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  • Theoi Setting:

    227) Poseidon has grown sick of mortals carelessly polluting his once beautiful seas and has decided to take the earth's water supply hostage. Just to rub it in their faces, he's moving it to planet Neptune, as if to remind everybody of who the seas truly belong to. Unfortunately, the sea is Poseidon's domain, and without its presence, the God of the Seas has no authority on the planet. Which means that both his cultists and any Scion connected to Poseidon can't harness their gifts properly, if they can even harness them at all. It looks like somebody is going to have to negotiate with Poseidon on humanity's behalf and convince him to return the earth's water, preferably before everybody dies from dehydration!


    • 228) An archaeologist found the Book of the Dead and managed to translate it, and now is journeying down to Duat to try and bring the dead back for money.


      • 229) The Alusi Pantheon of the Igbo breaks into the Overworld and demands representation.


        • 230) An enchanted forest has given rise to hyper intelligent animals that have gradually learned to imitate the ways of medieval, human society. While the magic of the forest keeps them hidden from the outside world, some of the Gods have taken an interest in the intelligent wildlife, and graciously selected a few lucky members to become Scions. But while some might view such intervention as a time for celebration, others have reacted with fear. One of these bestial Scions fancies themselves the undisputed ruler of the forest, and has begun ruthlessly oppressing any creatures who attempt to defy them.

          As a fellow Scion with access to your own assortment of powers, you naturally find yourselves in their crosshairs as either a potential ally, or a threat to their dominance. And they don't have a lot of patience when it comes to potential rivals choosing which side of the war they'll stand on!



            231) The beautiful, resource-rich mediterranean island state of Helenos has changed hands hundreds of times throughout the centuries. Now, many fear it is about to see its most brutal confrontation yet.

            Nestled in the midst of the Aegean sea, Helenos is caught between the ambitions of two budding neo-feudalist democratic empires. The Achaean League, led by aggressively ambitious Agatha Atreides, and the Trojan Alliance, guided by proudly paternal Prestor Priamos, seek to place their political candidate of choice into the island's presidential office, bringing its gorgeous environs, surprisingly large population, and bountiful well of natural resources under their sway.

            The League enjoys the favor of the common people. Its candidate, Agatha Atreides' younger brother Morgan, has won the heart of the average citizen through his irreproachable conduct, quiet competence, and genuine zeal for good governance. The majority of Helenian voters are convinced that Morgan has the best interests of the common man at heart, and it comes as little surprise that he won the popular election by a landslide. If only the story had ended there.

            While the citizenry of Helenos were making their own choice, their "leadership" was making theirs. The corruption and incompetence of the Helenian government has been an open disgrace for decades, and the man and woman on the street are sick to death of it. Morgan Atreides stood on a platform of profound, widespread reforms, and seems to be that rarest of creatures: a politician that will keep his promises. In the face of having their numerous crimes and failures exposed and suitably punished, local officials have instead pushed hard for the ascendance of the infamous Phillip Priamos.

            Long-lost son of Prestor Priamos, Phillip is an infamous globe-trotting playboy, gambler, and "adventurer." Having rediscovered his true parents after a decade of searching, Phillip seems to have taken an interest in the "family business" of rulership, and has picked Helenos as his domain of choice (mostly, it seems, because of its value as a tourist destination). While Phillip might be great at entertaining vapid celebrities and jaded elites at parties, he's not quite so good at winning the hearts and minds of people who actually work for a living. Naturally, when Phillip realized he couldn't get by with empty platitudes and shallow charisma, he resorted to outright cheating.

            And so, despite Morgan Atreides' overwhelming victory, the Helenian government has installed Phillip Priamos as president anyway. For the Helenian people, this is the last straw. It's revolution or bust.

            War looms on the horizon, public protest and civil strife growing daily. The two powers marshal their forces, summon their allies and vassals, and prepare for a potentially long and deadly conflict. Both cannot control the Aegean. One must conquer.

            Enter the heroes. The two nations call for all the aid they can get, mortal and divine, and the Scions have a choice to make. Who do they side with and why? Is it too late for peace? And if war must happen, then how far will the heroes go to achieve their goals?
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            Mouse monk riding a tiny pig avatar courtesy of the very talented forumite Jen!

            Jen's original portrayal of Mouse Monk, featuring some human or other named Tybalt Farwander.


            • 232) It seems that a gang of adolescent thieves have taken to using parkour as a means of carrying out their more extravagant pilfering. At first, it wasn't anything the band needed to concern itself with. But after several of the thieves are discovered attempting to steal from them, Fate itself takes an interest in their development. It seems that these free running bandits have unwittingly become a clan of amateur ninjas, and they're starting to manifest abilities which exceed those of the average mortal!

              Can you find the grand master of their organization and put a stop to their crime spree, or will the city fall prey to a wave of super powered burglars and pickpockets?
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              • 233) A series of grisly murders have started over the last several weeks, with police investigators being utterly appalled by the state the bodies were found in. It seems that one of the local satyrs has developed a passion for killing lately, and decided to try their hand at being at becoming an urban Legend. Unsure about how to deal with such a creature, the chief has reached out to the band to help resolve the situation. Preferably before this horned maniac manages to kill everybody who walks the streets at night!

                234) The sports entertainment industry is locked in a debate over whether or not centaurs should be allowed to compete in horse races, as well as whether or not they require a jockey to ride them across the finish line. Tensions are building between the young athletes who want to compete in the races, and the sponsors who refuse to legitimize them. Somebody needs to step in and bring about a satisfying resolution to the situation. But that somebody would need the charisma of the Gods to not have this spiral into an all out conflict between the two sides. Luckily for you, Scions just so happen to possess some measure of their patron's magnetic charm!


                • 235) A Goblin Slayer inspired Denizen story, in which the narrative revolves around a group of background characters going about their lives while the Scions are saving the world off camera.