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  • What are your character concepts?

    Just like it says on the tin; what characters, past or present, have you cooked up for Scion? I figure a thread like this helps to pass the wait between now and release, and helps folks like me who are getting into the game with 2e understand just what the game can do.

    One very rough idea I'm working with is the idea of a Scion of Azar (Osiris) who is a transgender woman, calling upon the idea that Azar was castrated before becoming pharaoh of Duat. I like the parallels between shedding one's own life to become someone new and greater and shedding the trappings of the mortal, earthly world to achieve divinity in another world. Might even go all the way and make her an Incarnate, subconsciously walking Azar's road in life.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.

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    The reincarnation of Diarmuid ua Duibhne.

    Absolutely nothing can go wrong with this. Not one single thing.

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      That is actually a really good idea, to show people who may be new to Scion what can be done with the system. I'll write up my two current, and some of my previous characters. They are all using the Scion 2.0 Houserules however, not sticking to RAW, but should still work for people to see what's possible with the setting.

      Colin Shaw - Set in a game where the Scions are not aware that they are Scions (they work for The Organization that's something like The Checquy from Daniel O'Mally's series. They have been told they are the decedents of 'powerful people' like Alexander the Great, ect) Colin Shaw is a Scion of The Dagda. Where his first brother is strong, his second, smart, Colin is just quick. He has inherited his father's capacity for Otherworldly Knowledge, which he uses by just making wild, but 100% accurate guesses (Mystery), and is combat focused entirely around the Instant Snatch Knack, which allows you to take something from someone else with a contested roll. His combat style is 'take other people's things and hit them with it'. Two sessions ago, he was immolated (full Agg, incap box lethal, staying conscious through a Stamina Knack) burning his entire body. He has been able to compensate for a loss of sight through his capacity to make accurate guesses (his Mystery Relic gives him basic replacement vision), and despite being entirely burned, he still has maximum positive Epic Appearance.

      Albert Fletcher - In a more normal Scion setting, Albert Fletcher is the Son of Atum-Re. A paranoid hacker, Albert has taken the values of the sacridity of writing to heart, and begun interweaving his coding with Heku. Experimenting, he has also transferred the capacity to invoke the Netjer by hieroglyphics into hand motions, able to channel Sun and Moon by invoking Khepri, and Yah respectively through hand motions. Being somewhat left alone by his Pantheon, Albert has begun attempting to copy the entirety of everything electronic so that he can preserve what has been, ignoring anyone's rights to privacy. He has a pair of glasses that allow him to see through any camera in his Perception radius (which is quite high from Epic Perception) allowing him a huge amount of information especially as the story is set in New York for the moment. He also has a plague spirit shoved into a knife he uses to hack things by infecting computers with a, quite literal, virus.

      Brandon Blake - Son of The Morrigan, Brandon is a walking time bomb. A prophet, and seer (Mystery and Prophecy), Brandon has the unfortunate physical degradation that The Morrigan's other son had. Inside Brandon's chest beat three hearts, each with a snake coiled through it leaving Brandon's blood toxic. The danger lies in the fact the first son of The Morrigan to have a snake-nest-heart was killed by Dian Cecht, as he foresaw that the snakes would grow in size and lead to the ruin of Ireland. However, how much can you trust Dian Cecht? He's a bit... bad at his job. He had a slightly-sentient sword that could fight on its own, a giant bull's heart he would consume until he was sick to use his Prophecy, and an antlered leather mask that through the eyes he saw other things and places when ritually buried alive. (Mystery)

      Isaac Fields - Scion of / Reincarnated Crom Cruach (the game petered out before it became clear what exactly was going on. Oh, also, the real Crom Cruach, not that odd thing in Companion), Isaac was an odd duck. Plagued by the twelve stone idols of Crom Cruach who were, by some means, stalking Isaac all across the globe (they appeared / vanished whenever people were not paying direct attention to them, trying to arrange themselves in a circle around Isaac) as he tried to discover what had happened to him to give him the strange powers he wielded. He also ran off with The Bachal Isu, the Staff of Saint Patrick, previously owned by Jesus reportedly, which had been used to strike the great golden idol of Crom Cruach down. He did his best to protect all those around him, but too saw all the misdeeds of everyone he looked upon (the staff allowed some fancy passive uses of Justice), forcing himself to forgive them all.

      Samuel King - Son of Marduk, Samuel King was perpetually larger than life, like his father. Wearing a 'gift' from Ishtar that had almost all who looked upon him fall in love with him (expensive Relic that, after the game ended, we amended our Relic rules to prevent happening again) he was an embodiment of the idea of Prince Charming. Deciding that the afterlife of the Anunna was a sad fate for the mortals there, Samuel gave offerings and kindness to the dead to try to ease their burden. Though the game ended before it could happen, my idea was that he would, through his stupid Charisma and broken Relic, try to make Irkalla a better place for the dead, and Ereshkigal herself. Though, he probably would have gotten kidnapped by her at some point honestly. It's not hard to beat Nergal in being prime consort material.

      Rory Blake - Son of Cliodhna, Rory was mad. Not serial killer mad, but fairy blood will leave a person a bit strange. Add in living in a world of iron their entire life, that can get slightly out of hand. Fascinated by Ogham, Rory wielded his magics by taking a knife and carving his spells into his bones instead of wooden sticks, or great standing stones. He would go on to wrap Belenos around his finger (Engender Love, though, to be fair, Belenos immediately hit him back with Engender Love) and had three little starlings that he... well, he used them as puppets, completely taking control of their minds. When his friend Quinn, through luck that slapped statistics in the face, beat down a Legend 4 Heimdall at Legend 2, Rory was in the background carving ancient words into his bones and funneling his legend into his friend to fuel her divine beatdown.

      Charles Grant - The Son of Zeus. Everyone was sure he would be That Son of Zeus, that he would be who defeated his father, and continued the cycle of wars against the Divine. Instead, Charles managed to fight his anger at every turn, twisting and grappling with as he dearly loved his family (we have Virtue swapping houserules, he exchanged Valor for Loyalty) he became a odd duck in a Pantheon of spiteful, mean Gods. When he became a Demigod, and the rules of Ichor overruled the rules of Flesh, his brain was replaced (as the organ was simply for cooling his blood. Which as a Fire Demigod was unnecessary) with a hunk of the Olympian Hearth. With Hestia's care, Charles became a walking, talking Hearth which radiated out Loyalty Dots to any family member in his presence (very costly Guide powers), and with the death of Apollo, he took on the Sun God's role in lighting the day. His story ended right before Demigod eclipsed to God, as he and his band were running around breaking Titans free from their prison (Charles loved his Titan family too. And, through some bullshit rolls, his fancy hearth relic, and everyone thinking he was The Son of Zeus, they tended to like him too) mainly accidentally. When his Godly brother (long story, an Avatar went off and most of the Theoi and the whole Band got pregnant despite their sex) who was Zeus' son murdered Zeus, Charles broke the cycle and forgave, and argued against the Pantheon that he shouldn't be punished. (His brother had a nervous breakdown essentially and killed Zeus with the Thunderbolt) Oh, he was also surprise-married (by Hera who despised him at that moment) to his sister who was a Centaur which was a source of frequent awkwardness from Charles, though he never actually worked out she was his sister.
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        Enishi Yamada scion of Mikaboshi and defector to the Amatsukami. LAter becomes the God of the Comforting Darkness.

        No name but I had an idea for a scion of Ama no Zako who eventually hopes to redeem his mother.

        Johan Fenri scion of Loki who is what the Fenris wolf could have been.


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          Eloy Najarro: The son of Micintecuhtli. Saved from the gas chamber at the last possible moment by his visitation, Eloy is a convicted serial killer who was sentenced to death for his abhorrent crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, mortal society failed to realize the necessity of his work, and it turns out his rantings about being called to a higher purpose were a little more accurate than anybody would have hoped for. Now freed from incarceration, this scion of the Aztec god of death has resumed his activities of brutally murdering people. Eloy uses the Aztec faith as an excuse to justify his actions. He may pay lip service to his father's pantheon as a means of keeping up appearance and receiving further rewards. But the truth is that Eloy Najarro simply loves to kill people, and if a bunch of literal gods give him the thumbs up and tell him he's doing good work, he's certainly not going to argue!
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            William NightSide. The Saint of suffering.
            It All began in Nevada. When the terrible Atom Bomb was being built. Itzpapolt,The Obsidian Butterfly And Living incarnation of sacrificed was there. The Butterfly had made enemies in others pantheon. But couldn't strike at them without retaliation. She was in Nevada for her believed this new mortal weapon could be [i]her[i] weapon. She wanted to harness the power of the atom bomb to strike at her enemies unsuspected. But she was mistaken not even a godless could withstand such a big explosion.
            She was blown to bits. Optician Butterfly became dust. But she also became something else,her essence reincarnated in the body of William Nightside from LondonWillian want his own legend more than anything
            but he constantly fears being eclipsed by his old self. He gathers worshippers in positions of power,he plans one day having the prime minister as a servant,and through him being able to manipulate world in ways even the God's can't anymore


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              Damien Revarra: The son of Pan, who was allegedly born with a very disturbing fate bond. Due to his father's shenanigans since leaving the Theoi, Damien is considered to be a potential Anti-Christ. If the prophecy is true, then that means Damien will conquer the World and rule over humanity for a thousand years of darkness! Unfortunately for Pan, Damien seems less than pleased with this prophecy and has been struggling against his father to ensure that he doesn't cause Armageddon any time soon. But rather than express outrage at his defiant son, Pan seems to take perverse glee in watching him fight against his supposed destiny. Power corrupts, and Damien is constantly struggling with the temptation to draw upon his "demonic" heritage when confronted with an obstacle in life. When the moment finally comes that Damien loses control, daddy will be there to guide him...

              Upon his visitation, Damien was given a pentagram ring that he usually keeps on a silver necklace instead of worn on his finger. The ring allows him to channel both the Animal and the Magic purviews. He also discovered he has a triple six tattoo (Pan insists it's a birthmark) located under his hair which allows him to channel both the Fire and Chaos purviews, which leads further credence to his alleged destiny.

              Chaths Ghannam: Son of Bastet, and a rather controversial scion. Chaths is of pure blooded, ancient Egyptian heritage and is quite proud of this fact. Chaths wishes to see Egypt return to power as the shining beacon of civilization that it once was. A civilization where everybody knows their proper place in life, instead of being focused on their own personal ambitions. Unfortunately, Chaths' dream of a resurrected empire includes such unpopular customs as fascism, selective breeding programs, slavery and giving more authority to the rich and powerful. The Pesedjet, who are slow to change their ways, sees Chaths as a return to proper tradition, rather than the egomaniac that the modern world portrays him to be. Contrary to popular belief, Chaths does not automatically harbor desires of being at the top of the hierarchy. Rather, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that only those who are worthy to lead are placed in such roles. If somebody proves better suited to the throne than Chaths, he will happily take on the role of adviser to guide them towards a better future. If they should prove unfit to lead, however, he will just as happily remove them from power until somebody more qualified comes along. By placing himself in the middle of the social hierarchy instead of at the top of it, he is able to keep tabs on both the upper class and lower class of society, while devoting himself entirely to one might blind him to the other.

              Upon his visitation, Chaths was granted a few birthrights by the cat goddess to carry out his work. The first is a pocket sized replica of Thoth's book that allows him to channel the Prophecy and Order purviews. The second is a golden cat mask that allows him to channel the Animal (lion) purview. Lastly, he carries a pair of gloves named Cat Claws which uses Lethal damage for the brass knuckles template.
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                Yngwë Magnusson : Son of Ullr. In Iceland, Yngwë and his 4 mortals siblings got visited by an alfar attorney, informing them that all of them had been fathered by the same very, very powerful man, but that he had decided to only acknowledge one Magnusson child as his own. He offered them a couple years to prove their worth : only the most accomplished child would be the winner. Already a very competitive bunch, the kids all strove to become the best in their respective field. One became a successful banker, another managed a big breakthrough as a pop star, the youngest kid published two bestselling books... and Yngwë, already a sport nuts, managed to participate into the Winter Olympics. Winning a couple medals in biathlon, half-pipe and super slalom (always individual discipline, he never worked well in a team) was apparently enough for Ullr, who visited him during one of his traning days.

                This Scion with a no-nonsense attitude now works tirelessly to honor his father, as he's afraid of disappointing his father and losing his privileges to his siblings. A relentless hunter, he skis silently through the frozen wastelands of Scandinavia and Russia, pursuing any titanspawn, eager to put a bullet, an axe or an arrow in their skull (he's trained in many things.) However, he's desperately socially inept, and very awkward with any worshippers...

                "And for my next trick" I said, "anvils!"


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                  I live in Memphis, TN a city that's almost been wiped out a couple times in history and a bit of a ghost city that's been hit hard by White Flight and the economic situation. We have a giant pyramid as a landmark, but until recently it's been completely empty without anyone to upkeep it.

                  With that in mind I made Lionel Kemmi: Son of Ptah
                  Lionel, named to placate his step-mother (and unlike Heracles; it works pretty well) is part Visionary, part charismatic leader, and part metaphysical excitement. Ever since he was a kid, he was a doer. Someone who had the fire lit under him and just couldn't stop. Whether it showed in his creative pursuits, he had a Blues band for a while playing on Beale Street, or his intellectual interest, taking the bus often to visit the library and reading everything that struck an interest, he put every last bit of energy into it. Lionel was visited as a teen, but he already knew who his father was and when he met Ptah just gave the god a look up and down and declared he could do better. Ever since, Lionel's done his best to keep monsters clear and keep track of any scions that come through his territory. He trades favors with water spirits and scions of water gods to clean up the Mississippi and been working with those associated with luck to turn the economic downturn around. He doesn't want his father's place as a builder; he knows it is never one person who builds a place. And far as Lionel is concerned, his dad can just keep going as a God of creation and fire. But look out Ptah, there's going to be a new God of Memphis if he has anything to say about it. Lionel's real dream is a series of aligned city states along the Mississippi with Memphis in the middle.

                  I have only ever ST Scion, but Lionel was a fun NPC to bring out as a Scion who's building his own seat of power and while not antagonistic, could cause trouble for the players on a more immediate level if they messed up.


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                    Really wish I knew more about Japanese naming mechanics. There's a lot of ideas I want to try out with the Amatsukami, but coming up with names is frustrating.

                    Etsuko Arashi: Son of Raiden and one of the more comedic Scions to appear in this era. Etsuko is what you might consider a comic book nerd, and before his visitation, his dream in life was to write his own series of manga; possibly getting a few anime deals. His first attempt was titled Shocking Love Fist, which was a perverted one volume story featuring an electric themed super hero on his quest to find true love. It didn't do as well as he had hoped, but it did draw the attention of Raiden who seemed to be quite the fan of the perverted elements of the story. Deciding to give Etsuko a visit, he showed up in his apartment unannounced and explained about his scion origins.

                    After the initial shock died down, Etsuko found that he was quite excited about the news, and immediately began planning his next manga series called Taste My Lightning. The comic is actually a parody chronicle of his own Scion adventures and has been whipping up a metaphorical storm among Etsuko's fanbase. Like any good manga hero, Etsuko has the embarrassing quirk of not only giving names to his battle techniques, but actually shouting them in public right before he uses them. Even worse, this personality quirk has subconsciously manifested itself in Etsuko's fateful aura. When in his vicinity, both his enemies and even his friends may feel tempted to mimic Etsuko's quirk in battle!

                    During his visitation, Raiden provided Etsuko with a few birthrights to help accelerate his career as a comic book writer. The first is a silver pen with the image of Raiden's arrows painted on the sides. In addition to granting him the Sky purview, the pen draws power from his Legend to enhance his Artistic ability. His second gift is the skin tight hero suit used by the main character in Taste My Lightning. Despite looking like it is made of spandex, the suit is as durable as Riot Gear and adds +2 Mobility and -2 Fatigue to the armor template!


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                      Here's the character with the most complete history and description write-up (set for "cut and paste" onto the character sheet proper)

                      Derrick Atlee, Son of Thor

                      Age: 25
                      DOB: 3/31/1983
                      Hair: Bright red/copper
                      Eyes: Electric blue
                      Race: Caucasian (Nordic)
                      Nationality: USA
                      Height: 6’ 6”
                      Weight: 278 lbs.
                      Sex: Male

                      Description: Derrick is a pretty big guy, like most people who play DE. Though he has the classic "over-muscled" look (with shoulders muscles so developed that he has no neck, etc.) his muscles are more defined than "slab-like". He keeps his hair almost military short, but he has a closely cut beard . Most people think he looks "too serious". He's a fairly informal dresser: jeans and t-shirts, work shirts, etc.. He wears cowboy boots and a belt with a big buckle, but eschews hats. If he does wear one it's usually a baseball cap with one of his former team’s logos.

                      History: Derrick was born on Thursday, March 31, 1983, during the thunderstorms that led to flooding across Colorado the next day. His mother, Rowan, was an ex-Air Force pilot, who was honorably discharged after an incident that probably had something to do with Derrick's mysterious father. (She doesn't talk about it). She took over the small local airfield in rural Beliskner, CO and raised her son surrounded by prop planes and local pilots. While Derrick was always fascinated by flight, cajoling ride-alongs from the time he was a toddler, he took to sports from a very young age. He was always a step or more ahead of other kids his age up through high school, where he lettered in baseball, basketball AND football and was recruited by colleges for all three. Football was his first love, so he accepted a scholarship at Colorado State to play for the Rams as a defensive end. After college he was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. After drawing attention playing 2nd string, he was traded to the San Diego Chargers who were looking to build up their defensive line. Derrick (#95) has more than met their expectations. He's sacked numerous QB's and stripped more than few balls. Even though he wasn't a top level player, he was definitely headed for it. Then something happened. As far as most people know, Derrick was just unlucky. A freak lightning strike burst his eardrums. While that is a part of what happened, it doesn't even begin to address what started when Derrick received that strange package in the mail and ended with Derrick and his father struggling to have a written conversation in a hospital room. Since then, Derrick has lost his job (insurance issues). But to him, his Scion powers have made it so it wouldn't be fair for him to stay anyway.

                      He ended up having his head twisted off by an oni during a rescue mission, right about the Demigod transition. Another character had been kidnapped. The PC in question decided to betray yet another member of the band for no apparent reason and Derrick interceded to defend his comrade. Very sad.


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                        So did the Oni drink his blood like a sake bottle after twisting his head off?


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                          Realized we didn't have many female scions so, here are some from my game I ran...

                          Daughter of Dionysus- A scion who had experienced an abnormal bit of tragedy in her life. Her own mother was one of the God of Wine's lovers and was "gifted" with the madness he reserves for the maenads. This scion was there as her mother killed her 3 brothers and suppossed father, going so far to pretend to eat their flesh herself to avoid the same treatment. When her mother came to, sobbing and overcome at what she had done, begging her daughter to forgive her, something snapped and she killed her mother, stabbing her over and over. The police found her still stabbing and blamed her for the whole ordeal. She was only 9. After spending over a decade in one asylum after the next, she was released and claimed "cured". With no ability to deal with the outside world and internalizing what happened to her family, she tried to commit suicide, only then did her father reveal himself, recognizing her as his daughter. She's a bit strange, and given over easily to hysterical grief, but she loves to help others and especially their mortal families and tries to look after the children of the Gods who have yet to be revealed, not caring if Titan or God gets in her way.

                          Daughter of Agwe- A newer scion, she was raised knowing who she was and loving it. She was one of the first women to serve on a submarine and a few years afterward was given her official visitation. Her goals right now are to enjoy life and collect as many magically endowed items as possible. She sails, dives, and searches for things long lost and while a younger scion, no one can match her for her collection of various things lost to the sea. A lover of lost lore, she's always willing to tell others of what she's found, but to get anything more solid, they'll have to barter, or convince her they are needy and trustworthy enough to be loaned one of her treasures.

                          Daughter of Bast- She was made as part of a subplot. A demigod of some power, she was a prize given to one of the scions for doing well. A lot like the classic fairy tales of earning a wife, except she was trained to be a warrior since birth. Her role was always to fight and eventually be married to a man she'd be duty bound to protect. Nonetheless, she was philosophical and fairly modern thinking despite being happy with the arrangement. She raised a lot of questions about what being a scion means and their roles to play in each other's stories. She flirted with the rest of the band and took her "marriage" almost like a joke. She often laughed at the expense of her husband, but when the fighting started she took it entirely too seriously becoming completely devoted to his well-being, often at expense to her own. When the scion was presumed dead, she was just as casually married off to one of their allies who she happily murdered. When questioned, she just shrugged and claimed, while the guy was nice and all, her mother was the only one she was truly loyal to. I liked her because she bucked expectations at almost every turn, being both intelligent and a bruiser. Obedient and unruly, and most of all, balancing her pantheon's ideal of duty with her own.


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                            Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post
                            So did the Oni drink his blood like a sake bottle after twisting his head off?
                            No. The oni was killed by the valkyrie who came for him. Who happened to be his sister, Thrud (who they had recently met on another quest). So she was mightily pissed. Particularly at the offending PC (a daughter of Dionysius).


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                              Originally posted by Ajax View Post

                              No. The oni was killed by the valkyrie who came for him. Who happened to be his sister, Thrud (who they had recently met on another quest). So she was mightily pissed. Particularly at the offending PC (a daughter of Dionysius).

                              Good times!