear at various places around Seattle doing a rendition of Singing in the Rain

    7:16 am, August 12th, 2012 – Multiple simultaneous bank robberies call Seattle SWAT across town

    7;23 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe hears a bit of static identical to that given by her prophecy earlier. Discovers a hacking assault in progress on the University of Washington

    7:23:02 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Battle of Seattle begins

    7:23:02:03 am 2012 – Hungry Dead attack the University of Washington

    7:23:02:05 am, August 12th, 2012 – Drones attack the training ground and several flash mobs, Byrd assumes Rajan is behind it.

    7:23:02:07 am, August 12th, 2012 – Mummies attack the museum where Huang Ah is researching transformations for the dwarves and Rajan.

    7:23:02:08 am, August 12th, 2012 – Hellhounds, Giant Spiders, Giants, Fenrir Wolves, Nemeans and Zombies attack Seattle at flash mob points

    7:23:02:09 am, August 12th, 2012 – Mordred worshippers attack the Rao House and Dwarven Hold

    7:23:02:10 am, August 12th, 2012 – Medusae with commando training attempt to hijack a plane Jeanne is flying on.

    7:24 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe repels Hungry Dead at Univeristy and first hacking assault.

    7:25 am, August 12th, 2012 – Commando units attack the responding SWAT teams at the bank robberies.

    7:27 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan declares himself Arthur reborn for the third time, uses ichor to briefly take on the appearance of Arthur from his past life memories. Uses the Liege Voice knack to speak to all his followers.

    7:35 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan split into multiple copies of themselves.

    7:38 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Mordred Grail-search team is dropped in to aid Dwight Byrd against Rajan, they are forced to retreat. One of Byrd’s followers is injured by a SWAT team traitor in order to foment conflict between the two groups..

    7:39 am, August 12th, 2012 – Byrd’s people fail to make any dent on Rajan and are allowed to leave to help contain the Titanspawn attacking the city.

    7:40:01 am, August 12th, 2012 – Colleen faces a Nemean Tiger and several commando squads

    7:40:02 am, August 12th, 2012 – M&M face Hell hounds and soldiers

    7:40:03 am, August 12th, 2012 – Silas Lott hunts down several Fenrir, killing three of them.

    7:41 am, August 12th, 2012 – Therianthropes attack the FBI building

    August 12th, 2012 – Giants attack a Shinto Shrine being visited by Cornelius somewhere in Japan

    7:42 am, August 12th, 2012 – Titanspawn attack Dr. Szary’s house

    7:43 am, August 12th, 2012 – Zombies attack the Gatlin house

    7:44 am, August 12th, 2012 – Spiders attack the Needle. Aingeal attempts to hold them back.

    7:46 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rakshasha attack Ash’s store, Ash drawn out of his protections when the Rakshasha attack bystanders.

    7:50 am, August 12th, 2012 – Ghosts attack and possess soldiers at the military base. Matters can’t be possessed due to anti-possession tattoos.

    7:51 am, August 12th, 2012 – Angels attack Mr. King’s house…Mr. King revealed to be Merlin, Elaine, Morgan Le Fay and Nimue are all present for the battle.

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Imposter takes over June Gatlin’s school

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe duplicate goes to the plane where Jeanne is

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe duplicate goes to the FBI building

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caomihe duplicate goes to the Needle

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan duplicate goes to the Rao House

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan duplicate goes to Silas Lott

    7:52 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan duplicate goes to the military base.

    7:55 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe discovers the Demeter in the skies above Seattle.

    7:55 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan and Caoimhe duplicates face the Imposter and her hounds at June’s school

    7:55 – 10:31 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe duplicate clears the Gatlin neighborhood of zombies

    8:02 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan duplicate reaches the Demeter and speaks to the 13th Scholar, who mentions he is only there to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

    8:02 am, August 12th, 2012 – Mallory appears and battles Rajan on the Demeter

    8:03 am, August 12th, 2012 – Digital Kamehame Ha begins to charge. Caoimhe invokes that Galahad can’t be beaten during the day and applies it to the digital battle.

    8:07 am, August 12th, 2012 – Naomi shuts down Munashe’s firewall via her Saboteur’s Eyes.

    8:07:01 am, August 12th, 2012 – Digital Kamehame Ha released. Caoimhe complete destroys Munashe’s hacker army without them realizing it. You just can’t beat Waffles.

    9:15 am, August 12th, 2012 – Confidential Restoration Society files leaked all over the internet.

    9:20 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Rao House is cleared, Rajan duplicate goes to Ash’s store.

    9:21 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Fenrir at Silas back down in front of Rajan and agree to serve him.

    9:21 am, August 12th, 2012 – The Caoimhe duplicate at the Needle uses Sacrificial Virgin to draw all the titanspawn spiders’ attention to her and leads them on a trail through the city. The monster train grows as they move along.

    9:30 am, August 12th, 2012 – Ghost at the military base exorcised. Rajan uses computer to take over a couple of drones and send them against enemies.

    9:37 am, August 12th, 2012 – C@S3 realizes what happened and tries to get his hijacked drones to track on the Caoimhe duplicates.

    9:37:10 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe takes control of the remaining of the stolen drones.

    9:38 am, August 12th, 2012, - C@S3 takes over a nuclear-capable stealth bomber and two F-22 raptors and remote flies them towards Seattle.

    9:40 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe duplicate clears the Jeanne’s plane of medusa with her fiancee’s help. The plane is damaged. Caoimhe begins to try to guide it to a landing using her Sky purview to fly and Wind Grapple the plane.

    9:42 am, August 12th, 2012 – Naomi acquires a new key.

    9:43 am, August 12th, 2012 – Naomi gets Caoimhe to contact B00K and C@S3 and uses it to teleport herself to their position. She begins setting explosives.

    9:44 am, August 12th, 2012 – Henryk Gray, second child of Zielinski and Gray, takes to the air in the Stuka.

    10:15 am, August 12th, 2012 – Munashe realizes that her hacker army is fighting a virtual simulation instead of the real Caoimhe.

    10:23 am, August 12th, 2012 – Henryk Gray in The Stuka dog-fights the F-22s. He is winning

    10:27 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan wins his duel with Mallory but it is just a duplicate itself. He leaps over to the Stealth Bomber.

    10:28 am, August 12th, 2012 – Naomi’s explosives go off. B00K and C@S3 are caught in the explosion, their fate is unknown.

    10:35 am. August 12th, 2012 – Rajan forces the stealth bomber into the ocean, the duplicate Rajan is destroyed with the plane.

    10:37 am, August 12th, 2012 – Rajan, M&M, Silas and the Fenrir rendezvous to tear into the horde of giants and spiders pursuing one of the Caoimhe duplicates.

    10:40 am, August 12th, 2012 – Caoimhe soothes the Nemean Tiger and takes her as a pet…she names the tiger “Chevron”.

    11:55 am, August 12th, 2012 – The FBI building is cleared of therianthropes.

    12:00 pm, August 12th, 2012 – All major mercenary and monster infestations cleared. Fighting continues for several more days.

    August 15th onward – Specter possessed British politicians decry the United States for the drone attack on their citizens in Seattle (many of the flash mob participants were related to prominent British officials in the Seattle consulate). British and American relations grow bitter and Britain begins raising allies against the States.

    August 19th, 2012 – The Battle of Seattle winds to a close.

    August 20th – September 11th, 2012 – Several FBI employees infected with lycanthropy of one type or another commit suicide.

    August 25th, 2012 – Rajan, Caoimhe, Huang Ah, Arael, Aingeal, Naomi, Flora, Colleen, Mayra, Murray and Silas meet to discuss situation and plans.

    August 25th, 2012 – Naomi brings the new key she took from Munashe, this one is a reproduction.

    August 25th, 2012 – The SWAT are sent north to hunt for the Grail.

    August 25th, 2012 – Huang Ah continues to research the dwarven sunlight problem.

    August 25th, 2012 – Caoimhe receives a prophecy regarding several images from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

    August 25th, 2012 – Flora announces that she has completely escaped the fate of Hel. She declares herself ready to take them to Excalibur.

    11:39 am, September 1st, 2012 – There’s an earthquake along the road heading to pick up Excalibur. Mr. Post with CIA agents appears on the scene and try to take Caoimhe into custody.

    2:05 pm, September 3rd, 2012 – Caoimhe, Rajan, Flora and Chevron move into the forest and find draconic creatures attacking them.

    3:10 pm, September 3rd, 2012 – Caoimhe, Rajan and crew find themselves entering a hedge maze filled with deadly, rotting vines and consuming swarms of insects.

    5:01 pm, September 4th, 2012 – Rajan with some guidance by Flora leads them to the cave wherein Excalibur lies. The Imposter takes full control of Maleficient and tries to trick Rajan into ruining the ceremony turning over the relic so that she can claim it.

    5:03 pm, September 4th, 2012 – Rajan forces The Imposter out of Maleficient. Maleficient turns over Excalibur and insists the scions leave.

    September 4th, 2012 – Rajan and Caoimhe continue deeper into the maze and confront one of Byrd’s scion allies and some Lightbringer corporation mercs. The younger scion is forced to back down and withdraw.

    11:54 pm, September 5th, 2012 – Rajan and Caoimhe come to a town covered in the sickly vines wrapped around dozens of people.

    12:03 pm, September 5th, 2012 – At the center of the town is a hospital in which The Imposter’s old body lies in coma with Blakely’s spirit within it trapped in a virtual dream reality.

    12:05 pm, September 5th, 2012 – Rajan seals the body from harmful influences, cutting the tie that the Imposter needed to finally leave it behind. She completely inhabits Blakely’s body now.

    12:07 pm, September 5th, 2012 – Caoimhe enters the dream reality and brings Blakely’s spirit out of the illusion and cures the coma.

    12:10 pm, September 5th, 2012 – The Imposter flees the area via helicopter leaving behind a nuclear bomb to destroy the site as well as Rajan and Caoimhe. She is shot by Thunder but manages to escape via her purview powers. However, her newly claimed body is now crippled.

    12:12 pm, September 5th, 2012 Caoimhe disarms the bomb.

    12:23 pm, September 5th, 2012 – Matters arrives with several of Grays’ men to take control of the Blakely compound.

    September 7th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan decide to take care of the reproduced keys before they become a problem. They get munitions from Col Matters.

    September 9th, 2012 – They take a passage with Chevron through the museum that has the portal to Camelot.

    ???? - Passing through Camelot, they harass some of Mordred’s forces including Munashe and Mallory.

    ???? – Caoimhe binds herself to Camelot.

    September 11th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan arrive in South Africa and pass their way out of the city

    September 13th, 2012 – Caoimhe and Rajan head north to uncover the key factory. They find it staffed by human slaves overseen by harpy soldiers and a mother harpy. Kongamata fly in the skies.

    12:01 am, September 14th, 2012 – Rajan brings down the mostly hollow mountain that the Kongamata are using for a nest.

    1:15 am, September 14th, 2012 – Caoimhe is caught sneaking about in the factory by the mother harpy, a battle ensues. Between her, Rajan and the harpies

    1:15:30 am, September 14th, 2012 – Jeanne uses Come Running to teleport to the battle when Caoimhe is in danger at one point.

    1:15:56 am, September 14th, 2012 – The Mother Harpy is killed.

    September 15th, 2012 – A giant Kongamata pursues them as they leave the area, mission accomplished, and it is made even larger, into a full typhonic, sun-infused Kongamata due to Aten’s interference. The Typhonic Kongamata is killed and the scions skin it for the trophy.

    ???? – Caoimhe, Jeanne and Rajan take a short cut back home through the Titan-Darkness corrupted area about King Solomon’s Mines. The volcano the Mines are built into is revealed to be one of Gabriel’s seven seals.

    10:30 am, September 27th, 2012 – They appear out of King Solomon’s Mines onto the slopes of Mt. Ranier passing from one volcano to the other via their metaphysical connection.

    10:50 am, September 27th, 2012 – Kali, Lugh and D’Artagnan come down to give Caoimhe, Jeanne and Rajan their final Visitations.

    12:00pm, September 27th, 2012, Flora is accepted as a Deva scion adopted and marries Rajan.

    September 28th, 2012 – Speaking to Huang Ah, they decide speaking to Aten’s direct enemy, the Pesedjet, is the best idea to getting the dwarves free of sunlight and decide to approach the 13th Scholar for an introduction.

    September 29th, 2012 - Caoimhe and Rajan begin making plans to travel to Carpathia in order to speak to the 13th Scholar.

    October 2nd, 2012 - Caoimhe and Jean travel to Carpathia to deal with Lucy Westrena and the 13th Scholar. In exchange for an embassy in the to be freed Camelot, Lucy and the Scholar agree to speak for the scions with the Pesedjet.

    October 2nd, 2012 – Aten's forces attack the Borgo Pass. Caoimhe and Jean participate in the defense. Rajan uses Come Running to appear. The angels of Aten are turned aside.

    October 5th, 2012 – Rajan calls a council of war to plan the attack on Camelot. The SWAT and demigods are left to the search for the Grail. Col Mathers and the FBI bring the majority of Rajan and Caoimhe's forces, spec-ops soldiers trained for the supernatural and those survivors of the therianthrope attack on the FBI, including some recently made God-aligned therianthropes. In addition, Caoimhe is brings her pixies, who now have followers of their own, and her baensidhe guide, Aingeal. A pack of 8 fenrir pups led by Kismet are also present. Once there, Rajan plans to call up the loyal dead of Camelot to even the odds on the ghostly side. Jean, Arael, Flora, and most of the residents of the dwarf cave are also coming. Naomi and Lucy Westrenra are to lead the dwarves and 30 divine-created vampires as well as Huang-Ah and Cornelius Lockley in a sneak assault on Camelot meant to raise the Aegis banner made from the gorgon's head.

    October 7th, 2012 – The Battle of Camelot. Mordred is lured out of Camelot by the appearance of Rajan and Rajan's renewed declaration of being Arthur reborn. Mordred's forces outnumber Rajan and Caoimhe's greatly, but they get some reinforcements from the forest in the form of the Black Knight (Sir Gawain) and several warriors of the forest driving a stampede of questing beasts into Mordred's vanguard. The questing beasts continue their stampede and are destroyed by Mordred's main forces. Mordred and Rajan duel with Mordred, despite being crippled by Henry Gray, starting off with a marginal advantage though completely unable to do more than hound Rajan and give small injuries. Caoimhe duels with Marley in a semi-aerial battle. (the results of both duels were single die rolls of 100 dice vs 100 dice). Mordred looks like he's about to lay a solid blow when Rajan's Aegis banner rises up in Camelot for all to see and the magic of the gorgon freezes all the enemies who look up at it with pure terror. Fate rapidly turns against Mordred. In his rage, Mordred adapts the Avatar state of War: The General. He finds himself blocked by Rajan, in the Avatar form of Guardian: The Sentinel. Rajan is further supported by the Verdant (Flora, in the Avatar of Fertility), the Crown (Jean as the Avatar of Stars) and the Wyrd (Caoimhe as the Avatar of Fate itself). Mordred is vanquished seeming to shatter and all his death knights and specters leave with him, though he is not destroyed. Rajan is proclaimed king of Camelot.