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Brainstorming boons for custom purview (non-Scion setting)

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  • Brainstorming boons for custom purview (non-Scion setting)

    I'm not looking for mechanics here. Our group is basing the game on the scion mechanics, but we're doing things like replacing automatic successes with bonus dice and linear increase of power rather than the 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, so on pattern. We also have to buy epics and knacks separately...but XP costs are reduced. No favored abilities or powers.

    The setting is not the Scion canon. It is instead inspired by Type-Moon visual novels and anime (Fate/Stay-Night, Fate/Extra, Fate/Khallid-Liner, Tsukihime, Fate/Zero, Canaan, Kara no Kyoukai, etc). But it is not TM either...for one thing, psychotic mage houses are the exception rather than the rule.

    All of us are university aged kids with some small sort of supernatural power we keep to ourselves (we get 1 dot of supernatural stuff for free: 1 Epic, 1 knack, 1 boon, 1 relic, or 1 creature...we can buy more with bonus points if we want) for some reason or another.

    So far we have a lone survivor of a mage house that was experimenting with causality...he's going to be using custom built time pieces to affect causality.

    A prophet whose origin I know little about.

    Someone suggested having a character with the supernatural ability to clean things.

    And then my character is unknowingly a homonculus created to replace her "father's" dead daughter (she believes she is said daughter and just survived the accident when the drunk driver plowed into her and her mother). The make up of my character involves the ashes of the dead wife and daughter and almost the entire artifact collection of her father...mostly items that became special by being near exceptional people like Scheherazade, Jim Bowie and so on. And one major artifact: the sword Durandal. Pygmalion's tools were used in her creation (the only artifact he had at the time that didn't get destroyed in the process of making her) and I've told the GM that something other than the character's father, something beyond human, intervened in her creation and that she might very well be the soul of the sword given human life. She expects to inherit her father's magecraft, but he's been stand-offish about teaching her much of the world so she only has an Occult 1 from her hazy memories and her "imaginations" (flashes of things experienced by the items that went into making her).

    I've got ideas that she'll pick up Sky's Grace later (but not Wind's Freedom) due to having threads of one of Sinbad's carpets in her make up, but her main power set will be based on the fact that the most powerful single item that went into her creation is Durandal.

    I'm considering it as a pantheon purview which she will have to purchase in order and calling it Cathedral baing around the concept of "keeping faith".

    First rank power:

    My Faith in You
    Charisma + Presence
    Cost: 1 Legend per bonus die

    Suzume gives the subject a pep talk regarding her confidence in their ability to do the right thing or accomplish a certain task. They get a number of bonus dice added to rolls related to that task or choice for a number of actions equal to her rolled successes. The maximum number of bonus dice she can give is equal to the highest rated boon she has in Cathedral (currently she can only give 1 bonus die). She can only use this an a particular person once per day.

    I'm trying to come up with concepts for the further ranks....I have some time since I don't think we'll be getting past Legend 2 for a while, also due to the altered mechanics, I'm more interested in brainstorming concepts than full mechanics.

    Other powers I'm thinking of:

    Unwavering - Bonuses to resist mind-controling and fear attacks related to turning you aside from a specific task.

    Parting the Sea - Rendering an area free of a particular environmental hazard or area effect attack.

    Unbroken - Bonuses to soak while acting in accord with her virtues.

    If anybody has any other power ideas in this concept, please tell me.

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    I think you're going to have to expound a bit on what you're looking for, and what you mean by "Keeping Faith". How is that related to canceling AoEs? Btw, environmental hazards have no teeth in Scion, so that isn't a particularly handy power.

    Also... I really just have to say, I cannot possibly imagine why you'd use Scion to model anime. There are dozens of anime systems that actually work. Why use a broken, imbalanced, poorly written system like Scion when you don't have to? It boggles my mind. If there was a system that worked better for representing mythological demigods, everyone would use that instead of Scion. It's just that there aren't many (any). But for anime? Duuuude. Soooo many better choices.

    I'm a professor! Why is no one listening to me?!


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      Because we're playtesting ways to reduce the power creep and are making alternate settings to try it in.

      We have another hacked scion game where in the characters are mostly MMO players sucked into an alternate reality as their characters.

      as to the canceling AoEs...not so much canceling as diverting

      keeping to your promises or upholding your virtues and causing facets of reality that would be an obstacle to you to be shunted aside.

      The thing that came to mind is some sort of dragon or other fire-producing threat like a napalm bomb or whatever diverting harmless around my character and the people immediately behind her as she stands their serenely with hand held out.

      But yeah, we're actively looking at ways to adjust the system to be less broken and less overwhelmingly and insanely powerful.
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