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  • Tiffany Sweet, Scion of Titania: What little girl doesn't dream of being a fairy princess at some point in their life? Unfortunately for young Tiffany, the reality proved much less appealing than the fantasy after she discovered her mother was Titania. As the queen of fairies, that made Tiffany a literal fairy princess in the eyes of the law. But Tiffany was an illegitimate child, the result of Titania having an affair with a mortal, and so she was smuggled out of the kingdom to avoid king Oberon's wrath. For the next 12 years, Tiffany would be raised in the care of her human father, who tried to subtly educate her about her heritage with fairy tales. Disney and Mother Goose were prominent in her childhood, but so too were the Brothers Grim, for her father wondered if she might need to learn about the darker side of her heritage.

    It turns out, she did, because Oberon eventually found out about the unsanctioned heir to his kingdom and decided to rid himself of her before she became a serious threat! On her 13th birthday, Tiffany received her visitation in the form of an attack by pixies flying into her home with the intent of assassinating her. Fortunately, Titania had already sent an agent of her own, and young Tiffany's life was saved by a handsome elf who bore a striking resemblance to Legolas. Yet despite his timely intervention, Tiffany's father was fatally poisoned in the attack. She was no longer safe in the company of mortals, and so the elf whisked her away to a place where he felt she could be safely protected. That place being in the company of other Scions like herself, beings who had their own supernatural powers to defend them against Oberon's fury.

    Under the guidance of her Alfar rescuer, Tiffany has begun training in the ways of archery, swordsmanship, and even fae magics. There will come a time when she must face the fairy king in battle to decide her fate, and she must be prepared for when that day arrives. Fortunately for her, she doesn't seem to possess the same intolerance for iron as the fair folk do. One benefit to being half human, she guesses.
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    • I wanted to explore a retelling of the Ares/Aphrodite/Hephaestus “love triangle” with their Scions, with more nuance and less petty and deliberately-hurtful behavior. People who generally mean well are just as capable of hurting each other while pursuing their hearts' desires, after all.

      I've yet to attempt using them as PCs (playing out the love triangle might be best left to a writing project), although earlier, less formed versions of them were used as NPCs in a 1e campaign.

      Coop, Gerry, and Frankie are intended as 2e characters, and will be adjusted as the ruleset becomes available.

      Cooper Atley, Scion of Hephaestus
      Callings: Creator (primary), Sage, Trickster
      • Origin: “I didn't want to be stuck in a dead-end city, in a dead-end life.” (Blue-collar car thief; asset skills: Pilot, Subterfuge)
      • Role: “I'm here to help save you guys. Now pass me the socket wrench and the Greek fire.” (Repair guy, artificer, and tech support to the gods; asset skills: Occult, Technology)
      • Pantheon: “This feels just like high school.” (Son of Hephaestus, Scion of the Theoi; asset skills: Empathy, Persuasion)
      Bio: A college dropout from Detroit, Cooper was a car thief who got into an accident the night of his Visitation. His divine father, Hephaestus, saved him; he was left with a permanent limp in his left leg, but also with his Birthrights and a mission to save the world while demonstrating how smart he is. After working with a number of Theoi Bands (and being the underappreciated “tech guy” around socialites and badass fighters), he hooked up with a multi-pantheon Band of wiseass do-gooders and found a real home there.

      Personality: Cooper is known for his dry humor under fire, his growing proficiency with repairing and creating relics, and an exaggeratedly world-weary attitude that poorly masks his concern for his friends. Older and somewhat more mature (for liberal values of “mature”) than most of his his Band-mates, Cooper isn't exactly the charismatic-leader type, but he finds himself falling easily into the role of “team dad.” Under the world-weary concern is some lingering bitterness over his lame leg and the disdain from his glitterati pantheon-mates, but the friendship of his Band-mates and the adrenaline rush from daredevil heroics keeps it at bay most of the time.

      Powers/Birthrights: Cooper uses the Forge purview without need for a relic. His relic for the Epic Strength purview, the Olympic Slugger, is a baseball bat that, when imbued with Legend, assumes the qualities of a great sword (motif: “Percussive maintenance doesn't just work on machinery.”). His other relic, Vulcan's Override, is functionally identical to the Brigid's Key from Rhiannon Jernigan's writeup in the Early Access PDF.

      Gerald Rafferty, Scion of Mars
      Callings: Guardian, Leader (favored), Warrior
      • Origin: “A soldier defends the people who can't defend themselves.” (Former British Army officer; asset skills: Athletics, Firearms)
      • Path: “Someone's got to clean this place up, and take care of the people.” (Idealistic warrior-king in the making; asset skills: Close Combat, Leadership)
      • Pantheon: “Clausewitz had no idea how right he was.” (Son of Mars, Scion of the Theoi; asset skills: Empathy, Persuasion)
      Bio: Gerald was an instructor and platoon leader in the British Army, deployed to Afganistan as part of Operation Toral. While on patrol one day, his platoon encountered titanspawn and the survivors of a Scion Band they were pursuing. Gerald and his platoon helped defeat the monsters, but most of them died in the process. In the aftermath, Ares (wearing his mantle as Mars) Visited his son, bringing him a weapon and informing him of the greater war he was now part of. Now believed to be KIA, Gerald and his surviving troops travel with the Band they helped, fighting the real enemy.

      Personality: Before his Visitation, Gerald was optimistic and idealistic, and his affable leadership won him respect from his subordinates and peers. (This same natural talent for command has made him his new Band's war leader.) He also attracted derision from his superiors, many of whom let their prejudices take the wheel when dealing with their Afghani allies and the local civilian population. Since his Visitation, however, a ruthless streak has surfaced in his personality. He is still driven to take care of his people and defend civilians, but he has grown frustrated how both the local leaders and the ones from the major powers are handling things in the region. A thought keeps occurring to him: “I could do better than that.”

      Powers: Gerald uses the War purview without need for a relic, and his relic for the Order purview is a Roman legate's baton (motif: “Leaders stand in the line of fire.”). His relic weapon, Fuliminis, can take the form of either a gladius or an assault rifle; the rifle form has unlimited ammunition, and the sword form has the Piercing quality (motif: “The right weapon for any battle.”). His followers are the survivors of his platoon.

      Francesca “Frankie” Russo, Scion of Aphrodite
      Callings: Liminal, Lover, Sage (favored) (Francesca would also possess any edges related to prophecy)
      • Origin: “It's not fair, being treated as a resource instead of a daughter.” (Raised by adoptive parents who exploited her oracular talents; asset skills: Leadership, Occult)
      • Path: “Sometimes on stage, I lose myself in the role. Those are the moments I live for.” (Stage actress making a name for herself; asset skills: Culture, Subterfuge)
      • Pantheon: “What I want is not what I'm drawn to. Story of my life.” (Daughter of Aphrodite, Scion of the Theoi; asset skills: Empathy, Persuasion)
      Bio: The child of Aphrodite's affair with a mortal prophet, Francesca was adopted at a young age by an ambitious Miami couple. Hearing of her eerily accurate predictions, they saw her as a “good investment,” and proceeded to exploit her for her entire childhood. While she was well cared for physically, she was treated as little better than an employee, and her adoptive parents made a point of trying to snuff out her dreams of acting on stage. During this time, she managed to not only hone her prophetic talents, but learn to read and manipulate people, and finally managed to blackmail her way out from under the Russos' thumb.

      She moved to New York, using her self-appropriated “severance package” to fund her tuition in Columbia's theater program. Her mother – her real mother – found her quickly, though, and this was one person Francesca didn't know how to outmaneuver. Without quite understanding why, she agreed to be an agent for her mother's interests (and the world's, of course). These days, she gets in her acting fix wherever she can, even though supernatural demands – playing oracle and face for her Band – seem to push her further and further off Broadway. She hasn't quite cottoned to the fact of the larger stage she's performing on yet.

      Personality: Like many of Aphrodite's children, Francesca loves the spotlight and being showered with attention. This is tempered by a sober awareness of her prophetic abilities, and how little joy they actually bring to the world. She is a compassionate individual, albeit one who has a tendency to hide that side of herself (the toll of the emotional exploitation of her adoptive parents has left its mark); because of this, she is rapidly becoming the emotional bedrock of her Band. Never quite comfortable in her own skin, and not comfortable at all when prophesying, she is happiest when immersed in a role on the stage. Sadly, the demands of being a Scion mean that she enjoys this escape less and less.

      One more thing. Never, ever use the term “good investment” in front of her.

      Birthrights/Powers: Francesca uses the Deception purview without need for a relic. She wears her relic for the Artistry and Passion purviews, a pendant in the form of a silver-limned dove's feather, on a chain around her neck; the pendant can also assume the form of a silver dagger, ensuring she is armed at all times (motif: “I speak my truth, and I make my own fate.”). Her guide is Ione, a nereid talented with hydromantic auguries; she can be contacted by suspending a ring on a thread in a bowl of water.
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      • I've had the beginnings of a team floating around in my head for a while, though details tend to change from moment to moment. Here's what I've got so far:

        ​Sabrina Benoit, Daughter of Hephaestus

        Bio: ​The only daughter of an unmarried, struggling Parisian mechanic, Sabrina would've likely looked forward to a lean life herself had she not mysteriously won a scholarship to MIT, citing her natural brilliance as an engineer. While this was entirely accurate, the mysterious thing is that she never applied for any scholarship. Several years later, after her graduation party (double major in mechanical and electrical engineering) she got a surprise late visit from one of her professors, who only revealed his identity - and her nature - after a long talk about her future in the field. That future, he revealed, would have to wait: She had a part to play as a member of a Band whose role might be bigger than either of them knew.

        ​Personality: Sabrina considers herself an engineer first and all else second, but she can't deny an instinctive drive to protect her friends and family. As formidable physically as intellectually, she's more than capable of shouldering both burdens; sometimes she outright welcomes the challenge. Headstrong, loyal and honest to a fault, her lack of guile can lead to putting her foot in her mouth but her heart is always in the right place.

        ​Birthrights/Powers: Sabrina channels the Forge purview without a relic. Her two relics are a shield that expands from a large, bronze bracer on her left forearm (Epic Stamina, Epic Strength; motif: ​"This is my shield, I'm theirs."​) and a complicated tool of her own design, employing divine magic as much as mechanical technology to form a wide variety of tools or a large, flaming battlehammer (Fire, Earth; motif: ​"To shape and to shatter.")

        ​Ava Chance, Daughter of Bastet

        ​Bio: Born of a random encounter in a bar between a drunken goddess and a master assassin on his time off, Ava has been brought up understanding three things: First, that she is her own woman, free to do as she pleases and to accept the consequences; second, that there is value in both honesty and deception, so long as you know where and how to apply them; and third, that the world can be a pants-destroyingly terrifying place and it is irresponsible not to learn how to fight, lie and sneak. She received her Visitation early in life as her mother appeared to help her cope with her 'inner warrior,' but didn't set out on her own adventures until some time later. When she was ready her father pointed her in the direction of a nascent Band of Scions who might appreciate her talents... or in his words "I'd be surprised if they last a week without you."

        Personality: Ava Chance is a trickster at heart, and loves little more than to watch other peoples' reactions, whether to pranks of hers or absurd happenings around them. Always equipped with a sly quip and a grin, she firmly believes in living for the moment, not for any plan or ideal. With that said, she does value her Band more with each passing day, though she shows her loyalty more as a cat would, smug yet charming. She's learned to strike where she's least expected and always have an escape plan, traits that have served her well as the Band's scout and sometimes their thief.

        ​Birthrights/Powers: Ava channels the Epic Dexterity purview without a relic. She wears the Shroud of Nyx (Deception, Darkness; motif: ​"Shadow on my back and sand in their eyes."​) a cloak her father came across long ago and passed down to her. It has the ability to change her clothing to any set she can picture, though it gains no special properties - it's just an illusion. Her mother gave her Sandstorm, a cat that can grow to the size of a tiger when needed.

        Logan McAllister, Son of Mannanan mac Lir

        ​Bio: Fostered by an incarnation of Lugh and a mortal innkeeper, Logan spent his childhood shuffling back and forth between Lugh's sidhe​ realm and a neighboring town in rural Ireland. Even from a young age he knew what he wanted. He had an insatiable wanderlust, a burning desire to see the world, and a deep-seated need to find out who his mother was, the one question about his heritage that nobody seemed to have the answer to. Eventually this overcame his sense of caution: At the age of fourteen he set out on his own, with only a staff and a backpack, in search of wonders, adventure and answers. He found no shortage of the first two, but it was discovering his Band that brought him closest to family, as Mannanan himself - in the guise of a passing traveler with a fondness for cryptic lessons - guided him there.

        ​Personality: A man who sets off at age fourteen to see the world doesn't seem like a calm and thoughtful sort, but Logan is just that. He's learned to be observant, using his wit and charm to get around rather than resorting to force if at all possible. While he dislikes spending too long in one place, he never seems in any great hurry. He has a friendly, optimistic demeanor that only ever fades in dire circumstances, and his talent for helping, guiding and inspiring people makes him well-liked.

        ​Birthrights/Powers: Logan channels the Journeys purview without a relic. He wields a crook-tipped staff that always seems to be just​ the right length and shape for whatever he needs it for (Sky; motif: ​"A good staff is always useful."​) and wears a vial of waters from the healing springs of Sirona strung around his neck (Health; motif: "To ease the body and soul."​) that grant a sense of peace to anyone who drinks them. He also has the favor of an aes sidhe stargazer (Moon, Stars) whom he can contact using any reflective surface exposed to moonlight. He carries a polished silver mirror for this purpose, but there's nothing especially magical about it.

        ​Other ideas I haven't really developed as far as these include a therianthrope soldier with a rifle and a mystical wolfskin used to control the affliction, a samurai whose blade lashes out with razor-sharp water and a blind Taoist immortal sage.


        • I have an idea for a Scion of Mannanan who is disturbingly similar to Logan up there, albiet with a more 'reckless, passionate idiot' theme to him.

          I also have an idea for a Scion of Mars/Ares. The idea is that he had been conceived by the Graceo-Roman God of War in his Ares mantle and had inherited his vicious berserker tendencies, but was Visited by the God of War in his Mars mantle and gained an inclination towards orderly, guardian-like tendencies. So he'd go through his adventures trying to decide which version of his father he wanted to style himself after and would maybe towards the end realize it doesn't matter and that he can be his own person.


          • Originally posted by horngeek View Post
            The second, a former undercover cop named Vera Wolff... doesn't actually know who her divine parent is. Oh, she knows she's of the Aesir, Odin told her that when he made her Visitation personally, but he specifically told her that he wasn't her sire, and refused to tell her who.

            It's Loki. She wasn't told because the Aesir look at his Scions with suspicion at best. Odin picked her because she has a lot of Loki's more useful traits, but unlike him, if Vera gives her loyalty, it's dammed near absolute. She'll go undercover, sure, and play the part well, but at the end of the day her convictions are firm.

            (The unaware bit isn't essential to the second, mind you)
            This idea's... been expanded on. And been given a character image.

            Vera Wolff, Scion of Loki

            Callings: Liminal (Favoured), Lover, Warrior
            • "A Child Of New Money" (Born to a newly rich mother- who was often snubbed by Old Money. Asset Skills: Persuasion, Liberal Arts)
            • "A License To Kill" (Literally has Bond as a co-worker- she's 009. Asset Skills: Larceny, Aim)
            • "Surprising White Sheep" (Vera's many things, but not a coward- and that's earned surprising respect from many of the Aesir despite her father's Fated role in Ragnarok and his often-antagonistic relationship to the rest of the family. Asset Skills: Brawl, Integrity)
            Bio: Born to a wealthy businesswoman, Vera Wolff never knew her father growing up- but she does understand that she always had a surprising amount of skill in subterfuge, a skill that lead her to join the Secret Intelligence Service as an operative agent- and from there, she grew in skill until she was assigned the code number of 009, given the task of being one of Britain's 'troubleshooters' when problems needed to be handled at least relatively quietly- but with lethal force. Her Visitation happened in the aftermath of an early mission, when the unexpected presence of Titanspawn caused a mission to go badly south and her father rescued her. In the wake, Vera was seconded to the SIS' Paranormal Activities Division, and works as a representative of the UK as much as she does for the Aesir- fortunately, the Aesir can appreciate that sort of intense loyalty towards one's homeland.

            Personality: On the job, Vera Wolff is relatively cold- she isn't cruel by any means, but she's got a job to do, a job that often includes killing people from the shadows, and like certain coworkers, she deals with that by taking a somewhat cavalier attitude to death. She's efficient, and she gets the job done by any means necessary. In private and off the job, she's a lot warmer- she's even got a steady girlfriend (note: who, exactly, the girlfriend is might vary), and she likes to get to know her fellow Bandmates. Behind the somewhat cold demeanour on the job, essentially, Vera Wolff is brave and intensely loyal- and those two things have gained her the respect of the Aesir.

            Purviews/Birthrights: Vera uses the Deception Purview without the need for a Relic. Her gun, a Walter P99 which Loki did... something to during her Visitation, can now be used to channel the Fire and Chaos Purviews (motif: "The Subtle Knife")
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            • Some more characters, intended for 2e:
              Ryuuzaki Mari, Scion of Takemikazuchi*

              Capsule: A B-list actress, hired primarily for her looks and ability to handle a sword, finding herself turned into a live-action swordfighting heroine.

              Face credit: Mizuno Sonoya

              Callings: Guardian, Lover, Warrior (primary)

              Bio: Mari was always fidgety and excitable. But her mother Kyoko, a kenjutsu instructor in Yokohama, understood what she needed: a focus for that nervous energy. And kenjutsu fit Mari like a glove. It reminded Kyoko of her late husband Kenichi, whom she'd met in university, and who also took to kenjutsu like a fish to water. The art was one of the few things that could calm her down, and the same went for when she discovered acting in high school. Far from ruining her focus on either one, both interests together acted as a kind of stabilizing agent on her personality. Mari blossomed, and people noticed (not that she really noticed them noticing).

              Once in college, Mari took some acting courses, and drew the attention of a TV producer who was looking for someone to fill out a new series. It was light fare, little more than the sillier Shinto myths dressed up in quasi-sentai frippery, and Mari's looks and kenjutsu background counted for more than her acting ability. But it was definitely a foot in the door, and again, people noticed. Unfortunately, some of those people were cultists in service to one of the more malicious Titans. Trained to recognize even un-Visited Scions, they attacked Mari, intending to make a gift of her to their patron.

              Takemikazuchi intervened instead, rescuing Mari and introducing himself. According to him, Mari's family on both side had a strong divine and heroic lineage, with her late father actually being a Scion that he had been unable to Visit before his untimely death. Mari was skeptical of what she was hearing, but she'd seen Takemikazuchi take apart the cultists with the giant glowing tachi, and the thought of helping other heroes save the world for real appealed to her.

              As it stands, Mari is now trotting the globe with an inter-pantheon Band, fighting monsters and saving innocents. Her acting career is apparently shot... although, from the growing amount of YouTube footage starring her and her friends, she might have a future in pictures after all.

              Personality: As befits a child of a storm god, Mari can be a little tempestuous and capricious. Her heart is generally in the right place, though, and most of the time her attitude is easy-going and likable, giving her an artless kind of charisma. There are two things she's never had trouble concentrating on, her acting and her kenjutsu, and her focus where these are concerned is laser-like. While she is friendly enough to pinch-hit as a social operator, such is not her forte; in her Band, she is usually the close-range muscle.

              Birthrights/Powers: Mari uses the Epic Strength purview without need for a relic. Her relic for the Sky purview, Arashibana, is a tachi forged by Susano-O from one of her father's lightning bolts, with a blade that is permanently glowing blue-white and crackling with electricity; it has a +3 enhancement to Damage (motif: “I hold the storm in the palm of my hand.”) Her relic for the Artistry purview is a pair of storm-grey magatama earrings, and she goes to great lengths to have them included as part of her characters' “look,” regardless of what role she is playing (motif: “Keep your eyes on me.”).

              *Mari's inherited power set is based on Takemikazuchi's assocated powers from Watcher and Sacerdos' Kami revision for their Scion 2.0 project. Dependent on what official stats for Scions of Takemikazuchi may look like, they may be adjusted.

              Martin del Rio, Scion of Quetzalcoatl

              Capsule: Attorney and political activist, who finds his activism and idealistic crusading moved to a greater stage.

              Face credit: Peter Gadiot

              Callings: Healer, Leader (primary), Sage

              Bio: Martin spent most of his youth bouncing around the Dallas-Fort Worth foster-care system. Even at a young age, the academic talents of his divine father shone through, and he committed to his studies, with a determination to control his own life as quickly as possible.

              At first, this was mostly a metaphorical middle finger, aimed at the well-meaning-but-clueless or prejudiced and uncaring people he'd encountered in the system. His goal was, more or less, to get himself into a position to stick it to them the way he felt they'd be sticking it to him. Eventually, though, he developed empathy for others in similar straits. That drive to control his own life, which had largely been aimed at getting himself into a comfortable position, became one to reform the political system so others wouldn't suffer.

              Martin made his way through college and law school at the top of his class, with a combination of rock-solid will and earnest affability. As he began his law career, he quickly drew attention, both positive and negative. As is so often the case with Scions, it was the latter that brought about his awakening. His involvement in a local controversial trial had tempers on both sides of the issue fraying and flaring, and some local radicals decided the best way to deal with it was to take out the lawyer.

              The Feathered Serpent intervened, in a spectacular fashion that left those radicals gibbering in the local mental ward for months. In the aftermath, as the mortal authorities cleaned up and Martin celebrated the trial's verdict, Quetzalcoatl told him about his heritage and the threats facing the World. He went on to point out how great the need for people with his skills were among the forces facing those threats. “We have warriors aplenty,” Quetzalcoatl said earnestly. “But natural leaders and speakers? Those are as rare as relics from past Ages. Your talents are needed on a greater stage than that of mere nations.”

              Martin was still coming to grips with the fact that this was his father, not to mention that he'd never done much of a father's job. But his attorney's ear could hear the the honesty in Quetzalcoatl's voice. It was an uncomfortable truth, and with a sense of destiny (and resignation), he agreed to lend a hand.

              Personality: Martin is a natural leader, radiating honest devotion to his activism and a magnetic affability. He is also eloquent and well-read. However, he constantly struggles with stridency; when he loses, those who are indifferent or hostile to his aims often find him off-putting (or, worse, threatening). As a Scion, he tends to act as the face of his Band, though his command of the Sky purview gives him some potent combat ability.

              Powers/Birthrights: Martin can use the Sky purview without need for a relic. His relic for the Order and Passion purviews is a shirt woven from the discarded feathers of his divine father's feathered-serpent form, dyed with iridescent ichor-based hues from Xochiquetzal; the shirt can take the form of any upper-body garment Martin desires, but will always retain that iridescent hue (motif: “One part of ruling is a commanding presence.”). His guide is Veronica Gomez, an older and more experienced Scion of Quetzalcoatl who has already achieved upper-tier demigod status.

              Lydia Choudhary, Scion of Hermes

              Capsule: Street racer turned professional wheelwoman, now playing courier and taxi for heroes and gods.

              Face credit: Sonakshi Sinha

              Callings: Liminal, Trickster (primary), Warrior

              Bio: Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Lydia was always drawn to cars. (Much of this could be blamed on her stepfather Vikram, whom she is still close to. A mechanic and driver for the city's mass-transit system, he exposed her from a young age to motor vehicles as more than just simple transportation.) While not much of a mechanic, she had a natural flair for actually piloting vehicles. (This might have something to do with all the practice she got driving, ahem, not legally behind her parents' backs.)

              No great shakes at academics, Lydia got a job in an auto parts store after high school. From there, she found her way into the street racing scene, and quickly became prominent in it for her driving talents and risk-taker attitude. This latter tendency drew her towards riskier and less legal ventures, until one day she was approached indirectly by an anonymous employer to drive for a “simple, easy job.” Naturally, it was anything but, and completing it (to say nothing of getting away cleanly) took all of Lydia's driving genius and ability to run the edge.

              At the rendezvous waited that mysterious employer, a handsome man of Mediterranean ancestry with a beautifully-maintained muscle car. As the other thieves dispersed with their payouts, he asked Lydia to go for a ride, and tossed her the keys. They drove around for hours, as Hermes introduced himself, and told her a story about the true state of the World and how it needed heroes to save it from cosmic terrors. Lydia knew a line of bullshit when she heard it, but this story had an uncomfortable ring of truth.

              Hermes told her that it was time for her to join the fight, gave her a pair of Oakleys and her cut from the heist, and bade her drop him off at the nearest intersection. The next day, Lydia told her mom and stepdad goodbye, spinning a line about a “better job in Ontario.” Taking her Birthrights and a 9mm she'd... acquired somewhere, she hit the road, uneasily expecting adventure to find her. She wasn't wrong.

              Personality: Lydia is something of an adrenaline-junkie, and is happiest behind the wheel, breaking local speed ordinances and racing against time to save the world. This often conflicts with her protective feelings towards her mother and stepfather, who are not “in the know” about her divine heritage. She tries to keep them in the dark about it (both out of a sense of protecting them and so she can avoid awkward questions). Devotion to a greater good or abstract ideals is something she struggles with, and few of her pantheon's myths do much to inspire loyalty either (eye-rolling obedience, yes. Loyalty, not really). Her family, or friends who've proven themselves to her, though... that's a different story. And her Band-mates have proven themselves to her. While her main function in her Band is wheelwoman, she is also fairly talented at the “rogue” skillset.

              Birthrights/Powers: Lydia uses the Journeys purview without need for a relic. Her relic for the Epic Dexterity purview is a souped-up muscle car that adds +1 to Maneuverability (or 2e's equivalent), never needs refueling, and, when imbued with Legend, can make cosmetic changes to its appearance (the fact that it's a two-door sports car can never be changed, but its make, model, and paint job can be) (motif: “She'll get you there, one way or another.”). Her relic for the Deception purview is a pair of Oakley sunglasses (motif: “You see what you want to see. I'll help with that.”).

              This is a close approximation of the car:

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              • Stacy Barnes, Scion of Poseidon, cowgirl rodeo champion, destined to become Anastasia, Goddess of Horses. (I candidly admit that she's essentially Applejack from My Little Pony made in to a Scion.)

                At some point I'd like to play a Scion of Hestia who is potentially the God of Butlers.

                What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


                • Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
                  Stacy Barnes, Scion of Poseidon, cowgirl rodeo champion, destined to become Anastasia, Goddess of Horses. (I candidly admit that she's essentially Applejack from My Little Pony made in to a Scion.)

                  At some point I'd like to play a Scion of Hestia who is potentially the God of Butlers.

                  Hey, I made a similar character idea to that. Except she becomes the Goddess of Animal Husbandry. She spends her free time wrestling ornery beasts into submission.


                  • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                    Hey, I made a similar character idea to that. Except she becomes the Goddess of Animal Husbandry. She spends her free time wrestling ornery beasts into submission.
                    Huh, earlier I mentioned that I have an expy of Applejack, a child of the Manitouk.

                    There's only one way to settle this. THUNDER DOME!


                    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


                    • Yes, but mine is backed up by the Goddesses of Fashion (Scion of Apollo), Parties (Dionysus), Libraries (Athena), Nurturing (Pan) and Awesomeness (Iris). Brony-Nerd Advantage: Me.

                      What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
                      Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


                      • Astrid Thurston, Scion of Thor
                        Callings: Lover, Trickster, Warrior (primary)
                        • Origin: “Dad was never around and Mom was an overbearing hypocrite. So yeah, my childhood could have better. Just-a-wee-bit.” (Runaway; Asset skills: Subterfuge, Survival)
                        • Role: “I’m a Social Justice Skald. If that’s not a thing, then I’m totally going to make it a thing.” (Modern day punk rocker, rebel without a cause, and black bloc anarchist; Asset skills: Empathy, Persuasion)
                        • Pantheon: “Not too keen on having a king to boss me around, but at least they know how to have fun.” (Daughter of Thor, Scion of the Aesir; Asset skills: Athletics, Close Combat)
                        Bio: Astrid Thurston is a punk rock musician (she prefers to be called a skald) barely out of her teens from a small town in Denmark that most people have never heard of and she’d like to forget about. When Astrid was younger she repeatedly ran away from home whenever things got heated with her mother who would berate her constantly for being too much like her absentee father. Consequently, her biggest role models growing up were her friends in similar domestic situations and the burned-out rockers that she would see performing in bars whenever she ran away. The cycle of running away and crashing with friends only to come back for one reason or another finally came to an end when her mother died in a car accident during a thunderstorm. Filled with guilt over not being able to resolve her differences with her mother Astrid purposely got into a tavern brawl that quickly went too far. Fortunately, she was saved by a valkyrie sent by her father Thor, God of Thunder. Getting her Visitation has given Astrid a new sense purpose and she has taken to the adventures that come with being a Scion with gusto, if only because it serves as a distraction from thinking about her past.

                        Personality: Irresponsible, immature, compulsive, destructive, hedonistic, brash, crass, and far too willing to get into a screaming match (or an outright brawl) when she gets into an argument with someone who sets off one of her neuroses, Astrid is someone whose fun to be around for a while but can quickly become unbearable when set off by something. That said, she is loyal to the few friends she does have and is willing to make to a sincere apologetic overture (albeit usually a very weird one) when she knows she’s in the wrong. Usually rebellious towards any authority she finds unworthy of respect and prone to throwing caution to the wind, Astrid has tried to mature now that she’s a Scion and at times has successfully used her street-smart cunning to resolve touchy situations. It doesn’t always work, but it is an improvement from her former mode of always shout or punch her away out of a problem.

                        Interests: Astrid has a wide-eyed love of 80s culture, particularly the heavy metal music, cheap horror films, and fashion styles that came from that period. She can do without all the glamor rock makeup though. She also used to play baseball in her teens and has found having a good back-swing to be immensely useful when fighting trolls.

                        Appearance: Before her Visitation Astrid was a somewhat lanky youth with bright red hair, freckles, and even brighter blue eyes. As she’s grown as a Scion of the Aesir she’s become more toned and even taller.

                        Sexuality: “I dunno, I just like people, alright. No need to get all categorical about it, or whatever.”

                        Associated Character Tropes: Tomboy, Action Girl, Plucky Girl, Byronic Hero, Guile Hero, The Ladette, Rebellious Spirit, The Gadfly, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Metalhead, Youthful Freckles
                        Inspirations/Characters I Ripped Off: Peppermint Patty (Peanuts), Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition), Toph (Avatar the Last Airbender), Marceline (Adventure Time)

                        Future Goddess of Rebellion, Audacity, Rage, Tempests, and Skalds

                        Face: Paloma Kwiatkowski

                        - Props to yukikaze for the layout.
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                        • My favorite concept now is a reincarnation of Ume no Mochi. I like the idea of Tsukoyumi being torn between blaming her for his exile and trying to help her to get back into Amaterasu's good graces.


                          • These are the Scions in my group
                            A teenage son of Hades who is the bass player in a death-meatal band
                            a daughter of Hel who is a mortician
                            A loud-mouth, know-it-all son of Lugh who's a southie from Boston
                            A son of the Morigan, who is a feared hitman
                            A all star athlete son of Zues
                            A son of Horus who is a NY homicide detective


                            • Originally posted by Nico diAngelo View Post
                              These are the Scions in my group
                              A teenage son of Hades who is the bass player in a death-meatal band
                              a daughter of Hel who is a mortician
                              A loud-mouth, know-it-all son of Lugh who's a southie from Boston
                              A son of the Morigan, who is a feared hitman
                              A all star athlete son of Zues
                              A son of Horus who is a NY homicide detective

                              Soooo a bunch of death, war and justice Scions decided to band together and go on adventures?

                              Geee, I wonder how this will play out!


                              • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                                Soooo a bunch of death, war and justice Scions decided to band together and go on adventures?

                                Geee, I wonder how this will play out!
                                hehehe, actually the party balances itself out quite nicely. really the biggest issue is between the Cop and the Hitman, (incidently those players also play a confederate, and and a union officer, respectivly in my Deadlands campaine)