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    Trickster daughter of Manannan Mac Lir on an arc to become the Irish Moon goddess.

    Gender-Queer Incarnation of Dionysus discovering their true identity through the Orphic Mysteries.

    A grimm doomsday prophet of Odin learning to embrace life in fatalism.

    Son of Djheuty (Thoth) investigative journalist on the trail of vast conspiracies. On an arc to be a literal Warrior of truth.

    A beloved host of Erzulie Dantour who stalks the streets for abusive lovers.

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      I'm wondering what a Scion of Apollo who comes at the god from his role as the usurper of the oracle of Delphi might look like. Would Python be considered a Titan, or just a dead god?

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        Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
        I'm wondering what a Scion of Apollo who comes at the god from his role as the usurper of the oracle of Delphi might look like. Would Python be considered a Titan, or just a dead god?
        Late in first edition chthonic "dragons" were revealed as God-level threats in their own right. Don't know if they'll still be a distinct thing this edition.

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          Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

          Late in first edition chthonic "dragons" were revealed as God-level threats in their own right. Don't know if they'll still be a distinct thing this edition.

          Actually, they were described as being some form of deities themselves. In Companion, three of the Chinese pantheon are known to even take the forms of dragons. And Ryuujin of the Amatsukami is a dragon, as well.


          A wallflower son of Dionysus who hates the taste of alcohol. His father gave him a pet Maenad, hoping it would loosen him up.

          A bastard son of Hera who works as a couples councilor, fixing dysfunctional relationships.

          A lecherous son of Zeus who considers it his life's mission to impregnate as many females as he can get away with.

          A student witch and daughter of Baba Yaga. Most kids get a car when they turn 16... she got a flying tea cup!
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            A Scion of Tyr who runs a support group for disabled veterans.

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              Here are some concepts from the more modern day pantheons.

              A daughter of Paul Bunyan who carries on her father's profession as a lumberjack. Instead of a mighty axe, she wields a gas powered chainsaw!

              A daughter of Robin Hood who uses her hacking skills to transfer money from wealthy bank accounts into reputable charities.

              A son of Uncle Sam who dreamed of playing in the major leagues. His autographed bat sends titan spawn flying to the outfield!

              A son of Pecos Bill who works as a pro-skater. The skateboard he received from his father has the image of a tornado painted on the bottom.
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                A son of Ares who's lust for destruction lead him to falling under the influence of Prometheus. Under his patron's guidance, he seeks to create war machines capable of devastating entire worlds with their power.

                A daughter of Loki who's nymphomania lead to her falling under the influence of Jord. Styling herself as a "mother of monsters" type figure, she is prone to having sexual relations with Titan Spawn, producing numerous abominations in the process.

                ​A son of Poseidon who's constant pressuring by his father lead to him falling under the influence of, Nu. Fanatically obsessed with saving the world's oceans, he has declared war upon the "surface dwellers" who pollute his aquatic home.

                A daughter of Amaterasu who's crippling injuries in battle lead to her falling under the influence of, Huehueteotl. Thanks to her Scion abilities, she was able to overcome her blindness, and now serves the Titans as a rogue mercenary.

                A son of Hera who's constant mistreatment by Zeus leads him to forming a secret alliance with Ouranos. He hopes that by restoring the Titan to power (and virility), he can gain the proper respect he deserves.

                A daughter of Legba who's Christian upbringing mistakenly lead her to falling under the influence of Aten. Believing that the Titan of Light is the Christian depiction of God, she eagerly carries out his will on earth.


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                  A son of Aphrodite who works as a security guard for a legitimate whore house. Protecting the prostitutes from those who would exploit and abuse them.

                  A daughter of Poseidon who spends time with horses for a living. She finds great enjoyment in wrestling ornery beasts into submission.

                  A son of Hades who works in law enforcement as an administrative judge. He is both respected and hated for his stance of being absolutely fair in his rulings.

                  A daughter of Odin who finds strength in the form of suffering. Regularly martyring herself to achieve greater power, her legitimacy among the Aesir is suspect.

                  A son of Hel who is shunned and reviled by his peers. And yet, beneath his hideous appearance lies a warm and gentle soul.

                  A daughter of Baldur who shares her father's charismatic personality and love for life. Sadly, the Norns have predicted she will meet a tragic fate at the hands of the Titans.


                  The next batch will be an all Pan supplement.

                  Because Pan deserves more love!


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                    And here they are!

                    A Rebel natured Son of Pan who despises expectations and punishment. He is building an army to conquer the Underworld itself, where he will eliminate the concept of divine retribution, creating a World of absolute freedom.

                    A Caregiver natured Daughter of Pan who believes she can cure her father of the madness that has claimed him. Amending the vendetta between Pan and the Theoi, and reinstating him as the God of Love he once was.

                    A Pedagogue natured Son of Pan who buys into his father's assumed identity. He performs demonic rituals in the woods, hoping to appease his father and increase his own power over the dark arts in the process.

                    A Rogue natured Daughter of Pan who takes it upon herself to interfere with Scions of the Theoi. Despite the threat she poses, she is a rather charismatic adversary due to the elegance and wit she exhibits.

                    A Libertine natured Son of Pan who follows in his faher's hoof steps before he fell out of favor with the Theoi. He prefers to surround himself with the company of fine women, often with a strong drink in one hand and festive music playing in the background.

                    A Bravo natured Daughter of Pan who welcomes chaos with an ecstatic glee. She is constantly itching to show off her divine powers, seemingly unconcerned with the possible threat of Fate Bonds as a result of her reckless behavior.
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                      Iris. Not “a scion of Iris”; Iris, scion of Thaumas and Electra and sister of the Harpies, personification of the rainbow, and messenger of the gods during the Titanomachy (where her twin sister, the treacherous Arke, served the same role for the Titans before Zeus clipped amputated her wings).

                      Iris is low enough in Legend that she doesn't face the same degree of Fatebinding that Hermes would; and while she's a goddess, she'd fit into a Demigod-level series quite well. I've played up her role as an envoy between men and gods: while the rest of the Theoi (and other Pantheons) have maintained a self-exile from the World, Iris has recently snuck over to the World to see for herself how thing are going, setting up a new identity for herself and maintaining a life in Washington D.C.. This is intended to be prolog to a Second Titanomachy, with the first hint of what is to come being the appearance of her estranged sister, who was thought to be imprisoned in Tartarus.

                      As she's associated with communication, messages, and new endeavors as well as the rainbow, I'm looking for a Purview for her that could be used to influence the Internet. Preferably as an extension of her Rainbow association: the rainbow, after all, is the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which also includes radio waves and thus wireless signals. That's what fascinates her most about the modern World: when she got here, she discovered a world awash in new colors*. And people are using them to talk. Yes, these are scientific ideas rather than mythological ones; but that's where her association with new endeavors fits in: she's discovering previously unrealized potential as the matron goddess of innovation.

                      * Well, not technically new; she's always been aware that there are more monochromatic colors than just the seven found in the rainbow. But until recently, they've mostly appeared only as rare and dim flickers. Now, they're everywhere.)


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                        The difference between justice and vengeance is whether or not society agrees with your decision. That is the philosophy that one of Zeus' scions came to understand early in life when Hera went out of her way to make his life a living Tartarus. But as queen of the gods, he was neither powerful enough, nor socially permitted to retaliate against her. At least not directly, anyways.

                        Upon his ascension to Mount Olympus and his acceptance into the pantheon, he took on the mantle of God of Vengeance, becoming the lord of one of the Virtues so highly prized by the Dodekatheon. Now, anybody who demands retribution for offenses committed against them must earn his approval before they take action.

                        And this child of Zeus uses every opportunity to lord it over their heads when he gets the chance! As one of the most shockingly arrogant pantheons in history who are known for their over reactions to insults, every act of selfish judgement committed by the Dodekatheon fuels his power. Hera, in particular, is the most targeted victim of his not so subtle teasing, and future children of Zeus have benefited from their brother's protection when he denies Hera her right to seek "justice" for her husband's infidelity.


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                          Possible Epilogue Character

                          It doesn't matter how Kane Taoka, I'm sorry, Anaboko Yami managed to free himself of Mikaboshi's possession. All that matters is he managed to do so, and now the Amatsukami are wondering if saving him was even worth the trouble expended to do so. They recognize him as a member of the pantheon, but that is the extent of their hospitality to the new God of Darkness.

                          Since being freed from Mikaboshi's control, the God of Darkness has designed his Legend around being the antithesis to the Goddess of the Sun. He sits as far away as possible from her during gatherings, a way of symbolizing they are each other's opposites. While Amaterasu is dignified, beautiful and pure, Anaboko Yami is vile, hideous and tainted. For every act of divine splendor and wisdom that Amaterasu performs, Anaboko Yami feels a compulsive need to do something of equal or greater evil to counter balance her actions. He is also one of the few Kami who is willing and able to openly reject Amaterasu's decisions in court, seemingly without fear of retribution from the goddess for defying her. In fact, the mother and son rivals have gotten into heated arguments on a regular basis since he became a member of the pantheon.

                          Anaboko Yami's cult of worshipers are just as controversial as he is. The fact that they choose to worship the self styled antithesis to Amaterasu essentially means they have rejected Amaterasu's guidance and could become a potential threat to other followers of the Amatsukami in time. Scions are advised to be cautious when dealing with them, and children of Amaterasu are encouraged to keep their weapons with them at all times when in their presence.
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                            (I could not find any translators for the Nahuatl language / names; so screw it. I just went with an English translation.)

                            Red Lion, God of Volcanoes was the son of Tlazoltotl, Goddess of Filth. In those days, he went by the mortal identity of Mariano Zomorano, a Hispanic geologist who studied the composition of the earth. Even before his visitation, Mariano's Spanish heritage had already instilled in him a sense of debonair charm and wit. But while on an expedition to study the side effects of pollution being dumped illegally, he was visited by his mother and his sex appeal began to sky rocket with the awakening of his Scion heritage.

                            As a Hero, Marriano made a name for himself as a lady killer, both figuratively and sometimes literally. Even his own band jealously admired the skill with which he charmed women into his bed. By the time he completed his long trials as a Hero, no mortal woman could resist him, and Legendary figures had to exercise caution when dealing with him.

                            As a Demigod, Mariano seemed to have retreated from the public eye to spend more time underground, Though he ventured back to the surface occasionally in order to remind people that he was still around. There, he charted miles of unexplored cave networks and battled Titan Spawn who thought they could escape notice by burrowing underground. His geologist training made him well prepared for the trials that awaited him there, and he found himself devoting his time and energy to increasing his mastery over the Earth Purview.

                            After obtaining Godhood, Mariano took on the name of Red Lion, an alias that suits him wonderfully as the God of Volcanoes. When placated, he possesses a regal beauty that causes others to momentarily forget the danger lurking beneath the surface. When he is angry, he becomes horrifically devesating, letting out a mighty roar before things start dying in mass quantities.

                            As a God, Red Lion's favorite method of sacrifice is immolation; that is burning people to death. His preferred sacrifices are young, beautiful women. It is said that he visits these women in the Aztec Underworld where he fornicates with their spirits. Due to the war, however, he usually demands these be done on special occasions and has settled on less appealing victims to maintain his strength. As the God of Volcanoes, his worshipers are commonly known to hurl people into active volcanoes, letting them be engulfed by the mountain's flames.

                            Red Lion has been a benefit in the war against the Titan of Air. His mountains produce clouds of searing ash which obscure the vision and choke the lungs of the airborn Titan Spawn who besiege the Aztec Overworld. His powers, unfortunately, are difficult to handle without others being caught in the crossfire. When he enters the field of battle, it results in collateral damage for his allies, though he insists it was an accident. So far, they have been inclined to believe him, but still regard Red Lion with unease when they see him approaching the enemy lines.


                            In his true form, Red Lion is an incredibly handsome man with hispanic features, dark hair and a clean shave. While not thuggish, he has well chistled muscles that hints to his godly might. He wears traditional Aztec armor made from the pelt of a lion and carries an obsidian macana as his weapon of choice in battle


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                              (Somebody help me, I think I'm addicted to this!)

                              A Scion of Geb who works in the aeronautics industry, trying to bridge the gap between earth and sky. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Birds, choosing to live among both worlds.

                              A Scion of Damballa who struggles to overcome drug addiction and free themselves of their abusive relationships. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Rebellion, fighting against oppressive living conditions

                              A Scion of Artemis who, despite their heritage, seems to have developed a permanent case of manic depression. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Seasons, their unstable emotions shifting with the passage of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

                              A Scion of Izanami who became notorious for practicing medicine without a license, resulting in frequent malpractice and death. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Arachnids, spreading death and disease to fill their mother's realm.

                              A Scion of Vidar who strives to keep the art of blacksmithing alive in the modern age. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Weaponry, but regard firearms as being weak and cowardly.

                              A Scion of Shiva who favors the "scorched earth" mentality when battling the Titan Spawn forces, ensuring that no trace of them remains behind to resume their activities later. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Devastation.

                              A Scion of Yanluo who serves as a traveling exorcist, sending unregistered demons back to whatever hell they crawled out of. They would eventually become a warden of Di Yu, ensuring only those with proper authorization could cross its borders.

                              A Scion of Dian Cecht who works with stem cell research to bio-engineer replacement tissue for those with incurable maladies, though their father considers it a passive aggressive insult to his history. They would eventually become a God / Goddess of Life, using their superb mastery of the Health Purview to aid cripples and the terminally ill.
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                                *A daughter of Loki who happens to be an investigative journalist. Dead set on uncovering every dirty secret the high-and-mighty have. No fakes, nothing blown out of proportion. Only the truth. And, of course, the big fish are beginning to take notice. Fighting creatures of myth might very well be safer than her mundane job.
                                Incidentally, she has for a relic Vartari, the thong used to sew Loki’s mouth. Somehow, it works like a truth serum.
                                “The truth will set you free, yes. Sometimes in midair. Whoops.”

                                *A child of Agni who believes that spiritual purity begins with cleaning up your own mess in the physical world. Agni’s home is everywhere in the Triloka, so every place is sacred. And, while there is room for compromise, it is highly advisable to keep holy ground as clean as possible. Recycling, energy efficiency, sustainable development - if it helps the environment in any way, she will spread awareness. Thanks, Internet, for making a preacher’s job that much easier.
                                “We have been taking Bhoomidevi’s generosity for granted for far too long. Time to learn some responsibility.”

                                *A scion of Tezcatlipoca who has had it enough. Bring on the revolution. Maybe even a change of Suns, if it comes to that. “Modern” society is stagnant, full of injustice, and, worst of all, boring. The world is a reeking carcass, and there’s just no reviving it. Something momentous needs to happen. Now.
                                Oh, and by the way. Daddy dearest is suspiciously silent on his ideas. Not a word since the Visitation, and that was a brief and haphazard affair.
                                “Words just won’t cut it. Time to act.”