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    Does anyone else have an idea on a fictional pantheons in Scion?

    By the way, could an older pantheon choose to disguise itself as a fictional pantheon to gain followers in the modern world? Say that a group of leftover deities from Lost pantheons bands together and decides to gain followers in modern Europe and California by Hi-Jacking the reputations of fictional characters as a means of promoting their values and ideals.

    We are told that the Gods promote certain virtues, that pantheons define themselves through their values and virtues, the arts and legend are powerful means of promoting ideals. So why wouldn't real gods swipe the reputations of Fictional deities to promote values important to them? Heck, why wouldn't Zeus disguise himself as Superman if it furthered his goals and ideals?


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      Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
      Simply put, fictional pantheons are literary creations. William Blake created a profound mythology, Tolkien created an appealing one, neither counts as a real world pantheon people worshiped. However, both men's writtings give enough details that you could create PSPs and reasonable descriptions for their pantheons. In the 1ed of Scion, the Atlantean, Yankee, and Allied, pantheons were fictional pantheons in this sense.

      The question is, do Fictional Pantheons have a place in Scion?

      If fictional pantheons have a place in Scion, what is that place? Might their be a campaign, given as a worked example, set in a Space Opera setting with competing pantheons promoting different value systems for humanity? Or perhaps a group of fictional gods, like Urizen and his tribe, stated out as a demostraition of how myths are turned into workable pantheons for games?

      It's kind of difficult to discern what might count as a fictional pantheon or not. Just look at the Aesir. They believe there are 9 different worlds out there full of giants and elves and pixies and dwarves and so on. Sounds pretty similar to works like Tolkien and yet people believed in them at the time. The gods are made and influenced by Legend. The head cannon I go by is that if enough people believe in it, they can create a pantheon based on their unified beliefs.


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        Fiction in itself does shape gods in the Scion setting, thought its popularity may influence beings identified with it by way of fatebinding.

        There's also the fact that appently a number of gods started as titans, or at least titan avatars, themselves and slowly shaped themselves in gods by some form of symbiosis with the wellspring of ideas and imagery that is the human collective imagination/unconscious that shapes fate. So, theoretically, it could happen again that some new set of values and imagery gaining steam with a large number of people might attract some obscure titanic aspect/avatar or other and shape it into some modern form of deity, though fiction that borders into phylosophy, like maybe Objectivism for a reasonably fresh example, might work better for this than Harry Potter and escapist entertainment.

        Or not - Harry Potter is full of fairy tales tropes and imagery, so who's to say a bunch of lesser immortals might not be inadvertently affected in some way or another by the series success?


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          Art has powerful effects on humanity's worldview. Could pantheons use art to cut the bonds of fate and/or shape Humanity's values?


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            Humanity (Modern humans) has been around for nearly 200,000 years, but we know very little about that history. Most of what we know comes from the last 5000 years, and there is virtually nothing known beyond 10,000 years ago. 95% of human history is more or less lost or forgotten. How many tribes and civilizations might have arisen and fallen within that time? Are we to assume that our earliest ancestors didn't worship gods of any form? How many lost pantheons could there be... Gods that were once worshiped by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people (okay... maybe not millions, but still)?

            This is where I believe that many of the "fictional" pantheons could come into their own.

            ​Many have argued when the Atlantean Pantheon came out that they (the Atlanteans) should have worshiped the Greek Pantheon because the one confirmed source of information on their society said they did (despite the fact that he was likely looking at them through his own bias and equating their gods to the ones he knew of). I found such a position to be... unrealistic given the fact that Atlantis vanished thousands of years earlier... before even the rise of the Egyptians (often credited as the oldest known Pantheon)... when the would be Greek Gods were not really much of a unified pantheon (at least their mythology was still forming with the Greek tribes). This is why I found the Atlantean Pantheon to be one of the most intriguing Pantheons in Scion 1E... a lost pantheon from a civilization shrouded in myth and legend... and not just new names for old gods (something that has already been done to death with the Greek/Roman pantheon).

            ​How many other mythical civilizations are there that have vanished in the mists of history? Lemuria... Mu... Thule... Ys... Shambhala... and many others that have been lost to history. Are we to assume that the people of these lands merely worshiped the same gods as later civilizations... just with different names? With a new age of Legends beginning, it could be the only time such forgotten and lost pantheons to resurface and reclaim their place as powerful Pantheons... and for their civilizations to be remembered as something more than mere myth.

            ​Yes, these pantheons will technically be fictional... in that there is no real knowledge of their existence (and are likely created from whole cloth), but they can fill the gap needed to make these mythical places part of the World's history (at least in this setting). Sure, you can have Atlanteans worship Greek Gods, the People of Ys worshiping the Celtic Pantheon or Lemuria worshiping a number of other pantheons... but that would likely make these places seem less... mythic. Now having a Scion of the fallen and traitorous Atlantean Gods (one interpretation of their fall mind you) who is trying to redeem his once noble heritage... seems a lot more interesting and mythic than having him be just another Scion of Poseidon... doesn't it?

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              Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
              The question is, do Fictional Pantheons have a place in Scion?
              Well, now we have a whole stretch goal on how to build your own pantheon, including fictional ones.

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