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  • I'm not. The passage on fatebinding that I quoted, was from the Scion Hero 2nd edition text that backers received not too long ago. Hardly "non-existent data". And yes, I am concerned with how rules will affect the Demigod and God books, even though they aren't out yet, because Origins, Hero, Demigod and God aren't four separate games - they are one progressing game that takes your character from mortal Scion to God of whatever. So I don't think it's unreasonable to reflect on how game systems impact the development of those same characters.

    That said, I'm off-topic for this thread, and will now end my comments on this particular matter.
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    • I still think you're extrapolating to an unreasonable degree, but since I'm also not on board with your perspective at all, there's no real reason to debate it.


      • So invoking a Path allows you to "add two dice to any roll that plausibly applies to your Path"
        This is a very rare example of adding dice rather than an Enhancement (the only other that comes to mind is Momentum) so I just wanted to know: is this an intentional departure from standard procedure or is it a mistake and it should give some amount of Enhancement instead?


        • So about the Beauty Purview innate power:

          It says that you may attempt a Feat of Scale when you roll to influence a character using
          your beauty, appearance, and body language.

          Is this like invoking your Legendary title, where you need to spend a point of Legend? There's a boon in Epic Strength that explicitly says the you can make a Feat of Scale without spending a point of Legend, and it limits it to once a scene.

          If you don't have to spend a point of Legend, it seems overly powerful, as it doesn't limit the effect to once per scene.
          If you do have to spend a point of Legend, then the innate power seems very weak, as it is the only innate power that requires spending Legend to get any use out of it. Sun and Moon both have the option to spend Legend, but there's also a free base effect to use.

          If Legendary Titles are a special type of path, that means that they can each be invoked once per session, and a use of that invocation is to make a Feat of Scale. Is the intent that Beauty provides a way to make Feats of Scale in terms of attraction as often as you have Legend to spend on it?


          • Maybe jumping the gun, but I have some questions about future books:

            1) Considering that Origins and Hero will likely be out this year, will we be seeing a Kickstarter for Demigod and God this year too?

            2) Can you elaborate on how Relics are supposed to "grow" with characters as they advanced (as stated in Hero's section on Birthrights)?