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  • 191) It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Then again, a lot of things do when the Handsome Monkey King is on his fourth barrel of sake. The Japanese were being so hospitable, and he really wanted to show people he wasn't as selfish as he used to be! So why not give them a new hero? One that, conveniently, already has a cult following to drum up some worship. Well, turns out bringing Hatsune Miku to life as a Scion may have come across wrong, since now she's his‚Äč Scion and the Shen are being accused of muscling in on Kami territory. Because nobody really expects Sun Wukong to clean up his own mess (or particularly wants him to try) you've been sent to try and deal with this before a war breaks out.

    192) Hermes, Dionysus and Hephaestus all walk into a bar. It sounds like the setup to a bad joke, but after an event involving enough alcohol to poison a small country, "Demons" by Imagine Dragons playing on the radio and the destruction and immediate divine reconstruction of a bridge in Dublin, it instead resulted in a new Scion made of pure, enchanted gold, infused with power from each god and proclaimed the new Saint, Divine Herald and Immortal Representationer of the Theoi. Apparently some gods get their words muddled when sufficiently drunk. As always happens when any pantheon does anything the others are already racing to respond, and you've been chosen to defend the new Golden Boy from threats and challenges. Lucky you!


    • 193) It's official, the moon landing was fake. The technology used at the time was too experimental and to be honest, mankind didn't really know what they were doing. But now, decades later, the government is secretly trying to plan a secondary attempt, one that will put a man on the moon for real! Unfortunately, the various moon deities are opposed to the idea of mortals showing up unannounced and planting a flag on their front lawn. They've contacted you to sabotage the space program and ensure that mortals remember to stick to their own planetoid.

      194) When hearing the word 'demon,' most westerners instantly think of the most evil creatures in existence. Well it turns out that quite a large number of demons in the east are perfectly capable of civilized behavior, and they've decided that they would like to debunk the negative stereotypes held against them. They've started to migrate over seas, bringing along their best and their brightest to show that not all demons are monsters. Unfortunately, most people (who are aware of their presence) instantly leaped to conclusions and believe they are now under some sort of demonic invasion. Regardless of your beliefs on the subject, you've been contacted to act as mediator and sort this mess out before things turn into a cultural bloodbath!


      • 195) "I don't care what the skalds wrote, we did NOT have sex! We were wrestling. There's a difference!" Two rivals Scions with a long history of heated arguments and conflict between them have found themselves in a strange predicament. During their last confrontation, in which they found themselves locked in hand to hand combat while attempting to strangle the life out of each other, one of them somehow got the other one pregnant and now they're fated to give birth to a Giant who will grow up to be an absurdly powerful warrior because he was literally conceived in battle. Nobody knows how this happened, but the two Scions involved are pointing fingers at the skalds and priests who misconstrued their battle as a metaphor for some hard core sex. Neither one of them is ready to be a parent, especially not for each other's child. But the Norns have warned that terminating it will piss off Fate, so they've turned to you for assistance.

        ( props to anybody who wants to take a crack at what the skald's poem might be. )
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        • 196) It was a childish wish, made out of ignorance. Not long ago you (or perhaps a member of the band) performed a service for the Kami and they offered to grant their servant one wish as a reward. Without properly thinking of the consequences, they wished to become "stronger than the strong," believing they would simply receive a divine boost in strength. Unfortunately, that exact phrase has a very specific meaning among the Kami, and now their servant has been transformed into an Oni! They got what they wanted, their strength now far surpasses any mortal man or woman's, but now they're in the body of a Japanese demon, and their human personality is dwindling in favor of one befitting the Titan Spawn. Unless you find a way to reverse the wish, they will eventually lose their original self and become a true demon. Unfortunately, the Kami responsible for granting the wish decided to leave immediately afterward, and you don't know how to contact them!


          • 197) Wonderful. One of your rivals took a civilian close to you hostage. The demand is... rust from the signature weapon of another scion? What the actual... ?!
            Turns out, said scion wounded the rival, and that rust is the only way to heal the terrible festering wound. Also, the "medicine" must be procured before the sun sets, or else. The rival is not a bad person, but they are desperate and in pain. Good luck.

            198) For one reason or another, you are temporarily tasked with looking after the moognificent wish-granting cow Kamadhenu.
            How many attempts to steal her, take her by force, or just plain demand her as a gift can you fend off? Because there will be many.
            In other news, do resist the urge to exploit the poor beast yourself. She needs some rest, you know. Vasishtha will know if something wrong happens.


            • 199) Well, son of a bitch; it seems that a bunch of mortals thought they could artificially turn themselves into Scions, via the Bloodborne method of infusing mortals with the blood of the old gods. Unfortunately in this case, 'old gods' refers to the Greater Titans! Somehow, they managed to get their hands on genetic materials from these primordial beings and have been conducting blasphemous, inhumane experiments with them. They believe that their work will grant mortals power akin to those of the gods, and elevate their status in the World. Instead, the only thing their work has managed to do is mutate their test subjects into monstrous Titan Spawn, destroying their human personalities in the process as they rapidly succumb to corruption. Most people would call it quits after the first batch of failures, but these mortals are so obsessed with their mission that they have degenerated into radical fanaticism, no longer having the capacity to discern success from failure!

              200) You've always wanted to vacation somewhere exotic, but never quite had the time or the money to do so. It always remained a coveted dream in the back of your mind, though, and when your father, Loki appeared before you with enough first class plane tickets for you and your entire band to go sight seeing, you were overjoyed. Unfortunately, Loki failed to mention that the vacation spot was not located on earth. Hell, it's not even in this plane of reality; it's located in one of 7 of the 9 realms (Hellheim, Midgard, and Asgard being off limits). To make matters worse, your tickets were for one way trips, which means you're stuck in this new world unless you can scrounge up the money for a ride back home. And oh, what a shame, but Midgard currency doesn't work here!


              • 201) The revitalization of Scions to the World has caused a turning point in the war, and now the Titans find themselves in need of reinforcements if they are to gain the upper hand again. They've decided the best way to obtain them is to start breeding. But no ordinary machination of the Titans will provide suitable offspring for what the Titans require. They don't need rank and file Titanspawn, they need monsters powerful enough to shake the very heavens where the Gods hold court. What they need is Typhon, the father of all monsters, and his mate, Echidna. But they've been imprisoned since the end of the first war, or were presumed dead thanks to divine propaganda.

                But the Titans believe they may have located the 'grave' sites where these unfathomable monsters have remained trapped for eons. And after thousands of years being sealed off from each other, Typhon and Echidna are undoubtedly pent up and eager to get back to business. Somebody needs to mobilize the defenses and prevent the Titans from unleashing a second Age of Monsters upon the unsuspecting World!


                • 202) It was a popular tradition in ancient Egypt for the next generation of pharaohs to erase the names of their predecessors from public records and edit their names in their place. In doing so, future generations were credited with the deeds of the past. Now, one of their Scions has resurrected this ancient practice, stealing the Legend of fallen Scions of Egypt and absorbing it for their own. Their goal is to catapult themselves to godhood by taking credit for the deeds of others, and there is evidence to suggest it might actually work. Unfortunately, their actions have begun to spark tensions of civil unrest and infighting among the Pesedjet's children who think they can steal credit for other people's work. This ambitious Scion must be stopped and in a public fashion so as to send a message to the rest that a civil war during a time of invasion will not be tolerated.

                  Thankfully, this is a recent occurrence and they haven't yet gathered the momentum to be a major threat. But who knows how much longer that will last?


                  • 203) A Scion of Heru has invented a series of surveillance equipment which isn't fooled by supernatural attempts at trickery and interference. Realizing the strategic value of his inventions, the gods have commissioned him to work on a spy satellite which will allow them to locate and monitor any supernatural being in the World, no matter how carefully hidden they think they are. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones who came up with the idea, and now Aten has dispatched their zealots to convert the Scion over to their side, where the Titan will have the means to hunt down every pocket of resistance on the planet, no matter where they try to hide.

                    As fellow Scions, your band has been placed on security detail, and it's your job to make sure Heru's son completes his work on the satellite without being turned into a brainwashed slave. After that, it's a simple matter of ensuring the satellite makes it into space without exploding, or some other equally disastrous occurrence.
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                    • 204) The worst fears of the gods have come true: a Scion loyal to the titans has created an astra that, when wielded by its intended recipient, is powerful enough to annihilate all resistance and kill the mightiest gods. As it is intended for Apep, the serpent that would devour the sun, the gods have realized that the World is in a spot of trouble.

                      Worse yet, this astra cannot be destroyed except by one entity: Typhon, the most feared of all Greek god-monsters. The magic that makes the weapon so powerful requires at least one critical weakness, and so its maker chose its destroyer to be the one entity that has absolutely no reason whatsoever to do the gods any favors.

                      Fortunately, Odin has a plan.

                      The vain Scion has secretly called together a grand convocation of titans, their servants and their spawn to unveil the new weapon and gain eternal glory in the eyes of their patrons. This little soiree is the only time the astra will be taken from its hiding place before being delivered to Apep; if the gods want to get the astra, this is the time to do it.

                      Odin's plan is simple: assemble a team of the World's finest thieves, con artists, and adventurers to pull the greatest combination heist/confidence scheme in history. They're going to steal the astra from under the noses of some of the most dangerous beings in the universe, and then trick what might be the most dangerous being in the universe into destroying it.

                      If they pull it off, the tale will never be forgotten. If they fail, the sun gets eaten and the World dies. No pressure.

                      I call it: Odin's Eleven.

                      Edit: Yet more complexity might be added through the necessity of ensuring the titans cannot create another invincible astra. This would involve deceiving the smith-Scion into revealing the location of their research/power source/secret sauce, and then killing them. Naturally, this would have to be done during the heist itself, as the Scion is too clever to show their hand before unveiling the astra.
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                      Mouse monk riding a tiny pig avatar courtesy of the very talented forumite Jen!

                      Jen's original portrayal of Mouse Monk, featuring some human or other named Tybalt Farwander.


                      • 205) The owl, a bird of prey revered for its wisdom and ability to move about in perfect silence at night. The mice and shrews are right to be terrified of them when they're on the hunt. But when the national forest becomes home to a Nemean owl, campers start to get picked off in the middle of the night before they even know what hit them! Hunting in the forest is illegal under federal law, which is unfortunate for you, because you've just been tasked with slaying the beast!

                        206) A minor forge deity has decided to bring his imagination to life by crafting suits of relic armor to aid others in the fight against the Titans. Unfortunately, this craftsman seems to be a bit of a pervert, and the suits he makes for females are so revealing that they are deemed unfit to be called 'armor.' Yet, somehow, they seem to confer some sort of magical protection upon their wearers, regardless of how much (or how little) they seem to be wearing. One of your bandmates is the child of a female deity who wants to set up a commission, but demands the finished product is something more appropriately modest for her to wear in public.

                        Unfortunately, the craftsman views his creations as a passionate work of art and insists that he be allowed to create the piece in the style to which he is accustomed. Neither side appears willing to relent their side of the argument, and the flustered goddess is too proud to accept rejection from a deity of lesser station, so she refuses to simply commission another smith to complete the armor for her. Your band needs to find some way to resolve the argument, because she keeps bringing it up at every opportunity, which is really starting to embarrass your bandmate.


                        • If you want to get a little meta about Scion edition changes...

                          207) The war has been raging for years. For decades. But now there's a feeling in the air. Both sides can sense it. There's a change coming. A change in power, and maybe even a change in the war itself and what it's all about. Truth to tell it's got everyone from the mightiest Greek god to the most epic layered Titan-aspect kind of freaked out. So there's a new arms race, as the newest Scion band competes with a band of Titanspawn to figure out what the changes are and how to be prepared and take advantage of the sudden shift before the other side can.


                          • 208) What happens when you apply the Typhonian template to a Megaladon? Well, that's what Cipactli wanted to find out, and now we've got a shark of such magnitude that battle ships look like bite sized snacks! They're currently rampaging throughout the seas and making life terrible for the various water deities who have to deal with this new "Ultradon" shark. Realizing they're in desperate need of backup, they've petitioned your band for support while they plan to launch a coordinated strike against this colossal Titanspawn!

                            209) Something's happened to the Norse pantheon, causing all their personalities to become inverted! And for once, Loki doesn't seem to be the cause of this disruption, because the last time anybody saw him, he was hefting a battle axe in both hands and charging into battle like a valiant warrior! Thor, on the other hand, has become a bit of an egg head. Putting his hammer down and hitting the books to learn as much about sorcery and rune craft as he can get his hands on. Odin is being simultaneously more and less helpful than usual, as he's both a compassionate leader and yet he doesn't have access to the all knowing wisdom he's carried throughout the ages. Some speculate that it was a misguided attempt to circumvent the effects of Ragnarok by forcing the gods to adopt different callings, while others believe it is a trick intended to throw the pantheon into disarray while the giants marshal their forces. Fortunately, only the Norse seem to be affected by this predicament, which is why they decided to reach out to Scions of the other pantheons to find out what the hell's going on!


                            • 210) "And in local news, a riot broke out at the Heaven's Brew Tavern on 8th Street. The local tavern, specializing in homecrafted microbrews, reportedly suffered from several patrons suddenly flipping tables and breaking decorations. One of the rioters, whose identity will remain undisclosed pending investigation, claims that they were told to do so by Dionysus of the Theoi, as punishment for calling the tavern Heaven's Brew but serving what he called, quote, 'Lukewarm horse piss'. The head of the local Helenist church did not make any comments on whether or not this was the official stance of Dionysus, but did say that it would be unwise to make claims that you cannot back up."

                              Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


                              • Origin Story

                                211) Who Wants to be a Scion: One of the Gods is looking to patronize a mortal as their champion, but isn't quite sure who's most deserving of that honor. In order to find a worthy candidate, they've decided to hold a talent competition (the specifics of which are based on the deity in question). The winner will have the esteemed honor of becoming their new Scion, and a potential shot at godhood. It's a reward that many would be willing to kill for, as you quickly discover after being accepted into the competition!