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    It took almost three years, but I've completed my first campaign as a Storyteller.

    When it became clear that the fire alone wouldn't be enough to put an end to the zombie horde, Jamie, Daughter of Loki, reacted quickly. She had Lad, Son of Baldur, barricade the back entrance with a car as they secured Thor's belt. Pulling off a drift and reverse, Lad got his car into position in seconds. At the basement's other entrance, the door was closed and guarded by Shauna, Daughter of Freya, and Elias, Son of Heimdall (who's player returned for this final session).

    With the fire alarm tripped last session, the high school was slowly being evacuated while the Band tried to keep the horde contained. The big struggle happened at the rear entrance where the boss made his way to the door. As an Aptranger with Epic Strength 2, he began pounding away at the metal door to break it open. The Band responded swiftly after a couple of good Awareness rolls, leaving Katya, Daughter of Hel, and Vjun, Son of Vidar, to guard this entrance (both of their players were absent at this time). Jame took fire support with her sniper rifle, while Shauna shepherded the students and adults to safety. Most of the action was on Lad and Elias as they tried to counter the boss' strength.

    Discovering the power of uplifting might, Lad stopped the Aptranger's progress by stacking a car on his own SUV, just as Elias botched a roll that saw him crush the SUV instead of holding it against the door. For a brief moment, the boss was almost able to escape until Lad dropped the second car down, throwing the boss back into the basement. Not content with this, Lad would add two more dumpsters to this barricade. Unable to counter, the Aptranger gave up and headed to the other entrance and began breaking down that door.

    Jamie and Elias went to Katya's and Vjun's aid, while Lad went to speed up the evacuation. After some contested strength rolls, the door was about to collapse between the forces hammering at it. At this stage, Jamie decided that it would be better to secure the belt with Lad coming to guard her. For the first time, I got to see Virtue in action as Courage yelled at them to stay in the fight. With willpower spent, they fled the scene with Norse ichor angry at them.

    Yet, the situation was far more in the Band's control. After 20 minutes of being on fire, the zombie horde was skinless and burning through muscle. In another 10 minutes, they'd be reduced to immobile bones. When the boss finally broke open the door, his health had been consumed by the blaze. He tore open the door only for Elias to falcon punch his skull into oblivion. The boss was dead. Containment continued as zombies attempted to move through the new hole in the door. However, as equally worn down by the flames, they were easy prey to Vjun's arrows and Katya's scythe. When the sound of police sirens reached the Band, they decided it was time to leave. Stacking two vending machines in front of the broken entrance, they also resisted the call of Courage to flee the scene.

    Combat over, Hugin and Munin contacted the Band and directed them to the Egyptian obelisk in Central Park. There, they met Magni, Son of Thor, on his horse. After giving the belt to him (with quite a bit of suspicion on Jamie's party), Magni rode out before the Bifrost grabbed him. Left with a small crowd of onlookers, the Band attempted to explain this away, Huginn warned them to step away from the crowd and prepare for a trip.

    In a moment, the Band was engulfed in the Bifrost and sped past Yggdrasil before arriving before Heimdall's hall. There, they could hear the sounds of battle as the Jotuns battled outside the walls of Asgard. With not much time, the parent of each Scion greeted and expressed praise (or as much praise as they were willing). Told they had earned a boon, they were sent back to the safety of Midgard. Dropping right back in front of the crowd of onlookers. The campaign ended with most of them launching into a pose with a big, 'TA-DA!'

    With that, the Band became Legend 3.


    Now, I'm not sure if this was a good idea or not, but I ruled that since the Band found the belt and saved Thor, they had earned 5 dots worth in birthrights. One of them immediately upgraded his bow to fire infinite arrows and could magically conceal itself. Another one wants to turn her scythe into a gun scythe, a la RWBY.

    The others need more time to decide what gifts they have earned.


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      After changing jobs, my and my friends are getting back into the swing of RPGs. We have three lined up: a BESM anime campaign, Vampire the Masquerade, and then the second round of my Scion campaign. My new job allows quite a bit of thinking time, which has swung toward the Scion campaign.

      The broad strokes is that the cult is now trying to assassinate the Mayor of NYC. Since they know they can't go toe-to-toe with the Band, they are hiding behind a powerful patron. So, I'm aiming for a more Social campaign with less combat. I intend this to be the most human campaign of this game. After this, I'm just going to slowly up the weird/supernatural factor. It's also a chance for the Band to practice politics on a city stage before cutting their teeth on god politics. (And let me practice that as a DM).

      Not to say there won't be combat. Mid-way through the campaign, I'm going to introduce who I've nicknamed the Scion Reaver. It's a Daughter of Hodr, who is actively trying to start Ragnorak. Since her father is fated to return after Ragnorak, she believes she's guaranteed to survive as well. Since she isn't that powerful (I'm trying to make her just a little stronger than the entire Player Band as a miniboss), she is hunting other Scions. I'm using her to introduce the Rival Band ( who is hunting the Reaver) and get the Band thinking about their own Ragnarok fates.

      I'm going to have two Ragnorak strikes: if the Mayor is assassinated and if the Scion Reaver kills one Scion from either Band.