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Idle thoughts on crafting synergy.

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  • Idle thoughts on crafting synergy.

    My friends and I were discussing something one day and decided to see how many bonuses we could pile up on a crafting check using Legend 12 Gods.

    Assuming a Dodecatheon crafting with Epic Int 11, Epic 11 in the appropriate crafting ability, ArĂȘte 10 in the appropriate crafting ability using relic tools which were spoken to by an Amatsukami that dumped all their Legend into Helpful Spirit (105 bonus dice for X number of days). After a Tuatha de Danaan placed a relic geas on the Dodecatheon crafter related to the tools they were using.

    I'm sure there were other bonuses I'm currently forgetting.

    But what sort of item would require 222 crafting dice and 46 auto successes (before accounting for stunting, Legend channels and Virtue channels.)?

    The world's funniest joke from Monty Python?
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    Probably an Overworld. Build your own and populate it with your own people. I know that my players want to do that with their Band.


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      A brand new Tartarus for whatever escaped Titans are bothering you?